10 Very Effective Weight Loss Exercises

When we intend to lose weight, one of the important steps is diet but also exercise. At that point where we look for the most effective types of weight loss exercises. We have to bear in mind that diet is a fundamental part of the weight loss process, since if we do not eat in a balanced way, the type of exercise we do will not matter.
We must also remember that not all bodies are the same, so an exercise can be very effective for one person but harmful for another. For example, you can learn how to do Pilates to lose weight.

When we try to find our top 10 very effective exercises to lose weight, we have to take into account which is the parts of our body that we want to work on.
We know that exercise is essential for overall health, but when it comes to losing weight it becomes even more important. We can do both exercises in a gym or in a park as our own home. If we choose to do the exercises at home, we can always feel a little more comfortable and comfortable, but we will not have the vigilance that a gym monitor, for example, cannot provide.

How to find the 10 very effective weight loss exercises for our body

The most important thing for us is to set an objective, since once we are clear about what we want to achieve, we can find the way to achieve it. If we are starting a regular exercise routine, or if we already exercise but want to change or improve our exercises, there are important things we need to know before creating our new routine.
It is not only important to find that exercise that helps us lose weight very effectively, but also that we get the most out of it in the shortest possible time. We must remember that our body gets used to our diet and our exercises very quickly, so we must change our routine every two or three months to achieve greater changes.
We must also know what type of exercise we are going to do, because if it is intense we must feed our body before carrying it out because if we do not lose fat it will be like not having done any exercise.

What do you need

  • An exercise routine of any kind.
    • Comfortable clothes that allow us all kinds of movement that we want to do.
    • The type of footwear is also important, so it is advisable not to use the same one for all activities or exercises.
    • We always maintain I have treated with water or an isotonic drink.
    • Take with us or us in case we need something a caloric intake while we train.
    • A place to do our exercises.
    • Optionally we can accompanied by music that does not serve as extra motivation.


  1. Always perform lunges: This is the ideal place and works with many muscles at the same time; when we do this exercise we are working effectively on our weight loss since by starting our body with this exercise, we will burn a lot of calories. The ideal is to do series of repetitions days with each leg is to perform a total of 3 series. A simple movement: Place our hands on our hips and take a controlled step forward with one of our legs. We must keep the spine completely straight and begin to lower our body towards the front leg, placing all our weight on this leg, trying to form an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. The burgees have arrived: If there is an ideal exercise par excellence to lose weight and burn calories, it is the burgees; this exercise will make us feel how we burn calories from our fingers to our toes. We will achieve this by performing 12 repetitions each series until we perform 3. All we have to do is squat down, with our back straight, and then put our hands on the ground with our weight on them as if we were going to do a push-up. Then, we will have to return to the squat position with a small jump to, a few seconds later, jump explosively in the air and land again in a squat.
  3. The “explosive” lunges: When we perform a high-intensity training and we want to late in a fast and effective way, this exercise does not stop us from sweating a lot and burning the main calories of a food thing in a faster way; is exercise consists of starting with the feet together in the hands on the stairs, we must take a step forward with one of our legs, for example the right. Then we must bend, with all our weight on that leg, until reaching an angle of 90 degrees and jump up, changing legs in the air, so we must end up with the left leg in front and the right behind. We can perform series of this exercise but not counting the repetitions, but doing it for a minute of time.
  4. The famous squats: The best-known exercise in the world to lose weight, but it is also one of the worst performed. We are facing an exercise that allows us to burn calories in a simple way and with a uniform rhythm; we can perform a maximum of three sets with 15 repetitions each within our exercise routine. Doing a squat is easy; it consists of placing our feet at the height of our hips and the arms along our body. Next, we must keep our weight on our heels and begin to lower our legs, until they form a right angle, and raise our arms to shoulder height in front of our face, always keeping our back straight.
  5. Squats taken to another level: Untie our traditional squats and add a jump and a lunge, we will do the ideal exercise so that our heart rate increases, burning more calories than we imagine. In this exercise our abs, our legs and our buttocks will be included, so we will be able to burn fat from all these areas, while toning them. All we have to do is perform a sleeve squat and get up as if we were jumping but land as if we were going to start a lunge. This is an exercise that can be performed for two series, not with repetitions, but for a certain time, for example, 45 seconds per series.
  6. The exercise known as the mountain climber: whether you use resistance bands or not, this exercise is gaining popularity every second and is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. It consists very simple since we must look for a stable point, such as a sofa or some machine in a gym, place our legs as stirrups. The goal is to alternatively bring our knees up to our chest without allowing the toes of the bent leg to touch the ground. We can do this exercise for a minute and rest for 20 seconds, for 3 series in a row.
  7. Scissor jumps with dumbbells: We are used to performing basic exercises, but if we want them to be more effective we need difficulty. Jumping jacks are very simple, we can add the complexity of dumbbells, and thus we will make our weight loss process more effective. Start with the dumbbells up to your shoulders and your feet together, and eventually you’ll need to lift the weights up with your arms fully extended. At the same time you will have to jump and spread your legs outwards, continuing this effort for 20 seconds. The ideal is to perform 8 series of 20 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest between each one of them.
  8. Jumping rope: an activity that we can do for fun, it can help us on our way to losing weight, becoming one of the most effective exercises in our exercise routine. The challenge of jumping for a full minute, without stopping, may burn more calories than in our entire exercise routine. Check the length of your jump rope by holding it in your hands and making sure you can handle it without hurting yourself. Start with your feet together and holding the ends of the rope, remembering that your elbows should be level with your ribs. Performing 3 sets of duration of one minute is ideal to burn enough calories.
  9. Bodyweight exercises: These exercises are very important as they make our heart pump blood and our muscles activate. Keep our body active even when we are not exercising. We can start by doing burgees adding this scissors at the end instead of a simple jump. We can also do push-ups, for 3 sets of repetitions each, and even bend the knee and bring it closer to the opposite arm. In this way we will be able to strengthen our arms and legs while burning calories and toning our muscles.
  10. Exercising with stairs: Both going up and down stairs have been scientifically proven to be more effective than, for example, running. That is why a good exercise to lose weight that keeps us losing weight, is to do bottom while we go up or down stairs. It is a cardio exercise, so it offers us the same benefits as any cardiovascular exercise, so we will lose weight and strengthen our heart and lungs as well.


  • It takes only two weeks to lose motivation, so even if we are not very motivated, we should keep trying a little longer, even on holidays, since it only takes 21 days for it to become a habit.
    • We cannot work a certain point, that is, we cannot burn the fat in one area of ​​​​the body, for example the wrist, with a single exercise, it is best to accompany it with other exercises so that everything is in balance.
    • We must exercise in a controlled and sustained manner over time; in this way we will ensure that our immune system maintains a high performance.
    • Use music to help speed up your rhythm, that is, it has been proven that it helps us move and focus our energy on the exercises we are doing, so we will get more out of our workouts.
    • Perform shorter but more intense workouts; these will be more effective than long workouts.
    • Don’t forget stretching, before and after performing your exercise routines, to avoid injuries and prepare our muscles for exercise.
    • We burn more calories during the 23 hours that we are not exercising than during our routines, which is why we have to know how to make a balanced combination between all our exercises.
    • Search with the exercises increase your metabolic rate, so your metabolism will be active all the time and you will burn more calories throughout the day.
    • Remember that exercise also helps us in a beneficial way when it comes to getting rid of stress, depression, bad thoughts, etc. Therefore, exercising, even at a low level, should always be part of our daily lives.

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