Leg Exercises – How To Do Leg Exercises

Like all people who start in the world of training, they will already be aware that there are some parts of the body that tend to be more difficult to tone or strengthen, such as the abdomen area. But of course this does not happen in the case of the legs. We teach you how to train your legs.

The vast majority of women usually accumulate fat in the areas of the lower part of the body and it is for this reason that it is very necessary to do exercises in order to keep each of these areas in shape and healthy. Eleven tons

In order to solve this, we can find a large number of exercises, especially for the legs and buttocks, which will be of great benefit to be able to eliminate all that amount of excess fat, the only thing that we have to highlight and that does not stop important, is the fact of being consistent with each of these exercises.

There are people who have ever crossed their minds if there is a possibility of having toned legs running. The answer to this is a big Yes, and of course we can go into more detail to explain it.

There is a high-intensity aerobics exercise known as running, which has effects on our body such as increasing our heart rate and breathing. It turns out that running is the ideal exercise to lose all those extra pounds that tend to bother us a bit and the most important thing is that we give our body the benefit of staying in shape.

When people run for more than 20 minutes, they will find themselves focused on endurance, but it is also an indication that they are working the muscle groups that make up the legs, which are the quadriceps, calves, gluts and muscles. Hamstrings

If we want to take into our own hands the decision to accelerate toning a little and not simply concentrate on the exercise that we have mentioned above, we can take the alternative of strengthening and toning the legs through training with specialized exercises for each of the muscles.

To do this, in gyms we can find machines or we can also look for exercise routines that will be very helpful. But of course, we must bear in mind that in order to have excellent results with each of these exercises, you have to be quite patient, since having toned legs is not something that is achieved simply overnight.

If you already have all the knowledge you need and you are completely determined to face this challenge that will bring a lot of benefits to your health, for today we bring you a special routine that you can do from the comfort and tranquility of your home.

What do you need for Leg Exercises – Do Leg Exercises?

  • A low stool.
  • Comfortable or sports clothing.
  • special leg press (for people who have it at home).

Leg Exercise Instructions – Doing Leg Exercises

  1. With the stool, we have to get on it by supporting it with the leg raised, keeping our torso completely straight, at the same time that we raise the other knee until we can reach the height of our waist and while we do this we have to move our arms.
  2. To do a lunge, we have to take a fairly steep step forward, while keeping our torso completely straight without the knee of the leading leg having to go through what is the thrust limit. That performs the tip of the foot, so that later you can return to the position you had at the beginning.
  3. To make a lunge that is throwing backwards, we have to take a fairly steep step towards the back, at the same time that we keep our torso in a straight posture as in previous exercises, without the fact that the knee that of the leg that we have kept without movement, has to pass the limit of the thrust that the type of the foot makes.
  4. In the case of walking, we have to do continuous strides, while at the same time we keep going forward.
  5. To do the plyometric bench exercise, we have to get on with the support of the leg being high, while keeping the torso in a completely straight posture, with which we can have energy so that we can do jumps, so that we change the leg that makes the support force.
  6. For the ankle rebound exercises, we have to stretch the body as much as we can, while we do that we have to jump only propelling ourselves with the ankles, to be able to do this, we have to flex the ankles while staying in the air, to that in this way we can extend them with energy at the moment of being able to touch the ground and then start again with the rebound.
  7. To perform the jumping pack exercises, we have to do jumps while simultaneously moving our arms and legs away, while keeping them extended.
  8. Press for the legs in the case of wanting to exercise the quadriceps. The first thing we have to do is start seated while keeping our legs completely bent, after this we have to remove the locks that the press has, so that in this way we can make the push force with the legs, to move the press upwards without having to fully extend them, after this we have to lower them slowly so that we can have a large number of fibers.
  9. And last but not least, we have to do squats, for this we stand up, spread our legs a little, and bend our knees to go down while we extend our arms forward with the back remaining and then go up to the starting position.
  10. Exercise for the calves, to be able to do them we have to stand up, we fully extend the ankles, which in other words, is that we have to raise and lower the heels, while we have the toes touching the ground.

Leg Exercise Tips – Doing Leg Exercises

  • We have to remember that each of these exercises requires a lot of patience so that we can have excellent results.
  • It is important to point out that they are exercises with a medium difficulty.
  • The most recommended thing for people who dare to meet the challenge of fulfilling this great routine to tone their legs is that they have to do the complete series at least twice a week.
  • Do not forget that before doing any exercise routine, you must first stretch your muscles, especially those that are used very frequently in training, which in this case are the legs.
  • Another point that is important to highlight is that the duration that this routine must have is at least 8 minutes.
  • The use of the press, especially for the legs, is only for people who have the possibility of having one in their home.

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