How to Tone Arms without Going to the Gym

For some time now, it is very common to find mentions in the society pages that this or that famous actor or singer, and even a politician, boasts or makes people talk about his “tablet”, that is, for a well – muscled belly and turned with the well-known grid shape, as seen in his photos in a swimsuit or in sports pants.

The tablet is the fruit of great effort and a lot of training work in the gym, and it is a great reward for that methodical and planned exercise. However, in your case it may not be so easy to go to a gym, perhaps you cannot fit into their schedules, or their costs, or simply what you want to do is tone your body without becoming an Olympic athlete.

A good start is that you learn how to tone arms without going to the gym, at home and at your own pace, whether you are a man or a woman. We give you some indications that will surely help you to have strong and toned arms.

What do you need to tone arms without going to the gym?

  • A chair
  • a low table
  • A spacious corner of the house
  • some dumbbells

Instructions to tone arms without going to the gym

  1. Triceps_ a simple exercise to develop the lower arm, which tends to become flaccid and accumulate fat, especially in women, although it occurs in both sexes. Find a chair or low table that doesn’t move easily. You stand with your back to the chair or table, placing your hands on it, making a right angle with your arms, as if you were going to sit on the floor. The exercise consists of not sitting down, that is, going down and up without touching the ground, using force with the arms and not with the thighs. Do three sets in a row of 15 ups and downs each.
  2. Uniform development. To tone your arms and develop it, it is not enough to do a lot of bicep exercises because you will develop that muscle while the rest, in that upper body area, will remain as usual, which will give you a strange and unattractive appearance. Therefore, you must attend to the development of those parts, such as the shoulders.
  3. With dumbbells. Acquire dumbbells – weights that are held with one hand – of a size that you see that you will handle comfortably, for which they will advise you on the spot at the establishment you go to. Stand up, slightly separate your legs, and raise your arms, with a dumbbell in each hand, at the height of your ears. Stretch them all the way up, and hold the weight for 5 seconds. Do two sets of 15 pull-ups each.
  4. With dumbbells in T.A similar exercise with dumbbells: Standing with your legs slightly apart, with the dumbbells in your hands, raise your arms stretching them out to each side at shoulder height, forming a T with your body. Then you lower them without bending your arms, so that they are straight, and you raise them back up to your shoulders. You should do a couple of sets of 15 lifts each.
  5. Biceps. Biceps exercises are also important to tone the arms. Here’s one: stand with your arms stretched down and in line with your hips, and with a dumbbell in one or both hands. Raise and flex your arm, with your hand towards your chest, while you make force with the biceps. In order not to overload the muscles, do a series of push-ups, about five, with one arm, and then another five with the other arm, or if you prefer, change arms, one with the right, another with the left, another with the right and so on. Start with ten push-ups and keep going up, without looking for excessive fatigue, but rather progressive increase, and at the same time start with a low weight and go up little by little at the demand of your muscular response. A variant is that you raise and lower your arms at the same time, with both dumbbells in your hands.
  6. Push-ups. This is one of the most complete exercises to tone the arms, because it also improves the entire upper part of the body. You must lie face down on the ground, fully stretching your legs and resting your palms on the ground, raise your body and lower it without touching the ground with it. It is recommended that you do two series of ten push-ups each and increase the amount as you feel capable of it.

Tips to tone arms without going to the gym

  • As with any other exercise, to avoid possible injuries, fissures and contractures, it is very convenient that before starting these exercises you warm up, moving your arms and body little by little.
  • After exercise, especially if it has been intense, you can drink a commercial isotonic drink to compensate for the loss of mineral salts, or prepare it with water, lemon juice, sugar, a pinch of salt and baking soda.

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