How to Exercise If I Don’t Have Time

You have no excuse not to get some exercise. Take advantage of any moment of your daily work to get in shape. Not having time to exercise to get healthy is just an excuse. We want to help you if you are one of those people who consider how to do exercises if I don’t have time.

It’s just a matter of appealing to creativity and making a little effort, take time off television, get up earlier, and find a company to support you in the effort.

The comforts of our routine are often a great enemy to maintain good physical shape, such as the car, the elevator, they provide us with comfort but they take away the possibility of exercising naturally: walking, cycling and climbing stairs.

What do you need to exercise if I don’t have time?

  • walk a little more
  • Avoid elevators and use stairs
  • walking in the workplace

Instructions to exercise if I don’t have time

  1. Evaluate if you need a vehicle to cover the journey from home to your place of work. If you can do it on foot, or if you have a good combination of public transport and time, your health will thank you. Walking half an hour for 5 days a week will strengthen your legs and you will get a good moderate cardiovascular exercise.
  2. In the event that the journey you have to make is too long to do it by bicycle, choose to only do part of it on two wheels. For example, if you go by car, take your bicycle with you and park the vehicle a few kilometers before arriving at your work or study center to complete the rest of the way on the bike.
  3. Surely you have been told many times, but you excuse yourself because you are in a hurry or loaded or because you are lazy. A good start is an easy purpose to fulfill: take the elevator up, but always take the stairs down. Over time, he began to climb on foot on some routes, and so on progressively.
  4. When you are in the office working, you send an e-mail to your co-worker who is a few meters or a floor above or below, right? Either you send him a text message or you communicate with him on the phone. Get up from your chair and walk around to discuss it in person. With this habit you will not burn many calories, but it all adds up and at least you will change your posture for a few minutes, without forgetting that you will exercise your joints.
  5. A good option is to take a tarp or mat to work and during breaks, drink as much coffee as possible to spend 5 minutes doing light exercise, such as stretching. You can spread your mat somewhere like the bathroom or a space that you have intended for recreation.
  6. Sacrifice the time you spend watching TV to go out for at least half an hour to run. It is possible that the first few days you will have problems falling asleep because your body will not be used to this nocturnal activity, but after a week of exercising at this time the problems will have disappeared.

Tips for exercising if you don’t have time

  • Strengthen direct communication with the people close to you, avoiding the bad habit of text messages, emails, or phone calls.
  • Do not spend so much time sitting even if your work requires it, stand up, walk, and stretch your legs at least every hour.

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