How to Do Cardio Exercises

A good physical and mental state will depend largely on physical exercise and a balanced diet. When we want to lose body weight to reach our ideal frame, according to the previous review of a specialist doctor in the area we must combine our diet with the practice of physical activity. Well, if the energy intake (calories) provided by some empty foods (bad fats and sugars) exceeds the recommended amount, and we do not do any physical activity to eliminate it, our body accumulates the excess calories, which later, are transformed into obesity or any other disease. Therefore, the current habits of consuming empty foods plus a sedentary lifestyle are the number one cause for developing obesity.

We can eat healthy, but if we do not practice a certain physical activity, we are prone to developing health problems. It would be the same case if we did it the other way around, that is, we exercise, but we don’t eat properly. We will obtain the same result, and we will see that we do not advance in our “weight loss”; therefore, to achieve this, there must be a balance between both factors; good nutrition and do some physical exercise.

Various scientific studies show that in cases of excess weight, there is a low consumption of foods that provide nutrients and fibers that help the body to function properly, which results in a poor quality of life for the person. Well, they base their diet on a high consumption of energy-dense foods, and drinks that are only made up of sugar, despite the fact that sugar is not shown as a component in their nutritional table. Then, added to the little physical activity that he develops for a high number of hours in front of the television, the computer, or even sleeping. In relation to this, the World Health Organization points out those sedentary lifestyles are one of the ten main causes of mortality and disability in the world.

In this way, it is known as physical exercise to carry out repetitive body movements, which are practiced in order to enjoy a good state of health and also, be physically fit while maintaining the ideal body weight. There are several ways to classify physical exercises; one of them is cardiovascular exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobics or simply cardio; It consists of performing exercises in which the major muscles of the body are put into motion for a long established period, which usually exceeds twenty minutes. This type of exercise seeks to burn calories and optimal oxygenation, improving the capacity of the heart and lungs. One of the main advantages provided by this exercise is that the use of machines is not mandatory to be able to carry it out; therefore, we can perform these exercises in the comfort of our home without resorting to machines or gyms. So: How to do cardio exercises? Next, we explain.

What do you need to do cardio exercises?

  • sportswear
  • desire to run

Instructions for doing cardio exercises

Experts in the fitness area point out that it is recommended to perform at least three sets of 35 minutes of cardiovascular exercises a week. However, you who are starting with this physical activity do not establish this period as a minimum. At the beginning, you can practice for as long as you consider appropriate, so that your body adapts little by little to physical exercises without putting pressure on it. But, always practice them, even for a short time. The important thing is to adapt your body to physical activity, so that later, it can withstand more hours of stretching and exercising.

As we mentioned, the advantage that this exercise gives us in terms of its practice is that we can do it in the comfort of our home, our office and even outdoors, without the need for large machines that are only found in gyms. Therefore, we have no excuses to start.

It is normal for you to ask yourself: “How to do cardio exercises?” Therefore, here we give you some exercise models with their respective instructions:

  1. Jumps with the knees to the chest: standing, with the legs apart taking the width of the shoulders as a guide, we make the first jump, raising the knees to the height of the chest, or reaching it. We repeat, about ten times. We could do this exercise with a rope, and we would have the same effect.
  2. Running on the spot: run without moving position, choose your pace, but speed up once you feel comfortable.
  3. Touch the ground: stand up, and crouch down to touch the ground. Repeat it over and over again, at least ten times.
  4. Burgees: It is often considered one of the most demanding exercises when it comes to cardio, and it is the most feared. However, you are starting, therefore, it will be smoother. You start, standing up, you crouch down, you throw yourself to the ground doing a push-up, you get up, and you jump and repeat the sequence again. This exercise will make you sweat more than any other.
  5. Lateral flexion’s of the trunk, right and left: standing, with your legs slightly apart, tilt your trunk as far as you can to your right at the same time that your left arm goes over your head. Hold that position for 30 seconds. And repeat on the opposite side, that is, lean to the left side, pass your right arm over your head and keep it that way for another 30 seconds. Do 5 reps, minimum.
  6. Touch feet: join your legs, flex the trunk forward to touch the tip of the foot, avoid bending the knees for a better stretch.
  7. Jump Square: Initially, step to your right, jump, step back, and jump again. Thus, until forming a square. Repeat at least ten times.
  8. Climber: if you have stairs in your house, go up and down them a couple of times, always taking the proper precautions. When you already take the rhythm, you can speed up. Does this exercise at least ten times, with small rest intervals?
  9. Dancing: It is one of the funniest physical activities to date. Follow a mix of your favorite genre and dance for a few minutes, without order of steps, just dance.
  10. Stationary bicycle: it is one of the best exercises to achieve cardiovascular resistance, it can be the machine, or you can use your ordinary bicycle. Go to a park, or to the outskirts of your house, if you use the usual bicycle. If you have static, do 30 minutes a day, so you don’t think about time so much, you can watch TV or listen to music, while time passes.

Tips for doing cardio exercises

Previously, we presented you with a series of exercises with their respective instructions, so that you can do cardio from the comfort of your home, your office or practice them outdoors. Therefore, we also present a series of tips to take into consideration when you ask yourself: How to do cardio exercises?

  1. First of all, remember that the goal of cardio exercises is to break a sweat. Therefore, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing.
  2. Also, keep a scarf nearby to wipe off sweat when it’s bothering you.
  3. It is important that you hydrate during the exercises; keep your water bottle close at hand.
  4. Remember to eat well before and after exercising. Never do exercises without having fed yourself; it is a fatal mistake, which will bring you consequences. Thus, once you finish your series of exercises, have a shake, nourish your body with protein sources.

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