How to Choose Football Boots

Soccer is the king sport in our country, especially grass soccer, which is played with soccer boots. Choosing good boots to play soccer is very important to be able to play well, since depending on several factors, some boots are better than others.


The football that we are going to talk about is the football 11 of a lifetime, that is, the one that is played on a 100-meter pitch with 11 players. This sport requires football boots, that is, boots with special studs.

If we used normal boots, football 11 would be impossible to play, since the players would slip very often, because normal boots slip on the grass.

On the other hand, the boots with special soccer studs are boots that are very well adapted to this type of field, since the studs allow the foot to hold perfectly to the grass and that there is no type of slipping on the field. Play.

Football boot manufacturers know this; therefore they are always trying to improve their boots to achieve the best possible result. They also take advantage of the football media pull to use the image of famous footballers, thus increasing sales exponentially.

All those spectacular careers of Leo Messy, Cristiano Ronaldo and others would be impossible if they didn’t wear good boots. He thinks that if they didn’t take a good look at the boots they were wearing, they wouldn’t be able to run without slipping, they wouldn’t have control of the ball and the boots could end up breaking down from wearing them too long

If you are a casual soccer player or planning to start, choosing good boots can make the difference between being a decent player and being a mediocre player. With bad shoes for little money, you will fall and you will play uncomfortable, but with good shoes, you will be able to play as only you know how.

Therefore, from the exercise section of we are going to teach you step by step how to choose good football boots, to be the next successor to Cristiano Ronaldo or at least try.

Instructions for choosing football boots

  1. Grass grip:
    As I said a little above, the main task of football boots should be to guarantee a good grip on the grass. All this is done by the quality of the studs, which are the ones that allow you to run on the grass without slipping. If we take some bad studs, they will break or they will not grip well on the grass, but if they are not good, we will be able to play grass soccer correctly. This must be one of the key characteristics to be able to play football, since without boots that have a more or less decent grip, you will not be able to even set foot on the field.
  2. Touch of the ball:
    The second thing you should take into account is the touch of the ball that these boots have. Some boots are made of textures that make it difficult for us to touch the ball, that is, we cannot play as well as we can. The touch of the ball is crucial in football 11, so look for good boots that ensure a good touch of the ball. Ask the store clerk and get opinions from other players, as people will say one thing or another about certain boots. In the case of touching the ball, asking for opinions is the only way to know how it will perform, since it is one of those things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Visit this article that will also interest you: How to Choose a Soccer Ball
  3. Aesthetics:
    Obviously we are going to look at this too, because since we are going to buy some boots, they must also be pretty. That yes, do not get me wrong, this does not mean that we should only look at the aesthetics of the boots, since there are many boots with very cool designs, but that later do not offer the good performance that soccer players expect from the themselves. Try to find a good aesthetic / quality ratio to get to go far while you get a good performance in the field. The most beautiful boots are usually those created for footballers, like the Nike mercurial for example. Although I already tell you that this is totally subjective depending on each person, as well as that it is totally personal where nobody has to get involved except you.
  4. Weight:
    First of all I will tell you one thing; the best shoes are the lightest shoes. This is because lightweight shoes allow you to run faster, without weighing you down. Of course, you should try to find the relationship between light boots and resistant boots, carbon fiber boots being the best in this task, although their price is somewhat high. Plastic boots are going to be very light, however, they will surely end up broken after 3 or 4 games, apart from not being aerodynamic and making you lose the speed that you have gained with their light weight.
  5. Speed:
    The speed in cleated boots depends on two factors, the weight of the material and the aerodynamics of the boots. I have already talked about the material above, since the light boots are logically going to be a little faster than the heavy boots (although most of this aspect depends on the player). Now we are also going to talk about aerodynamics, that is, about that the design of the boots is able to cut the wind and achieve more speed. Most shoes have streamlined designs, so this won’t really be a problem for you as they all copy each other in terms of streamlined design (they obviously do what works).
  6. Material of the studs:
    This is not just about whether the studs hold, but what material they are made of. The material will do two more things besides grip. First the weight, since it is useless to have light boots if the studs are heavy. Second is the resistance, since poor quality studs are going to break more easily than studs made of good quality material. The studs are the part of the boot that breaks most easily, so try to ensure that the shoe has quality studs, even more important to look at the quality of the studs than that of the shoes. Tacos suffer a lot and this is where we lean on, don’t forget that and therefore always try to look for high quality tacos.
  7. Fit to the foot:
    Now we are going to talk about the fit that these shoes have to the foot, that is, how comfortable you feel with them. First of all, the boots must be your size, that is, they cannot be too big or too small for you, if you want to play football well without any problems. Secondly, you should look to see if the boots hurt you when you run, hurt you when you walk, rub you somewhere, and if you just feel good when you wear them. Football boots are key, so try to make them fit your foot, as if it were an extension of your foot. Try several boots in the store, walk around with them for a while and run to see if you feel comfortable, if not, look at other models of boots in the store.
  8. Resistance of the boots:
    As I already said in the section on the weight of the boots, the boots must also be resistant. This is because it is useless to have very fast boots if they are going to last only three games. I refer again to carbon fiber as the best material in relation to resistance and speed, although the price is expensive. If you can’t afford carbon fiber, try looking to see if you can find other boots that are resistant and more or less fast- I’m telling you from here that materials like plastic are not good for boots, because although be light, you will break them in two days.
  9. Quality price:
    Obviously, although we get involved in talking about carbon fiber and all that, we must also look at the pocket that each one has. Not all people can afford football boots for 400 euros; however, try to find quality-price boots that suit your pocket. For example, it is better to save a little for 70 euro boots than to buy 30 euro plastic boots. In the first place, you will only have to buy a few boots in a long time, since they will last you longer. Secondly, your performance on the field will be much better, especially in how you move on the field and finally, you will show off more on the field with expensive football boots than with cheap football boots.
  10. Spare Boots:
    Many people wear multiple boots for practice and match play respectively. This is for two reasons, firstly because they save good boots for the match and secondly because they can take advantage of poor quality boots to improve their game. They do this by wearing heavy boots in training, which gets them used to wearing heavy boots. So when you put on the light boots, you are going to run much faster because you are not going to feel any weight, mainly due to the difference in weight between them. So those bad boots that you bought, you can use them to train and the good boots that you have bought following this tutorial, you can use them for important matches.

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