Waist Exercises – How To Do Waist Exercises

Following a regular workout routine every week that includes waist exercises is important, especially for those girls who want to show off a well-toned body. When summer approaches, every woman wants to wear a bikini with a perfectly sculpted body and no belly.

What are waist exercises?

Waist exercises are all those that include the training of the entire front, anterior and lateral abdominal part, as well as the upper muscles of the legs such as the gluteus. In fact, training the waist practically involves training the entire body. The arms and legs are the secondary body part that also benefits.

The importance of training the middle part of our body is vital. It also includes core exercises that will help us in our day to day. More complex exercises like deadlifts or squats require the abdominals to balance the body. If we do not have this part worked, we can suffer back problems.

However, everyday activities like carrying a shopping bag will also require a strong core. In fact, we will achieve a healthier and healthier life in our day to day.

What are the benefits of performing waist exercises?

The benefits that we will achieve by performing waist exercises are multiple and varied. Some of the most important to highlight are the following:

  • Core strong and strengthened and a greater balance of our body.
  • Being able to perform complex fitness exercises without our back giving way.
  • It allows you to exercise and lead to a healthy life.
  • It includes all the muscles of the body. It is a way to perform a simple functional training.
  • It acts as a defense mechanism and helps prevent injuries.
  • It increases the self-esteem of girls by having a more sculpted waist and body.

Recommendations when performing waist exercises

  1. Training the waist requires following the protocol of any type of routine. However, it is highly recommended to warm up the area to be worked on before starting the exercises. It will prevent injuries and improve performance.
  2. A daily cardiovascular warm-up of 45 minutes, based on running on the treadmill, spinning activities or the elliptical, will eliminate fat and at the same time activate your entire metabolism.
  3. As in any type of exercise, execution is key to preventing injuries and achieving the expected results.
  4. It is better to do it slowly and make sure the movement is correct, not fast and more explosive. In toning it is not necessary to run.
  5. Diet is just as or even more important than routine. Eat in a variety of ways and avoid excesses. A routine based on protein and accompanied by some carbohydrates will be the perfect accompaniment to achieve that desired body.

The necessary routine to show off the best waist

To achieve these goals and follow these recommendations, it is essential to adopt the right lifestyle. Wearing that 10 waist will require, in most cases, losing a few kilos and reaching our ideal weight. Obviously, each person is a world. Nobody has the same metabolism and, therefore, it is necessary to carry out some tests to discover what our body needs.

However, at the diuretic level, it is essential to distribute meals in small quantities, not to eat less often and in greater quantity. Breakfast is the most important moment of the day. It will give us the necessary gasoline to have strength throughout the day. A fruit juice, a yogurt and a toast of integral bread will be the best of the options. Eliminate everything related to lean meats, sweets and increase your consumption of vegetables, omega 3, fiber and infusions. Food is crucial, but so is hydration. You should drink a minimum of two liters a day, so carry a small bottle of water with you at all times.

Also, you will need to be much more active. Every day there should be physical exercise. Sometimes, it shouldn’t be proper. Analyze your day to day and reorganize it. If you go to your work by car or public transport and you can walk, change it. It is important to adopt a more active and less sedentary lifestyle. Control the time you spend sitting at your computer or on the couch watching TV. Moving a little every hour will help a lot.

Finally, remember that consistency is the key to success. It is useless to change your lifestyle, if you are going to change again in excesses after a month. For this reason, sometimes, experts recommend joining people close to you to make it more bearable.

How to perform waist exercises

Waist exercises will be based on sit -ups, push-ups, stretches and slow movements. A good way to start warming up your core is with leg lifts. Assuming a push-up position with your arms touching the ground, raise your hips with your leg at a right angle, and hold for twenty seconds. When time passes, repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Hip raises will also help activate your entire body. Flexing your legs, raise your abdomen as much as you can and hold this position for twenty seconds.

Once you have finished this type of exercise, you should also work the entire lateral part. You can do it by circular elevations. Stretched laterally, raise one leg and hold for twenty seconds. Once the time has passed, do the same with the other leg. Another complementary exercise is the elevations of hips. With your body at a 45-degree angle and one hand on the floor for support, use your hips to lift, hold for a few seconds, and repeat for 45 seconds before switching to the other side.

From here, you can combine leg exercises with oblique crunches. Perform squats adapted to your moment of form. You can do it with just your body or add more effort with a medicine ball or weighted barbell. It’s a good litmus test to test your core. If you combine it with oblique abdominal exercises rotating the waist with a medicine ball, or a few kilos weight, you will take a good step to get that waist you want so much.

In order to strengthen your lower abdominals, we propose two types of exercises with the legs. In both cases, the starting position is to fully stretch. From here, raising the legs in a completely straight position, we will perform two types of movement. The first consists of making force with the abdominals to perform a kick and get closer to the ceiling. In the other, we will simply move our legs from side to side.

Other types of complementary exercises will be based on flexion and flexibility. One exercise, popularly known as superman, consists of lying face down and stretching your legs and arms as if you were the superhero. Finally, simple stretches like trying to touch the balls of your feet will also help us create that waistline that we so much desire.

The 6 exercises that should be in any waist routine

Among thousands of exercises, we propose a routine of six to train your waist and achieve your goals. They are the ones that should be in any personalized training plan for all types of people. The waist is one of the parts of the body that tends to accumulate more fat, so it is important to monitor it regularly.

  1. The first exercise consists of a stretch. Stretching one leg and bending the other, the objective is to try to touch one arm diagonally with the toe that we have stretched out, doing 15 or 20 repetitions.
  2. The abdomen is one of the keys to shaping the waist and, incidentally, achieving flat abs. Crunch exercises, with the hands on the head and extending and contracting the abdomen are very important. It will be necessary to perform 3 sets of between 15 and 20 repetitions.
  3. Continuing with the abdominals, the leg lift is another fundamental exercise. Stretched, we will raise our legs and return to the initial position without touching the ground or holding for 30 seconds in a total of 3 series.
  4. The plank exercise will be another great compliment. Keeping the balance with the elbows and the balls of the feet, we will simply maintain the balance for a minimum of one minute with three sets.
  5. To work the lateral area of ​​​​the waist, we will stretch in a lateral position supporting the body with one arm and one leg and we will raise the other side. Once finished, we will repeat the other exercise changing the side.
  6. To finish the routine, we will stretch upside down and perform the exercise explained above and known as superman. We will try to raise the trunk and arms, at the same time as the legs. We will perform a minimum of 12 repetitions in 3 sets.

Performing these exercises regularly and maintaining a correct diet, from the first month of training you will begin to see the first results. Waist exercises are essential to be able to show off a good body in summer. Start planning your training early.

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