7 Winter Sports

Do you know what a winter sport means? It is a discipline that is usually played in various parts of the world where temperatures are considerably low or where most of the year is spent completely covered by snow.

Winter sports are practiced thanks to the snow and although there is the modality of some that are part of attractions at other times of the year, some have no place in countries that are too hot or experience high temperatures.

However, throughout history there have been extravagant and important episodes, about competitors who are from these latitudes of the world where the heat and the sun are protagonists who have boosted the competition to levels never imagined.

Within these sports there are those that are practiced as a team, among which Ice Hockey stands out and individually with a distinction that is made in pairs such as figure skating, and where water sports are not usually striking due to the cold intense.

What do you need

  •  Necessary Equipment.
  •  Uniforms that protect you from the cold.
  • Ice skating.
  • Masks.
  • Long, curved sticks.
  • Skis.
  • Light suits.
  • Tights.
  • Glasses.
  • Facemask.
  • Others.


Winter sports are those that are practiced in countries where cold is the prevailing factor, that is to say that in order to practice them they have to be based on snow, the main preponderant characteristic to be striking and showy, being the main rule.

Without cold there are no competitions or sports, for this reason it is essential since you must have the necessary equipment to practice it, taking into account that there is no distribution where they can be framed, since they are practiced in a team and individually.

Some of these disciplines are practiced on the ice and others on the snow directly or in the open air also within a closed area, with music and even without it, maintaining the need for concentration of each of the participants in the games.

Most popular winter sports

  1. Among the most popular winter sports we can find the most named as skiing and snowboarding, which is usually very similar to sliding a surfboard but with various differences found with the same equipment to be used.
  2. If you look closely, some of them have similarities with summer sports or sports that are practiced daily in any part of the world, with the only difference being that there are two factors that are essential, which are snow and ice.
  3. These are sports that are healthy for the body but also quite intense, but taking into account the equipment and implements to be able to practice them safely and without any problems.
  4. Generally, an ordinary person does not practice it as a sport for competition, because it requires much more concentration in addition to training, making the practice more bearable and without problems.
  5. The Ski. It is one of the sports modalities in which the body is allowed to slide down a slope from top to bottom in total freedom and at high speed, having to maintain balance, carrying sticks to hold on.
  6. The technique of skiing is the descent at high speeds from a more or less high altitude, during which the path is marked by various implements, including flags and poles so that the competitor can see where he is going. .
  7. Snowboarding. It is the winter sport that is usually extreme due to the delicacy of its practice, at a high level in which the participant must put the entire step of his body on a single wide board with which he slides down.
  8. The slide is accompanied by a fairly high slope, covered by enough snow to do it in a better way, also becoming one of the Olympic sports with the most followers and participating countries.
  9. Ice skating is another of the sports that most often attracts the attention of the various participants in winter sports, where they must do pirouettes, turns, acrobatics among many other figures in the air or on the ground of the place where it is performed.
  10. This modality can be practiced in pairs or individually, leading the body and the figures to the rhythm of background music, measuring the degree of difficulty of each of the participants and the figures they perform during their execution.
  11. Bobsleigh is a winter sport that has to do with the descent on a sled through a circuit at high speed, this being the track where the participants must overcome different curves with movements that avoid overturning and various problems.
  12. The sleds must be thoroughly checked so that each of the parts can be used without any problems in order to avoid falls and accidents. This type of sports can be performed by both male and female participants.
  13. Ski jumping. Ski jumping is a rather peculiar winter sport that consists of jumping from a ramp of several meters in height, from whose tip the greatest impulse is taken to fall on a slope at a greater distance.
  14. Generally it is a sport that men usually do because of its complexity, but in recent decades women have also promoted ski jumping as a special sport for it, leaving femininity high.
  15. Ski jumping is a test that requires great concentration and support from all those around the participant, maintaining a fairly long distance in the jump to be able to excel in all the competitions to which they must appear.
  16. Cross-country skiing. It is a sport that leads participants to participate in different modalities of tracks and routes through fields that are covered with snow all year round; it is therefore an opportunity to discover a diversity of landscapes.
  17. The complexity of it focuses on skiing along a path, which must be signed, achieving first place in a stipulated time, doing it individually or by teams made up of two participants.
  18. Snowmobiles. In particular, this sport does not offer any physical complexity, since what you have to keep in mind is coordination, handling a vehicle and, of course, knowledge of the track or terrain where the competition is going to take place.
  19. The equipment is adapted to be handled both on ice and on snow, so it is important to take into account what is essential to be able to make the defined route, since the trajectory being free, it is not necessary that it be along any passable road.
  20. This winter sport is presented with only one difficulty, and that is to know the vehicle with which you are participating well so as not to generate any type of inconvenience during the competition, in addition to knowing the route to finish the journey well.
  21. At a global level, the different winter sports competitions are held, with the federations in charge of carrying them out at the same time that they are the ones who set the necessary rules to stay within the competition.
  22. In most of the countries where they are practiced, they have the possibility of having snow during the year, making them venues most of the time, since these are sports where the only protagonists are snow and ice.
  23. Each of the sports offers its degree of difficulty, but it is in the position of each participant to make it an opportunity to launch their name to stardom, showing off with different activities that make them stand out from the rest.
  24. The training must be constant, which leads him to be one of the best, in an opportunity to establish a connection between the members of a team as well as the coaches who are the ones who must impose rules on rules.
  25. Cooperation is of vital importance in these sports, especially in pairs or groups of four participants who perform Bobsleigh, especially when running on the sled before reaching the ramp that leads to the track.
  26. The seconds from the start until everyone is inside the sled requires coordination as well as the cooperation of each one of them, without fear of losing control while sliding down the track.


  • You must be careful to maintain proper concentration during the exercise of any of these sports.
  • The necessary equipment must be perfectly revised, checked and put in excellent conditions.
  • The federations must have the tracks and fields ready to hold the events.
  • The organizing countries must be prepared for any inconvenience.
  • The international unions of different disciplines are the ones who impose the rules of each sport.
  • Some of these sports require specialized preparation.
  • Any of the disciplines require a special concentration in addition to good physical preparation.
  • You must be attentive to train properly according to the sports discipline in which you are going to participate.
  • Activate the meeting points so that the competitions have the possibility of being healthy and with the required regulations.
  • Respect the decisions of judges.

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