How to Play Paddle

Paddle tennis is a racket sport with characteristics similar to tennis, which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.

Paddle was formerly reserved for the upper classes, being the traditional sport of the rich and famous, but due to the rise of its popularity, it is increasingly practiced by ordinary people.

Playing paddle well requires years of practice and improvement, but it is possible to improve your game if you know well how to play paddle and if you know some of these tricks that I am going to teach you.

What do you need to play paddle tennis?

  • A paddle tennis racket
  • a paddle ball
  • a game couple
  • a place to play
  • Appropriate clothing to play, such as paddle tennis shoes.
  • Internet connection

Instructions to play paddle

  1. Differences with tennis:
    Many people believe that if they know how to play tennis correctly, the same can happen with paddle tennis, although it is true that they are similar sports in many things, there are differences that are key. The first is the racket, the paddle tennis racket is made of a heavier material than the tennis racket and is completely hard, being covered by holes in the center of it, the second is the track, in paddle tennis it is somewhat smaller which makes it a more explosive sport, the third is the ball, the paddle ball is made of rubber and therefore So you have to make it stronger. The fourth is the serves, the serves must be made by previously bouncing the ball before hitting, which means that the ball does not go as high as in tennis, the fifth is that paddle tennis is a sport exclusively for doubles, so it is a team sport and lastly in paddle tennis you can use the wall as an element of the game, there being rebounds so it is necessary to have faster reflexes than in tennis.
  2. Choose your partner:
    The partner is crucial in paddle tennis, since being mandatory; we will always have to choose a good partner to ensure victory. My advice is that you choose a person with whom you understand each other well only with small gestures and looks and a person who makes up for your defects and you make up for theirs, that’s why there is the classic example of playing paddle tennis with your partner, since you know each other well and usually one has qualities that the other lacks as opposite poles attract.
  3. Advice during the game:
    When making the serve you must concentrate on doing it well, since if you fail it twice your rivals will be awarded a point, secondly, coordinate with your partner and do not get in the way of each other, the third is don’t be afraid to play aggressive but don’t try impossible shots either because it increases the risk of missing them, fourth use the wall as much as you can since the good use of the rebound will make you succeed in paddle. Finally, always try to maintain the position by recovering it when you return a blow so that the entire court is covered and the chances of losing the point are minimized.
  4. Point system:
    Points are equal to tennis, so you will all know it but just in case I will remember it. In paddle tennis you win in sets, a set is 6 points and a point is achieved by winning a break point. Each time we manage to score, it will be added in a different way, first 15, then 30 and then 40, if we are at 40 and we score, we will win a point, if instead we reach a tie at 40, there will be a tie that to break you must score twice in a row, in the first getting an advantage and in the second getting the point, if you lose having an advantage it will return to a tie. If we get 6 points we win a set, but if the match goes 5 to 5 in points, we will have to get 7 points to win the set, the number of sets needed to win is variable, if you win two consecutive sets you will win,

Tips for playing paddle tennis

  • Practice and improvement: Visit pages such as the paddle forum or paddle challenges to browse tips from professionals on how to play this beautiful sport, you can also find tournaments and meatus to play paddle tennis as well as colleagues. Try to practice often and watch out for injuries.

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