Ingra Yoga – Everything You Need To Know

Ingra yoga is a variety of yoga that was introduced thanks to Bus and his children, who were Gaeta and Preshrank Ingra (hence the name of this type of yoga). The father, Ingra, was practicing and teaching until he died, at the Ramayana Ingra memorial institute Pune. It is one of the modalities (like some others) of classical yoga.

What does this type of yoga offer? Among some of its virtues are those of trying to balance and align the body. It’s not turkey mucus. Achieving a correct alignment of the spine is very important not only to avoid ailments in the back, cervical, lumbar, etc. But also to avoid walking “bent”, taking bad postures… and all this, in the long run, has repercussions on health.


  1. Among the most famous or most recurrent postures in Ingra yoga, are the postures of the mountain. That exercise and/or posture, surely you have seen it before. If you are a bit of a yogi, it will sound like tad asana, if not, the posture in which you have one leg up.
  2. Others that are repeated a lot, are the ones when you are sitting, along with the hips, the feet, the spine… totally aligned. In this way, it is possible to have a channeling of energies and a correct body posture.
  3. It can be differentiated from other types of yoga, because with this, there are no problems in using accessories. That is to say, if Ingra boasted of something, it is what could be used for cushions, cushions, blocks, blankets, straps, tapes, chairs, etc. All this, to basically help all the people who started with this modality and still did not have a good coordination management, or much flexibility, lack of muscle tone, etc. Starting always, with some help, benefits beginners a lot. As progress is made, materials are removed.
  4. You should know that despite being a classic and/or traditional yoga, the postures are very tiring (most of them), but as you practice them and progress with them, you will be able to see how your resistance increases, you have more flexibility, you improve the toning of the body… and improve breathing.
  5. One of the most frequent or recurring questions is doubts about whether you can practice this type of yoga, for example, if you are overweight, if it helps you lose weight, if you tone up, if you can do it at any age, etc. Well, we’re going to tell you. For starters, it doesn’t matter if you have a few extra kilos. You can practice it without problems. Here what is going to work, above all, is flexibility and strength. And that does not depend so much on the kilos that you have left over or not. In fact, if you practice this yoga, you will see how little by little, you lose weight. Therefore, point in favor.
  6. Regarding age. In Ingra yoga, there are no ages… young people, old people can do it… everything will be assessed according to their abilities and from there, work will be done. So of course you can.
  7. As we told you before, in Ingra yoga, it has the nickname or it can be known as the yoga of the furniture or yoga furniture. This refers to what we told you about the gadgets that can be used to practice it.
  8. Do not be fooled into thinking that it is just another type of yoga, that it will be easier because you can help yourself with gadgets to practice it, etc. Nothing is further from reality! In this form of yoga, you sweat. And you sweat a lot, folks. It’s tired, very tired. The whole body is worked. From the arms, the shoulders, the forearms, the hips, the pelvis, the feet, the legs, etc. You will move your whole body and, above all, you will have, and if you don’t have it, you will, have a lot of flexibility and a lot of muscular strength. All this always, very controlled. They will monitor you and make sure that you have correct spinal alignment at all times.
  9. Is it, therefore, a yoga that is mainly used to exercise and get in shape? The answer is no. In part, the whole body is worked, a large number of muscles and others, yes. But there are other forms of yoga that, with their bases and exercises being more elaborate, are more tiring and more physical. In Ingra, more than on a physical level, they care about the level of health.
  10. For example, one of the questions that we have already answered is that if, in your case, you are concerned or afraid that you will not be able to practice it because certain parts of your body hurt, you have past injuries, etc. This is precisely the most suitable yoga for you. In fact, many start with it and integrate, because they were looking to channel their ills, ailments… and it relieves a lot. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of asana that are exclusively focused on healing and relieving pain.
  11. The same thing happens if you are a person who is extremely stressed, who has a lot of stress on him.
  12. There are many asana that are also intended to be able to breathe correctly, to relax, to find peace…all this will help you begin to relieve tension, relax, disconnect, have greater inner peace, you will be happier and you will channel all the anger, stress or problems, etc.
  13. You don’t have to worry if you have ailments, being able to end up worse because of the postures or because of past injuries. If this yoga is of any use and will help you, it is precisely that all the asana are performed slowly, gradually, with great attention to the movements, to the spine, to the whole body in general. For this reason, they will always be monitoring your abilities, your injuries, what you can do and also what you cannot. All this, to help you improve and recover. To do this, never forget to say as soon as you sign up, to the teacher, what ailments you have, what hurts you, injuries you may have had, fears, insecurities, etc. There. The more he knows about your fitness, the more he can help you.
  14. You will realize little by little, how after doing this yoga, you will gain more flexibility, so much so that you can bend without problems and without pain.
  15. You will also gain a lot of toning. That is why it is also indicated for weight loss. Not so much as a cardio exercise, but because it tones the body. You gain greater firmness and you get the body to stretch, therefore, the muscles too and by trying to gain a correct position of the back, optically, you walk better, more upright, more straight, more stretched /ay all this, makes you look slimmer. You also strengthen the body, so you will gain resistance and the skin will get a better appearance. Tighter meat, less cellulite, less flaccidity, etc.
  16. Stress is, on many occasions, related to muscular contractures, stiffness in the cervical, in the neck area, in back pain… if this is your case, do not think about it and start letting yourself be advised to do Inyengar yoga. By freeing yourself from stress, meditating, leaving your mind blank, breathing deeply, having tranquility and peace, the body releases endorphins.
  17. With yoga, the part of the energies is worked on and it is achieved that tensions are relieved and, therefore, everything that is stiffened by stress and nerves. If you practice it and manage to spend a couple of months with this practice, more than sure, you will realize that you are better, you have fewer ailments, you do not take everything so seriously, you can sleep much better at night, you rest and you even have the mind with a greater concentration.
  18. As the nerves affect the whole body, and when we say everything, it is both at a psychic level, as well as physical, mental state, energies… at a health level, the stomach also suffers. Not only for ailments, but because it affects you to eat more or eat less, you retain fluids, more cellulite, more volume, etc. There is also a big improvement here. It eliminates toxins from the body and, therefore, many physical and health benefits are obtained.

What do you need

  • Comfortable clothes. Tights or thin pants and a t-shirt.
  • to mat
  • To towel.
  • Block to help with some asana.
  • Ribbons.
  • Pillows, cushions, cushions, etc.
  • Chairs… it will help to get a better position if you are a beginner.


In short, this form of yoga, Ingra yoga, is very similar to another yoga classic, such as Hatha yoga.

It works not only on a physical level, but also. Obtaining a better coordination of the body, gaining flexibility, gaining more muscle strength, obtaining improvements at the health level… such as correcting back problems, muscle contractures, relieving stress, decongesting the body of muscle pain caused by stress, correcting posture body etc. Influencing the energies, relieving, healing, and ultimately improving the health of each one. No matter how old you are.

Do not hesitate as soon as you start, tells the teacher completely honestly, all the ailments you have, injuries you have had and various problems you suffer. It will help you to better advice and help you. So be honest in confidence.

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