Shoulder Exercises: The 7 Best Exercises

Do you have very small shoulders or no matter how much you exercise you can’t increase their volume? Perhaps what you need is to learn what are the 7 best shoulder exercises that will help you improve the aesthetics of your shoulders in a short time. We are sure that if you follow the following steps you will get the results you have been wanting without a doubt.

How many times has it happened to us that we go to the gym and see men and women who have impressive arms, heart-stopping abs, but the shoulders of a high school kid? One of the big problems when people decide to focus on training a single part of the body individually instead of doing general training, is the body disproportion caused by the hypertrophy of some parts, and the atrophy or lack of training of others. It is quite common, especially in men, who focus a lot on developing the muscles of the arm or abdomen, and downplay the shoulders and back, so that instead of having an aesthetically proportioned and masculine body, you can get to look quite disharmonious.

In addition, it should also be noted that there are people who by their very nature have more difficulties when it comes to developing their shoulders. Swimming can be a good alternative to help develop the back and shoulders, but if what we want is for these parts of our body to look more marked and toned, we must give our training an extra plus.

Nor are women obsolete from making these kinds of mistakes. Although in women it is not feminine to have a wide back and big shoulders, if we are going to train our body it is preferable to do it in a general way. When a workout is right for our needs and for our body, there really is no reason to fear training any specific part of the body. For example, many women are afraid to do exercises such as squats or Romanian deadlifts, because they are afraid that the volume of their thighs will grow, when many of them what they want is to have a striking butt but thin legs, for which they prefer to do exercises more localized, but in the end this can cause disharmony in your body or even be counterproductive to your health.

As we have said before, a complete training adapted to our needs is not a reason for fear that is why you must pay special attention to the way you are training. Since it is not good to over-train one part and ignore another, because a body that is hypertrophied on one side and flaccid on the other does not reflect health or aesthetics.

In case you want to know which are the 7 best shoulder exercises, below we want to show you the most suitable and effective exercises that will help you stimulate the muscle growth of your shoulders.

Get ready and we are going to start with an exhaustive but quite effective exercise routine.

What do you need for The 7 Best Exercises?

  • dumbbells
  • go to the gym

Instructions for the 7 Best Exercises

Food and prevention

The first thing to do before performing any exercise routine is to review our state of health. Both our diet and the state we are in before starting any exercise routine are of the utmost importance. When we are talking about exercises to grow the shoulder muscle or any other type of muscle, there is an important relationship between our diet, our exercise and the rest time. All three things are proportionately equally important. Exercise will help us stimulate the muscle, rest will allow the muscle to regenerate and grow, and food will be the source that will allow our muscles to develop... It’s a terrible mistake to do heavy exercise with a poor diet. It happens that many women are afraid of looking plump or very muscular if they do heavy exercise, and therefore they have a low-calorie diet. This is terrible because if we stimulate our muscles and there is not enough food, our muscles will end up eating themselves and we will obtain a flabby body with low muscle mass. It is advisable to consult a nutritionist and a trainer before doing this or any other exercise routine.

It is also very important to start each exercise routine with a warm-up; this will help us prevent injuries and colds in our body that may affect when exercising or in a prolonged way. Many people ignore the importance of warming up and cooling down, but starting and ending an exercise with warm-up and cool-down respectively will help us avoid many problems and injuries in the future, as well as oxygenate our body and allow for a better workout.


  1. Now that we know the most important thing before performing any exercise routine, which is precisely our state of health and our diet, it is time to list the best exercises to develop the shoulder starting with swimming. That’s right, swimming does not require lifting a lot of weight, and in fact we only need our body and water deep enough to be able to swim. But even if you don’t believe it, doing this once or twice a week will not only be a relaxing and beneficial activity for our health, but in the long run it will help us develop back and chest as well as a better level of lung retention.
  2. Triangle lizards. If we perform this exercise adopting the position that we can see in the image, half of our weight will fall directly on the shoulders and arms. This exercise will allow us to stimulate the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, pectorals, biceps and triceps. Basically we will be training the entire upper part of our body, therefore perform this exercise with 4 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions so you can stimulate your shoulders. If he can take more reps, you can go up to 3 or 4, but don’t think that just because he can take more reps, he will be more beneficial. Remember that you are doing exercises by series, which are going to be combined with the other exercises that we are presenting here. Therefore, if you exhaust all your strength in performing a single exercise, you will not be able to adequately stimulate your shoulders by not including or not performing the rest of the exercises well.
  3. Push-ups with a bench. Unlike the previous exercise, this exercise will place most of our weight precisely on our shoulders. Therefore, get a bench or perform this exercise on the edge of a couch or bed, this way you will be able to perform the appropriate repetitions and get the most out of this exercise. Remember to take 30 seconds to a minute and a half of rest between each series to recover energy and moderate the heart rate. It’s never good to overexert yourself.
  4. Perform Christ’s lifting dumbbells. This exercise will tone both the muscles of your shoulders and those of your chest, thus allowing you to have more developed pectorals, and if you are a woman, provide a little firmness to your bust. The exercise should be performed as follows; standing with your back straight and your knees slightly bent shoulder-width apart, we’re going to raise our arms to shoulder height and extend them back at a 90-degreeChoose the right weight so you can’t do more than 15 reps, but also not so heavy that you find it extremely difficult to carry the weight. Remember that it is always more effective to do few repetitions with a good weight than to do many repetitions with a low weight. Since using light weight will only exhaust you and will not stimulate muscle growth.
  5. One arm pushups. This exercise will add quite a bit of strength to your shoulders and in turn will stimulate each of your arms in a way that will help you gain quite a bit of strength. This exercise may be difficult at first. What you have to do is adopt a straight figure by dropping your weight on the balls of your feet with your legs slightly apart and letting much of your weight fall on your arm. Get the support point where your legs and your arm create a support that allows you to maintain your balance. You may have a hard time going down at first, but even if you can’t go down very far, give it a try. Try to go down and up supporting your weight on one arm. In less than three months you will start to notice the difference if you perform these exercises at least once a week properly.
  6. Lift the weight on a bar. There are many ways to perform the so-called bars, which is basically lifting our weight through our arms. However, if we perform the bars with our arms extended and lifting ourselves until our chest reaches the height of the bar, we will be stimulating our shoulders, arms and pecks. Observe the image so that you understand what is the proper way in which you have to execute this movement. Perform 8 to 15 reps in a set of 4.
  7. Raise a dumbbell behind our never. This exercise is quite beneficial, especially for those people who have flaccidity in the lower part of their arms, also commonly called “chicken wings”. To eliminate these unsightly bulges or flabby accumulations of fat in the arms, this exercise can come in handy. It consists of lifting a weight and stretching it from above our head to behind our never. The problem with this exercise is that if we choose a weight that is too strong for us, we can have an accident. But in case you can control the weight you are using perfectly, then there is no major problem.

Tips for the 7 Best Exercises

  • Remember to perform all these exercises in a single routine, this way you will get the most out of training your shoulders.
  • Do these exercises no more than once a week. Because they are very heavy exercises, the body will require time to recover. If we do this routine more than twice a week, the only thing we are going to achieve is to reduce the volume of our muscles. This happens because when we don’t let our muscles rest after being stimulated, the muscle ends up eating away and weakening instead of growing.
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. When we exercise we lose large amounts of water and minerals, therefore we have to replace them with proper hydration and nutrition. It is also very important to sleep the hours we need it.

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