How to Do Pilates to Lose Weight

Pilates is a sport that today has many followers thanks to the fact that it is a perfect activity to take care of our posture, recover flexibility and tone our muscles. There is a widespread belief, and totally false, that Pilates is a very gentle exercise that does not require any type of preparation. This is not true at all.

Pilates is a fairly intense exercise and as such it becomes a perfect ally when it comes to losing weight. If you are interested in doing Pilates to lose weight, you probably have several doubts about it. The first one is if you can really do Pilates to lose weight and the answer is yes. Since Pilates is a fairly hard physical exercise, as we have just indicated, with regular practice you will discover that you will not only lose weight but you will also tone up your entire body.

A tip that you should keep in mind when doing Pilates to lose weight is that you should contact a monitor who can help you. Of course you can do Pilates from home with the help of articles and videos, but a monitor can help you progress faster and more effectively. This progress will mean that you will lose weight more quickly because your exercises will be more effective and efficient. Here are some of the best ideas to do Pilates to lose weight.

What do you need to do Pilates to lose weight?

  • Comfortable clothes
  • to yoga mat

Instructions to do Pilates to lose weight

  1. Design a routine and stick to it. You must plan your training hours and never give them up. Social commitments often make us forget about our workouts. Doing this from time to time is not a problem but when we are not used to training if we start to forget our training we will end up leaving it. You must remember why you are doing it. No one enjoys training as it is hard and we all end up exhausted but the results are really worth it. Not only will you lose weight but you will improve your mental and emotional health.
  2. Remember to stretch. Thanks to them you will warm up all your muscles and prepare yourself for the effort you are going to make.
  3. Focus on the exercises you are doing and don’t cheat. It is more worthwhile to do fewer repetitions if they are of quality. The number of repetitions you do of certain exercises does not matter. If you do not do them correctly for effects it will have been like wasting time. From the time you start practicing this sport, you should perform few repetitions and as you gain resistance and strength, you will be able to increase the number of repetitions of each exercise.
  4. Don’t overwhelm yourself with complicated exercises. From the time you start practicing Pilates you will notice that there are many very complicated exercises that you will not be able to perform. You should not be overwhelmed or demotivated by them. As you continue practicing the sport you will discover that the figures are becoming easier for you and in a few months you will be able to face the most difficult ones. Trying to do them when you’re not at the right level will only set you up for frustration and injury.
  5. Remember to finish each practice by dedicating several minutes to the relaxation of your body. This brief period of rest will allow your body to adapt to rest and cool down properly. You can take advantage of these moments to meditate for a while and this is the perfect moment because your body is tired from exercising. Relax and take several deep breaths.
  6. Tips for doing Pilates to lose weight
  • As for footwear, you can do what you think is best. There are many people who prefer to train barefoot while others prefer to do it with sneakers. What you should look for at all times is comfort. Try training both ways and stick with the one you feels most comfortable with.
  • Remember to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It will do you no good to spend several hours a week doing Pilates if you don’t follow a healthy diet afterwards. If you are used to eating badly, it will surely be difficult for you to abandon your bad habits and decide to follow a good diet. You must learn to motivate yourself by thinking that you are investing in your health and fitness. Isn’t it worth giving up excess fats and sugars for your health

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