How to Play Sports without Spending Money

Many have in mind the idea that to eat healthy or exercise, you need to invest large amounts of money, this is not the case.

You can do sports at home without spending a lot of money on food, supplements or buying expensive training equipment. It is not even necessary to spend to go to a gym to get in shape or take care of your health.

As long as you know what exercises your body requires and how to do them, you only need to have a suitable place to exercise and you can do sports without spending money.

It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to keep your body healthy, you just have to look for economic alternatives to what we see daily as necessary elements to train and replace them with others that are easily accessible but that in the end give us the same utility.

It is easier to play sports without spending money if we have a place to train; this can be in the comfort of our home or somewhere else outside the home.

The patio is a good place to exercise, but for this we must know other basic notions of training at home.

Follow these instructions and learn with us how to play sports without spending money and with good results.

What do you need to play sports without spending money?

  • Toilet
  • sportswear

Instructions to do sports without spending money

  1. You can do sports without spending money if you do it outdoors. Going for a run is an excellent way to do sports and exercise without spending money, you can even do sports in the free training sites that exist in amusement parks. These have enough equipment to exercise such as special chairs for abdominals, gymnastic bars and racks, basketball courts, and much more. The fresh air will do your body good, oxygenating you and filling you with energy for your day.
  2. You just have to take care to bring some equipment necessary to exercise such as sportswear, tennis shoes, a jacket to protect yourself from the cold after finishing training, a bottle of simple and clean water to drink, and if possible some instrument such as a ball, a blanket or mat to do exercises such as push-ups, Pilates or yoga, a girdle and dumbbells, in case you want to lift weights.
  3. It is also important to find the right place and time to exercise, because many people go to parks to exercise, as their popularity has grown a lot, it is recommended that you find a time of day to go exercise without there being many people, because if there are many people it will be difficult to have the opportunity to use the training equipment in the park to complete your routine correctly. For this reason, exercising in the park during the early hours or during “peak hours” would be good for you, since at these times the parks are usually empty or there are very few people.
  4. If you don’t have these basics, you can find substitutes at home. Instead of lifting dumbbells, use bottles filled with water or sand as weights, you can wear loose pants as pajamas, this type of clothing is comfortable to exercise, look for a t-shirt or shirt in your closet a little fitted to exercise comfortably. All the clothes you wear should be made of flexible fabric and an absorbent material that does not retain sweat, because if the fabric is like that, you will feel overheated from exercise and sweating.
  5. You can also find a place at home and determine it to play sports. You just need to vacate some room or a portion of it to be able to do your exercises there. If you plan to do cardio, push-ups and stretches, you will only need the space and keep the floor clean to exercise on it. Also, complement the place with a mat or towels that you have nearby to do the exercises on the ground, so you will not hurt your joints during your training.
  6. These types of activities at home are perfect for those minors who must exercise but do not have the opportunity to leave the house, or for those who prefer to do their activities in private.
  7. It’s even good if you use the patio as a place to exercise. If your patio has adequate soil, either grass or concrete, you can exercise there without any problem, you just need the space you are going to use to be well organized and you have the necessary instruments to exercise there.
  8. Join the free walks and marathons that are organized in the towns near you or where you live, so you will exercise for free by running accompanied by other people in the competition.
  9. Try to do several activities a day and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Try to look for movement, that is, if you can get up for something instead of asking for it to be brought to you, it is better. Also give preference to walking on the street instead of using the car, or in your case, use the bicycle instead of cars or public transport.
  10. Save yourself the money of hiring a trainer and instead watch videos of trainers on YouTube, there are many and very varied in terms of the types of exercises they teach, some teach dance, Pilates, cardio, resistance exercise, and others are very mixed. Find the exercise channels on YouTube that are closest to your needs and perform the exercises in the videos. You can even do this in the comfort of your home in the living room or bedroom and follow along with the video exercises as you watch.
  11. It is also a good idea to play sports without spending money, that you accept invitations from friends or acquaintances to do sports activities as a team.

Tips for doing sports without spending money

  • You can read articles on the internet about how to do sports at home or different types of exercise that can help you.
  • Food and hydration are very important, even when you exercise at home, always take care to eat the nutrients your body needs in a healthy way and stay hydrated, as well as follow a schedule to eat.
  • It is not recommended to do push-ups in bed, this is better if you do it on the floor because that way your back will stay aligned correctly. What yes, is that you should always have a mat or towel under your back to avoid injuries when training?
  • Exercising in the street is more recommended during the early morning, because at this time the pollution in the air is lower and the body is better oxygenated.

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