20 Alternative Sports

They are the sports or disciplines that are immersed among the traditional ones of each region, including within the activities, recreations and physical games that is carried out as part of the educational management in the area of ​​​​Physical Education in educational institutions.

They receive a training and use very different from those that occur in reality, since the rules are different and subject to change, so it is essential to know each one of them to modernize a little the task that are usually performed during a training session. Physical exercises.

The alternative games are parallel to the sports that are practiced worldwide and with the exception that each instructor can teach it in an entertaining, exclusive way as long as they adhere to the regulations that can be flexible for the disciplines.

Alternative sports are games that are played in the educational environment, made only to practice generating values ​​​​such as cooperation, camaraderie, responsibility, among others, and without becoming more defined competitions, taking them as part of recreation.

The alternative games are born from friendly competition between the courses of any educational institution and between various institutions, making circuits where healthy fun is promoted among students from various schools, institutes, among others.

What do you need

  • School medium.
  • You do not need a sports facility.
  •  You can improvise.
  • Light learning level.
  • Minimum skills.
  • Fun and cooperation.
  • For male and female alike.
  • Assessment and self-assessment.
  • Use of theoretical content.
  • There is no competition.
  •  Practice daily.
  • Participants can be of different ages.


Alternative games are those that can be presented as a recreational modality according to the environment and the conditions that occur in the school environment, allowing the use of the facilities that the educational center has to carry out the games.

Alternative sports are recreational games that try to promote cooperation between students of the same course, year, career, among others, and that are entertaining as well as facilitating the union between the same members who practice it.

The alternative games are easy to learn and with a mild to moderate intensity, not having to measure so much resistance to practice it within the field of play in which they are played, providing more meaning to integration than to competitiveness itself.

Practice alternative sports step by step

Alternative sports are presented as substitutes for traditional sports to be taught, practiced and evaluated within the daily activities of the physical education area within educational institutions worldwide.

The person who is in charge of being in charge of this type of activities is the teacher who takes the baton as the main one between training, within each of the disciplines that fall within this line, establishing the rules and the way of evaluating.

The name alternative sport is chosen to distinguish them from those that are usually the traditional ones used for competitions at the national, international or Olympic level, being made among most of the countries of the world, these being only local to one region.

These alternative sports give a special touch of modernity to what are called varied recreational activities, which serve to keep the child or young person interested in any of the other most striking sports disciplines in each country.

Alternative and traditional sports are similar due to the form, use of equipment, playing field, among many other things, but with the exception that the former are flexible in terms of rules, ways of playing it, court dimensions, among others.

Alternative sports are the means used to achieve special motor skills where most of the limb muscles stand out, after warming up to a traditional sport.

Alternative sports are often used to transmit knowledge of each of the sports disciplines in addition to capturing those individuals with intellectual and physical abilities to play extreme or traditional sports.

  1. Balonkorf is a game that is practiced in various countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, Australia, France and the United States, consisting of scoring a ball in a basket of the opposing team, using this basket as 1 point. The team that has made the most baskets wins, during a period of 60 minutes, distributed in times of 30 minutes each, supported in an average term of 10 minutes in a field of equal fields of 40 x 20 meters.
  2. Bilbo is an alternative contact sport merely in the educational field, which is practiced to score a goal against the opposing team, which is the end of the discipline, with a large ball and without the presence of any player in the arches. A large ball of an exclusive material is used, filled with air, played on a field similar to that of indoor soccer, with eight players for each team, distributed between attackers and defenders throughout the field of play without the goalkeeper for 30 minutes.
  3. Dodge ball is more than anything about hitting members of an opposing team with a ball so that they are sent to jail, which is located behind each side of the teams that participate in this alternative sport. It is more than anything about sending prisoners to jail and saving them with specific rules of when the ball touches the ground or not, carried out on a field of 18 x 18 meters distributed among teams A and B, with a ball similar to that of the volleyball.
  4. Baseball is an alternative game that draws a lot of attention for being a discipline that is played with two teams on a rather peculiar playing field, being an inflatable mattress on which players can use any part to place it. It can be played from a beach to a large parking lot; it is also the unification of several traditional sports volleyball, soccer and gymnastics due to the opportunity to jump on the ground, consisting of playing passing the ball from one side to another through a mesh or net..
  5. Cachibol is an alternative sport that is played mostly with elderly participants. Between 50 and 70 years old, because it does not require much physical resistance, but despite this it is quite easy and fun. It is not a school or high school game, and tries to integrate participants of both sexes, on a flat court with rules similar to those of volleyball, in front of a mesh where the ball passes over it.
  6. COBOL is an integration game that promotes the union of boys and girls on a playing field, with two teams that must face each other in order to pass the ball from one side to the other with the use of their hands, very similar to handball. But with differences. It was created by a teacher and has been attracting more or less followers for more or less 20 years, being played in a field where individualism does not exist and, above all, integration and participation are strengthened by the particular fact that it is a mixed sport played in primary and secondary schools.
  7. Catchall is another game born in educational institutions, whose main purpose is integration, respect and motivation to win by eliminating players with moves similar to dodge ball, but this time using 3 balls. Both teams can run to try to catch the opponents, also including that the teams have to be mixed, since they cannot be eliminated if they leave the field of play or the ball bounces on the ground; it is very striking and daring.
  8. Dune is a relatively new alternative sport that is attracting attention for being a practice of visual beauty where the ball must not touch the ground and must be passed from one side of the playing field to the other through a mesh and not be dropped. The ball. It can be played by children, young people and adults, where the only characteristic it presents is to maintain the speed of the ball in each pass, turn or modality in which the ball is received or sent, having as a rule two turns for each player on one side of the countryside.
  9. Floor ball is a game of two teams consisting of 4 players and a goalkeeper or 5 players and a goalkeeper, depending on the age and classification of each of them, so the fun of the game is to see how they spend the little synthetic spherical from one side to the other. The field is synthetic and like the ball, and it is a recreational activity that dominates because it is inside an enclosure and where each of the players has the purpose of standing up for his team, therefore emotion plays a preponderant role.
  10. Gaelic Football is the alternative sport that is played mainly in Ireland and its main characteristic is the number of players that reach 15 for each team in a field where the arches or goals have a shape very similar to that of rugby. It has very strict rules regarding its players and is played between clubs that are in a certain region or even between different states, being very rough and organized by a special federation in that country. It’s not a school game.
  11. Tennis soccer is an alternative sport that counts as the fusion of two important sports as its name indicates, with two players as the only participants and the ball, which is large, is usually passed from one side to the other by means of the feet.
  12. Intercrossed is a game very similar to handball, with 4 players for each team in a period of 3 times of 15 minutes each and with a three-minute break between times, with specific rules for this discipline.
  13. Lacrosse is a very picturesque game that takes place on a field the same size as a soccer field, with 8 players from each team with a racket-shaped cane and a small ball that is usually the star of the event. It is similar to badminton.
  14. Among the other disciplines called alternative sports, Kicking ballPabloPinfuvoteTchoukbal and Ultimate are also named, each with well-defined characteristics and rules.

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