How to Play Beach Volleyball

It is common to see a net, volleyball and two teams practicing this entertaining sport on the sand and under the sun on the beaches. Beach volleyball is a variant of volleyball but played on a sandy surface, usually on the beach. It is not only practiced as entertainment on the beach but it is done professionally, there is the International Volleyball Federation and it has also been an Olympic game since 1996. When the weather is good, it is a very pleasant sport to practice on any beach. We will teach you how to play beach volleyball.

What do you need to play beach volleyball?

  • 4 or 6 people
  • to volley ball
  • Tapes of soft and flexible material to mark the limits of the field
  • Net and side rods to fix it to the ground

Instructions for playing beach volleyball

  1. In beach volleyball, two teams face each other. The number of members of each team can be any, but the usual thing is two people against two other
  2. It is played outdoors on a rectangular field whose surface is sandy, usually a beach. In the central zone of the field there is a net. The dimensions of the field and the height of the net can be random when we practice it on our own. Officially it is played in a rectangle 9 meters wide by 18 long, the height of the net is 2.24 meters for girls and 2.43 meters for boys.
  3. Beach volleyball scoring and hitting are a lot like volleyball. In this case, the team that reaches 2 sets wins the match, and the set is won by the team that reaches 21 points with at least 2 points difference with respect to the opponent. If at 21 points the difference is less than 2 points, the set is prolonged until one of the teams reaches 2 points difference with respect to the other.
  4. It begins with a serve from the back of the court. To score, the ball must cross the net and touch the floor of the track that corresponds to the other team. The opposing team must prevent the service ball from touching their court. Here we take the opportunity to explain the types of ball touch there are.
  5. There are 4 types of shots in this game: serve, receive, set and spike. The reception is the way the opposing team has to stop the serve. It can be received in many ways, but the usual thing is to put both hands together and give the ball a light upward touch. This will facilitate the next touch, which is the placement, and the other partner takes care of it since no player can give 2 touches in a row.
  6. The setting consists of placing both hands close and open and hitting the ball with both from below and making it rise above the height of the net so that the partner makes the next hit, the shot trying to score a point in his favor.
  7. Knowing the types of shots and the rules of the game, we can say that the rest is practice, testing the strength and power of our serve, the power of the shot and the ability to hit the ball accurately. That is why we invite you to take advantage of the hottest days and enjoy this entertaining beach sport.

Tips for playing beach volleyball

  • The tapes that limit the field must be of a color that contrasts with the color of the sand.
  • Every so often you have to clean the belts that are usually covered with sand due to movement and air.

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