How to Play Golf

If I had to choose one of those famous sports that have represented an entire generation, I would choose golf, a well-known sport that consists of putting a ball into a hole located on a huge field.

Golf is a sport that has always been associated with the upper echelons and with people with money, a very popular sport that has grown a lot in recent years and that in the end has become a sport that is now suitable for everyone the world practices it.

The best thing about this sport is that it is one of those sports for which there is no age, since it is one of the least tiring sports that exist. The thing is that all we have to do is make a small hit with the golf club, which will help us move the ball from one place to another. In golf you don’t even need to walk, since many times people move in a caddy from one place to another, just having to hit the ball and not having to make any more effort.

This makes it an ideal sport for everyone, being a sport that anyone can practice, even if they do not have much skill with sports or a lot of physical condition. Of course, golf is not an easy sport, since we will have to exercise arm strength, skill, the ability to calculate distances, strategy and be able to hit softly when we reach the green.

Golf is so famous that it is one of the most money-moving sports in the world. Some of the most famous golfers are capable of earning a lot of money, the best example being the great Tiger Woods, a golfer who in his day earned almost 100 million euros annually, thanks in part to his large endorsement contracts and his fame. Ace golfer.

The good thing is that right now you don’t have to be a millionaire, you don’t have to have a private course and you certainly don’t need a lot of money to play golf. Really anyone can play golf if they put enough effort into it and have a little notion about what can or cannot be done in this sport.

For this reason, today we are going to teach you how you can play golf correctly, so that in this way, you can advance in this famous sport and get the most out of your practice.

Instructions to play golf

  1. Get the material:
    The first thing we have to do to play golf correctly is to get the material that is needed to be able to practice this sport. Without this material, we will not be able to exercise the practice of this great sport correctly, since each element is essential to be able to have a good practice of it. The first element that you must acquire is the golf clubs, which are each one of a type. We have some clubs that are used to play on short courts, clubs that are used for long shots and the famous putt, which is only used to push the ball to the bottom of the hole in golf. The second thing that we are going to have to look at is the clothes, which should be comfortable clothes, like going to the field. The hat is important, not only for aesthetics, but because it is usually quite sunny and this will cause us to get sunstroke. He also carries spare clubs, spare golf balls and other golfing essentials, such as club adjustment tools.
  2. Go to a golf club:
    The second step we must take to practice this famous sport is to visit a golf club. The golf club is a kind of institution, which consists of a meeting place and practice of this sport, accompanied by the different types of golf courses that exist. In addition to this, it is interesting to join the golf course to find people to play with, to always have plenty of material to play golf and finally to always have a social club to talk about this sport. It is also here where you should rent the ideal elements for the game of golf, such as the golf cart or even the services of a caddy boy who is in charge of taking you the clubs and collecting your golf balls.
  3. Different types of field:
    Once we have signed up for the golf course, we must take a look at the different types of golf courses that exist. In each field, we have a different way of playing, which depends a bit on the type of surface that we have in the first place. Another thing that is considered important is the presence of the wind, which will influence the way of hitting the ball. If there is a lot of wind to the right, the ball will go to that side and we will have to hit the opposite side if we want it to go straight at the end. We also have to look at the season of the year, the terrain where we are and finally the presence of puddles of water, because if the ball falls into the water, we will be penalized with a null hit, something that can make us lose the departure.
  4. The rules of golf:
    Now that we have signed up for a golf club and we already know a little about the courses and the materials to use, it is time to pick up our golf club and start playing this great sport. The first thing we should know before starting to play golf are its rules, which vary slightly from one hole to another, but in some cases they are practically identical. As in any sport, we have different ways of playing, different tactics and of course, different objectives and rules to meet. We are going to see first how a hole is won in golf, what the null shots are like in this sport and finally we are going to see how golf changes depending on the result.

    1. How to win a hole:
      The game of golf is a sport that consists of getting a ball from one point to another with as few strokes as possible. In golf we play against other people or against ourselves, winning whoever gets to the whole first, that is, the one who has to use the fewest strokes to do so. The first to get to the hole in the least number of strokes possible is the winner of the hole, something that will allow you to be better prepared for the following holes.
    2. Null strokes:
      In golf, there are different null strokes that penalize, for example when we are not able to hit the ball 2 times in a row (hit in the air), which penalizes us with a used stroke(although we have not done it). It also penalizes when we throw the ball down a ravine, take it out of the field limits or put it into a puddle. If we make this type of foul, depending on the situation, it may be that we start again (but with the blows counting) or that we start from an area close to the area where we had this little accident.
    3. Different types of terrain:
      Golf clubs are used to hit the ball according to the type of terrain. Golf courses have different types of grass terrain depending on the case, some more complicated than others. There is the short grass, which is the ground with the mowed grass that we need to follow, the medium rough grass that is slightly away from it and with which we need to hit harder. We also have what is called tall grass, where it is very difficult to get the ball out of there. Finally, there are terrains such as sand, where if we fall it is almost certain that we have lost it, because it is difficult to get it out of there. To finish the game, we have the area around the green and the green, which is the very cut grass that surrounds the hole. Depending on the terrain, we are going to use one type of hit or another, since depending on the distance and the difficulty of the terrain; we are going to need to use one degree of force or another.
  5. Points system:
    The golf point system is somewhat peculiar, as it has slight differences from the traditional point systems of other sports. In golf, the point system is slightly different because it is negative, that is, it The one with the least point. The points are usually made in relation to 4 strokes, that is, if we make a hole in one, we will have -3 points, something that will put us in the lead. If we do it in 2 strokes, we will have -2 points, if we do it in 3 strokes, we will have a birdie or -1 points, if we do it in 4 strokes we will have 0 points or a pair and if we do it in 5 strokes we will have a point or boogey. If we have more hits, we will have more penalty points. As you can see, the ideal is to do it with a few hits, the fewer the better, usually with less than 4 hits in order to lose points and win the game easily.

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