How Yoga Helps My Body and Mind

Yoga is a sports activity that is becoming a little more popular every day. This is because it is an activity that allows you to keep your body and mind in a correct state, which is why this sport is so highly valued.

Yoga was born many years ago in Eastern culture, being a kind of mixture of meditation and martial arts postures, thus achieving a perfect exercise to cultivate the mind while keeping fit.

This type of sport arrived in our country a few years ago, and is here to stay. What began at first as a minority has ended up being something global, something that everyone practices and that is becoming more and more fashionable?

It is not lacking in compelling reasons, since it can be practiced both indoors and outdoors, no special material is necessary except for a mat, and it is also suitable for all ages.

Surely you have heard all this that I am telling you, since everyone knows more or less what yoga is about. The bad thing is that you may not have made the decision to take the step and practice it, because no one has convinced you to do so.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an exercise with which you train your body and mind at the same time? Well here you have it, since it offers you a lot of benefits for the body, as well as for the nerves and the head, being a great sport to channel stress.

For this reason, I am going to tell you what these benefits are for you, because as my reader, I care that you are always in the best possible health, since I belong to exercise dotcoms, where we teach how to practice sports and maintain a healthy life

Instructions to help yoga to my body and mind

  1. Calms the nerves:
    One of the main qualities of yoga is that it is one of the most patient sports in the world. The regular practice of yoga allows us to get away from all these competitive sports that are so popular today, but that not everyone likes. Here you don’t have to compete to score goals or run fast, but you have to try to be relaxed, disconnect from everything, without being required of you at all. Practicing yoga calms the nerves, since spending half an hour in comfortable postures meditating relaxes a lot, as well as while you think about your things and calm down. So if you are somewhat bitter, try to do yoga at least 3 times a week and you will see how your mood improves.
  2. It helps you breathe better:
    Another of the great benefits of yoga is that it helps you improve your breathing. This is because he forces you to do breathing exercises while doing his postureson him, which is always good for us. A lot of people have problems with asthma and stuff not because they have real problems, but because they don’t control their breathing. Yoga looks for deep, relaxing breaths that help you feel much better about yourself. So if you want to learn to breathe properly, to have a better lung capacity and to have more endurance, practice yoga on a regular basis to achieve it.
  3. It helps you stay in shape:
    Ok, we know perfectly well that yoga is something relaxed and that it is not compared to high intensity sports; however, it does keep sedentary people in shapeand who are not used to walking. Imagine that you are a person who does nothing but sit on the sofa. If you practice yoga, you will already do something, which is a start. In addition, yoga involves a certain amount with food and self-control, which will make you, is more moderate in food, which will undoubtedly make you lose weight if you have any type of obesity. Also by being relaxed, you will forget that you were hungry, causing you to also eat fewer calories and lose weight.
  4. Improve your flexibility:
    The last benefit of the 4 best known benefits of yoga but not the least important is the improvement of the physical quality of flexibility. Flexibility is one of the key physical qualities in the human being, which makes him more flexible, more elastic and improves in some sports as a result of this. Yoga consists of doing postures, some of them difficult, for which we are going to be stretching the body all the time. By stretching, we will be making flexibility, which will improve our flexibility in the long term, thus allowing us to use this improvement in other sports that have nothing to do with yoga. Practice yoga every day or at least three days a week and in a short time, you will notice how your flexibility begins to improve like never before.

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