How to Run For Beginners

There are thousands of running routines for beginners. If you are interested in starting to exercise in this exciting sport, this huge range of routines can confuse you a lot and get you lost among so many possibilities. This should not worry you as it is very normal. There are many different plans for running for beginners, but they all have some aspects in common that will be what we will detail throughout this article.

Before you start running, you should familiarize yourself a little with the sport. Running is an activity that is very fashionable since it can be done at any time, it does not require much specialized equipment and anyone can do it. Surely you have someone you know who is dedicated to running and the most common thing is that the first time you think about going for a run, you are probably not aware that it is a sport that requires a lot of preparation and that it is not something as simple as it may seem.

One of the main mistakes of beginners is not realizing these details. Many people are encouraged to go running and when after the first two days they see that they are not able to run more than five minutes in a row, they leave them unmotivated thinking that this sport is not made for them. This is a very common mistake that we must try to leave behind. When starting to run, these issues and many others that we present below must be taken into account. If you want to know how to run for beginners, pay close attention to the following instructions.

What do you need to run for beginners?

  • running shoes
  • comfortable sportswear

Running instructions for beginners

  1. Create a career plan. You must alternate training days and rest days. Never train two days in a row. This is a common mistake. Many people when they start training want to improve very quickly and believe that they can achieve it by multiplying their training. This approach is incorrect because if the body cannot recover from the effort of training, your physical abilities will not only not improve, but will decrease. For this reason you must strictly follow the rest plan.
  2. Intercalate periods of running with others of walking. From the time you start running you will notice that you get exhausted very quickly and you will barely be able to run for five minutes. It is something very normal so you should not worry. Everyone starts out the same way so you shouldn’t be ashamed. When you can’t run anymore, keep walking. You may want to stand up and even sit down to rest, but this won’t do you any good. Continue walking briskly until your heart rate returns to its normal rate. When you have recovered, run again. With the passage of time and training you will discover that each time you last longer in continuous running.
  3. Your first workouts should last between twenty and thirty minutes(interspersed with periods of walking and running). Do not increase the training time until you have more resistance.
  4. Don’t compete. Competing with other runners won’t do you any good just frustrating you. Running should be an activity and a sport that you practice to feel good about yourself. Taking part in fun runs can be a very powerful motivation for beginning runners. It is positive that you are encouraged to participate in races of this type, but you must do it with the aim of enjoying the experience and sharing it with other people who like to run. You should never do it to compete or compete with other runners.
  5. Intersperse your running workouts with strength workouts. By working on strength exercises you will get your muscles to have more power and more resistance which will help you improve a lot in your race. Ideally, the days you don’t go running you do some work of this type?
  6. Once you master the race you can learn to run faster without getting tired to improve your times

Running tips for beginners

  • You should try to stay motivated constantly. Beginnings are always tough and starting to run is no exception. At first you will notice that your progress is very slow, but over time your perseverance will reveal the benefits you will be achieving: your lung capacity and your physical resistance will increase dramatically and you will also gain in emotional and mental health.

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