Exercises for Flabby Arms

Flabby arms are a symptom of several things in our body, including lack of strength, lack of training, and excess body fat in the arm area.

When we have flabby arms, it looks quite bad if we are without clothes, since it gives quite a bad image to take off the shirt if you have a flabby arm, especially if you are a man, since it is normal for a man to have muscle mass in the arm.

On the other hand, having muscular arms makes you have a very good aesthetic, allowing you to proudly wear tank tops and be able to take the shirt off without any embarrassment.

A good reason to perform exercises to avoid flabby arms is that it is not only for aesthetics, but also for strength, since toned and large arms will always equal stronger arms, which is what we all want, whether you are man as if you are a woman.

The exercises that I am going to propose are simple to perform, they are quite effective and I have focused on offering you what is important and what works, removing superfluous exercises such as exercises with pulleys and things that is useless.

What do you need

  • One Chantal.
  • Some weights or being able to go to the gym.
  • Enough basic strength to be able to do push-ups.
  • Enough basic strength to be able to do pull-ups.
  • Willpower and desire to work hard.


  1. French press:
    The arm is divided into three parts, biceps, triceps and forearm. People only focus on the biceps, not realizing that the triceps is the largest part of the arm and should be worked on as well. Forget the triceps pulleys and switch to the French press, to do it take a Z bar (the one that is half curved), lie on a bench and raise the bar as if you were going to do a bench press. Now you must move your forearms towards your head, in such a way that the triceps is fully stretched and go down to the head without moving the triceps until the movement is complete.
  2. Dominated-ups: Pull-ups
    are not only a good exercise for your back, but they are also very good for both your biceps and forearms. What you have to do is hanging from a bar, and then go up to the top and down to the bottom, without helping yourself with your legs and lowering yourself completely. You will see how by doing this exercise the flaccidity of the arm disappears.
  3. Bicep curls:
    You could not miss the favorite biceps exercise in the gym, that is, the Z-bar biceps curl. We are going to perform the biceps curl by taking the Z-bar while standing and going up, without arching the back and without move your elbow too much. This exercise is good for the biceps and forearm, as long as you do the right technique and don’t put too much weight on too soon.
  4. Deadlift:
    The deadlift is one of the best exercises of all exercises for the gym, as it works for the leg, it works for the back, works for the trapezius and of course it works for the forearm. Do the deadlift at low repetitions, with a lot of weight, but with a correct technique, that is, without arching your back, going up in a controlled way and using the gluteus to go up correctly.
  5. Arm push-ups:
    I have included this exercise for people who do not have money to go to the gym and want to somehow do arms and cannot do the French press. If you do pull-ups you will strengthen the biceps and forearm and with push-ups you will strengthen the triceps. These push-ups that I am going to send you are a bit special, since I am going to ask you to bring your arms together a little more than normal, since the closer together the arms are in the push-ups, the more you will pull the triceps and the less you will to use the chest and shoulder. (We recommend this article:How to Slim Your Shoulders)
    Do three sets of this exercise to muscle failure a couple of times a week and you will see how your arm improves (if you also do pull-ups obviously).


  • Also do the diet: People at my gym say that muscle is built in the kitchen, not in the gym. What they mean is that if you want to be really well, you should keep in mind that you should also control your diet, because if you don’t control your diet properly, you will gain fat, which will mean that no matter how much you train, you will have the flaccid arms and that you do not have the expected results, since the fat is on top of the muscle mass that you have created. Avoid foods such as refined sugar, Tran’s fats and alcohol, as they do not contribute anything.

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