Triceps Exercises – How To Do Triceps Exercises

What guy doesn’t like when the girls stare at him when he walks by? And it is that with defined triceps you cannot go anywhere unnoticed. In addition to the fact that exercising is good for your health, as an aid to flirt there are nowadays.

The triceps are the muscles found on the back of the arm; they are widely used in the different movements that we make in our daily lives. If you are a man, having well-defined and large triceps will greatly improve your strength and presence.

When we have big muscles and well defined arms, girls always turn to look. Therefore, we will guide you to perform the best exercises; and you can develop super arms, in a short time with iron triceps. This way you will have more strength in your arms and you will look better.

It is very important to be very careful with our triceps; since many people have been injured, for not knowing how to do the exercises correctly, having very painful consequences; involving very long and expensive treatments, to recover from these injuries.

The triceps are the muscles that are found in the back of our arms, and as its name indicates; it is made up of three parts, or muscles with three heads, with muscular extremities. This goes from the shoulder, connecting with other muscles in the elbow.

Exercising the triceps is not only important for men, who want to look good and be very strong; also, it is very important for women, since many have that part of the arms that is very weak and flaccid, this makes it look very ugly due to the lack of toning. If you are one of the women whose muscles seem to hang when you raise your arm, you can define them, to look beautiful and also have a little more strength.

If we look at the arms of bodybuilders, we can better visualize the triceps; since they spend a lot of time on their training. On the other hand, it is also very important to take into account the type of food we need to give life to our muscles; because protein consumption will depend on being able to define them as quickly as possible.

If you do not enjoy a good diet, balancing proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates; then what you will be doing is mistreating your body and wasting the muscle fiber. Even exercise accompanied by poor nutrition causes tissues and joints to be injured, which will cause you a lot of pain.

Big muscles in a short time

Many people want to achieve very fast results, so they have failed for bad advice from people who do not have any knowledge; recommending anabolic steroids to build muscle fast with little effort.

These steroids have very bad consequences for health. Many people have suffered heart attacks from using these types of products without any medical supervision, just because someone recommended them. Steroids, on the other hand, over time, cause people to even lose sexual desire; because these types of chemicals affect the production of hormones in the body.

The healthiest and most recommendable thing is to have a good diet: high in fiber and low in fat. Organizing a good regimen of vitamins and proteins, which you will need to have very healthy triceps, will strengthen your joints without any pain or inflammation.

Remember, in these types of exercise it is very important to take into account the joints. These can become inflamed and cause a lot of pain, if we perform the exercises incorrectly, or if we exceed the training time. On the other hand, it is good to point out that the muscles and joints need rest, to recover from training and have better results.

Triceps Exercise Instructions – Doing Triceps Exercises

  1. Get a bench or a chair, stand with your back to it, with little separation.
  2. Then, place your hands behind you, and place them on the bench with your legs bent.
  3. Subsequently, he begins to flex his elbows; from top to bottom for at least ten repetitions, and rest a few minutes and then continue.
  4. Another well-known technique is chest push-ups; these should be done with a completely straight back.
  5. Try to perform push-ups reaching the ground, and stretching your arms as much as you can.
  6. We recommend that you do 15 push-ups in a row every day, the first few days.
  7. Then increase to 20and when the muscle is further developed increase to 40 push-ups a day.
  8. To give this exercises a little more difficulty; you can place the palms of the hands together on the floor, joining the thumbs and index fingers and bending the elbows.
  9. This will make your triceps work a little harder, and give you better results.
  10. With a small dumbbell, not very heavy, you can take them with your hands and place them on the back of your head.
  11. Flexing the elbows from top to bottom, several times, forming an angle of 90 degrees.
  12. If you are a woman, you have to start working this with a dumbbell of approximately 1 kilo, after several days you can increase the weight.
  13. You can do this for 15 minutes a day, either in the morning or at night.
  14. With the same dumbbell, you can place it on your hand; Standing tall and straight, drops the dumbbell to your hips.
  15. Subsequently, you must raise the dumbbell to the part of your chest; making a right angle of 90 degrees, and lowering the dumbbell completely,
  16. You should do this by placing the dumbbell vertically, with your thumb up. Never do it with your thumbs horizontally, because you will be mistreating the elbow joint. This can cause you a very painful tendinitis in the elbow, which you are working on.
  17. You can also use weights, not very heavy at first, to work both triceps. But, use the ones that have axis with angles; Because those that have a horizontal axis, when taking it you will place your thumbs in the same way, and in the long run, you will be mistreating your elbow.
  18. If you have a bar in your house, and it is placed horizontally, do not use it.
  19. It is better that you place two bars, which are as the position of the hoops. That your thumbs are aligned towards your body, like when you take a hammer in your hands; because the position of your wrists will determine the proper functioning of your triceps.
  20. If you have an exercise machine, we recommend the rowing position, which by raising the bar; you will be exercising the triceps.

What do you need for Triceps Exercises – Do Triceps Exercises?

  • A bench or a chair.
  • Small dumbbells and one medium.
  • Exercise machine.
  • Weights with axes of angles.
  • Vitamin supplements.
  • Protein in supplements and with meals.

Triceps Exercise Tips – Doing Triceps Exercises

  1. We recommend that you do these exercises one day yes, and one day no.
  2. This is for your muscles, joints, and tendons to rest and recover.
  3. If you don’t let them recover, you will be destroying the muscle, and it will not grow, but you will destroy it, until it hurts a lot.
  4. Always remember the hammer position. For your thumbs, since this represents the best position for your triceps to work in the best way.
  5. All the weight being received on the wrists; with a bad position, it will affect your elbow joints a lot.
  6. If you are training, and the next day you feel a very strong pain in your elbows, it is that you were surely injured.
  7. You must go to the doctor; surely this will give you various analgesics and anti-inflammatories, but above all absolute rest for several days.
  8. We recommend that you take a vitamin supplement, which also has minerals.
  9. Vitamins and minerals; your triceps will need them a lot, for their development and growth.
  10. And very important, consume a lot of protein, which is also needed for the development of your muscles. These come as supplements, in special pills and shakes, which you can mix with fruit.
  11. If you don’t have a proper diet it can help produce injuries and pain.
  12. We recommend the complex of vitamins B (B6, B1 and B12), which will prevent you from getting cramps; muscle aches and also joint discomfort.
  13. But these types of vitamins have to be taken under medical supervision; since there are people who have very high hemoglobin and it can give them a bad reaction.
  14. Also, it is extremely important that before doing these exercises you take a warm-up; such as aerobic exercises.
  15. Since the muscles are, like the engines of the cars; If you start with the exercises at once, without warming up, you can suffer muscle tears and many injuries.
  16. In the same way; at the end of the exercises, do not stop dead, but you must gradually reduce the degree of stress on the muscle, and then perform some stretching exercises.
  17. Another important action is to avoid drinking soft drinks; they do you a lot of damage, especially to the joints and your muscles.
  18. We recommend that you do not eat a lot of red meat. That the proteins are white meat is the best. Red meat, in large quantities, also produces muscle aches and pain in the joints, due to the large amount of uric acid they contain.
  19. Take into account that in fruits and vegetables there is a good amount of vitamins in a natural form.
  20. The human body absorbs the vitamins that come in vegetables and fruits faster than those that we buy in supplements in pill form.
  21. Natural juices, such as orange juice, provide large amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are great for your triceps.
  22. You can mix orange juice with beets, and you will have an energizing drink that will help your body feel great after physical activity.
  23. If you feel muscle pain after exercise, try not to take muscle relaxant These pills damage muscle tissue and also destroy your kidneys.
  24. We recommend that you apply a little menthol on the sore parts, and apply hot water cloths several times.
  25. Come on, kid! Do not be discouraged, that the fact that your muscles ache a little, after physical activity is normal.

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