How to Do Yoga At Home

When we say yoga we are referring to a discipline in which we resort to movement and concentration techniques that unite our mind with our body to reach a state of relaxation.

Some use yoga as an almost religious doctrine, but nowadays with the expansion of this practice; it tends to be done more as an exercise to relax the body and mind.

Starting to do yoga at home helps us in many ways, we can stretch all our vertebrae thanks to its movements, relax all our muscles, massage all our organs, so doing yoga at home helps us to have a better physical condition and health. Optimal.

Doing yoga helps us avoid atrophy in our body and relax completely, maintaining a better cardiopulmonary rhythm, good muscle condition, elasticity, better intestinal transit, reduce problems such as dysmenorrhea and have more fluid and relaxed menstruations, reduce pain during childbirth, detoxify, reduce stress levels and many more benefits.

If you have decided to start doing yoga at home, all you need is perseverance, discipline, and enthusiasm to be part of this practice.

Check out these instructions so you understand how to do yoga at home. It’s time to start doing yoga at home.

What do you need to do yoga at home?

  • Use a mat to exercise

Instructions for doing yoga at home

  1. Start by understanding the basic principles of yoga. To do yoga at home, all you need is to concentrate on it. The main of this practice is emotional tranquility basis; you cannot do yoga well if you spend your time thinking about other problems or situations in your life, relax and dedicate yourself to practicing yoga.
  2. You will need comfortable clothes, sports pants, leggings, lira, or boxers will be enough to do yoga. The important thing is that your clothes are comfortable and you can move with them without any problem.
  3. You can accompany your yoga sessions with music or relaxing sounds such as birds or running water, for this you only have to use your computer, or practice in your garden or in a room where you can open the windows so that the birds can be heard.
  4. Choose the type of yoga you are going to practice. There are several types of yoga; some styles are dedicated to mental relaxation, meditation, too, yoga as physical therapy for muscle relaxation and to acquire elasticity.
  5. The place where we go to do yoga should be a quiet place, preferably where there are no noises such as traffic, television programs, or discussions, since these could put you in tension.
  6. Think about how many yoga sessions you are going to do per week. To achieve optimal results, the ideal is to do at least 4 sessions per week, but you can do yoga every day. The only important thing is to have at least one free hour a day to dedicate to this and thus obtain results.
  7. Even though yoga doesn’t actually burn a lot of calories, it’s important to stay hydrated at all times. Doing any kind of exercise while our body is dehydrated will tire us out and make us feel sick?

What do you need to do yoga at home?

  • Use a mat to exercise

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