How to Start an Exercise Routine

Starting to exercise is not easy if you are not used to it. Putting together a routine requires some conditions so that you can do it with perseverance, that you do not lose interest and that it adapts to your tastes and possibilities. That’s why it’s so common for people to enthusiastically start an exercise routine and then abandon it.

We want to give you some indications that will help you know how to start an exercise routine and that you can continue it. Enthusiastically.

What do you need to start an exercise routine?

  • Choose correctly what activity you will do.
  • Appropriate clothing for that activity
  • Company
  • Commitment to yourself to fulfill

Instructions to start an exercise routine

  1. The first thing we must do to achieve an exercise routine and not abandon it is to look for something that we really like, a sport or physical activity that gives us pleasure to practice beyond the effort required to put it into practice. If it is difficult to maintain consistency in an exercise routine that we like, it will be much more difficult if we do not like the activity. Find the differences between exercising in a gym or in nature and choose what you like best or fits more into your schedule
  2. Moderation is to start an exercise routine is essential. You have time to increase the effort.
  3. Find the company of another person or a group, this is very good to start with an exercise routine and create this healthy habit. Look for someone to accompany you, perhaps between the two of you they can achieve more than each one separately. But be aware! You must not depend on another to fulfill your purpose, you must be independent. If one day he can’t, don’t say “then I’m not going”.
  4. Starting a routine to lose weight is very good, but if you start it to feel better, for your health in general or because you want to change a sedentary lifestyle for movement and good habits, much better!
  5. The excuse that you don’t have time or you like gyms without being much stressed subtracts 20 minutes from your day to dedicate to exercise and if you don’t like gyms, look for a place where you like to practice sports and see there walking, running or jumping, the excuses are worthless.
  6. Be positive, a positive mindset always works better and will encourage you and help you exercise by improving your mood and self-esteem.
  7. Starting something from scratch is always difficult, but you will see how after a few weeks of exercising you get used to it and begin to enjoy it, it is at that point where you have to incorporate the routine into your day to day life to turn it into a routine that you will not leave..

Tips for starting an exercise routine

  •  Consult your doctor if you have any type of health problem, he will tell you which are the most appropriate sports or physical activities for you.
  • Playing a sport will also allow you to meet new people and socialize, which will always result in a positive experience.
  • If you go to a gym, do not forget to consult your trainer to make you the appropriate routine.

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