Relaxation Exercises – How To Do Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises not only work for us so that we can release tension from each of our muscles, but they are also a great help in being able to maintain control when we are stressed. If we are constant when performing each of these exercises, we can take advantage of the skills achieved to reduce many typical symptoms of anxiety and achieving excellent benefits.

Among the benefits of performing relaxation exercises we can mention the possibility that it offers us to slow down the heart rate, reduce blood pressure, with them we can also control the way we breathe, and cause the blood flow in the major muscles is increased.

In addition, it is of great help in relieving chronic pain, it can elevate our mood and greatly improve our ability to concentrate. It should not be forgotten that practicing this kind of exercise reduces fatigue and also gives us the ability to increase our confidence in order to have better control of problems.

Although we already know what relaxation is about and also about each of the benefits that it can offer us both physically and mentally, it is important that we also have the knowledge about the types of relaxation exercises that we can do.

First we have relaxation that is autogenously, with this we refer to everything that comes from within us. In general, what is recommended is that we can use images that we can see and that at the same time we can be aware of our body in such a way that we can reduce stress.

Then we have muscular relaxation, which is progressive, and lastly, what visualization is, this is a relaxation technique where we have to try to form images in the mind to, in a certain way, carry out what is a visual journey to a state of peace. with which we can remain calm in any situation. If you want to learn how to train exercises focused on relaxation at home, keep reading this post.

What do you need for Relaxation Exercises – Do Relaxation Exercises?

  • Wear comfortable clothing for better movement
  • Have knowledge of breathing techniques
  • Find a position in which we can be comfortable to do the exercises
  • We must be in a place with a lot of silence

Relaxation Exercise Instructions – Do Relaxation Exercises

  1. The first thing we have to do is be in a position where we can feel comfortable and in this way we have to loosen our body, while breathing deeply and quite deeply.
  2. Now we begin to work the muscles of the hands and forearms, for this we have to clench our fists simultaneously, in this way we can realize that we feel tension in these parts of the body. We have to concentrate on each of the things we feel at that moment for at least 5 or 7 seconds. Once that time has passed, we release our hands in such a way that the tension we have in those muscles can be released, and we concentrate on each of the sensations that occur at that moment (they are called distension) for about 20 seconds. In this way we can realize the difference that exists between each of the states.
  3. Then we relax the muscles of the biceps. For this we have to bend the elbows and make a little tension in the biceps for at least 5 or 7 seconds. Once this is done, we go on to loosen the biceps and stretch the arms. Then we concentrate on the feeling of relaxation for at least 20 or 30 seconds.
  4. To relax the triceps muscles, we have to stretch both arms forward so that they can be in a position parallel to each other and also with reference to the floor, then we have to put tension on what is the back of our arms. Then we have to loosen up and return our arms to the starting position. We have to notice the difference between sensations.
  5. We turn to the muscles of the shoulders. To do this we have to raise our shoulders up so that it seems that we want to touch our ears. We maintain a little tension and concentrate on each of the sensations of all these areas. Then we have to let go of the shoulders.
  6. Now we move on to relaxing the muscles that make up the neck. To do this, we proceed to tilt our heads forward in such a way that it seems that we want to touch our chest with our chin, but we have to do it slowly. When doing this we should feel the tension in our neck. Then we have to slowly return to the initial position where we are at rest and concentrate on relaxation.
  7. Then we go on to push with what is the back of our head and not with the area of ​​the neck, which is the support where we are supported. At this moment is where we have to focus on the tension that occurs in what is the front of our neck and then we release all the tension in order to loosen up.
  8. To relax the muscles of our forehead, we proceed to raise the eyebrows until we observe that some wrinkles appear on our forehead, at this moment we will notice the tension that occurs and then we release them.
  9. To relax the eye muscles, we have to squeeze our eyes quite hard causing our eyes to crinkle, this is when we must be aware of the tension that occurs and then we release this tension.
  10. Now we move on to relaxing the muscles of our cheeks and lips. This happens; we smile a little without our teeth being seen. In doing that we must focus on the tension that occurs in each of those muscles and then release the tension.
  11. Once the previous step is done, we take the opportunity to relax the jaw muscles. To do this we have to open our mouth slowly until we can reach the maximum. By keeping the mouth open we must concentrate on the tension that occurs and after this we move on to sawing it to be able to notice the difference.
  12. To relax our back and chest muscles, we have to form an arch with our torso, so that our chest can come out to the front while our shoulders and elbows are back. Then we have to join the shoulder blades and in this position we maintain the tension. Then we have to let go and return to the position we had at the beginning.
  13. Now we need to move on to the muscles that make up the abs. Here we have to position ourselves in such a way that we can keep our abdomen in, focus on the tension that occurs at that moment and then let go.
  14. Now we have to position ourselves in such a way that we can get our abdomen out, we concentrate on the tension of said position and then we release.
  15. To stretch the muscles of the thighs, we have to contract them simultaneously, we stay focused for a moment on the tension of this movement and then we release to be able to release it.
  16. Now we have to relax the calf muscles. To do this, we have to point our feet towards our head, until we can concentrate on the tension that occurs in each of these muscles and then we go on to release in order to release the tension caused by the exercise.
  17. Finally, we move on to performing exercises in order to have a relaxation of all the muscles that make up our feet. In order to do this, we have to place our feet towards the bottom in such a way that we can make the internal of forming a straight line with our legs. We make some tension with our feet for a few seconds only and let go to release it.

Tips for Relaxation Exercises – Do Relaxation Exercises

  • These are exercises that we should practice at least a couple of times a day for approximately 15 or 20 minutes.
  • They are exercises that we have to do for at least a week or two before we can start with any other routine.
  • We have to keep a record of each of these exercises; therefore we have to write down the results that we have obtained with each of these exercises.
  • We have to know the difference between what is the time of tension and the time in which we have to remain completely relaxed.
  • The tension that occurs in each of the exercises has to last for an approximate time of at least 5 or 7 seconds.
  • We must also remember that the relaxation time can be approximately 20 or 30 seconds.
  • It is important to remember that we must be very careful when we work the muscles of the neck and also those of the back, since if we tense them too much it can cause us to have pain.

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