How to combine long or Short Lines with Kite surfing

We want to explain to you how to combine long or short lines with kite surfing. Kite surfing is a sport in which we try to surf helped by the force of the wind. It is a sport that requires a lot of personal effort, good physical condition and the help of the wind that plays in our favor. The combination of long and short lines is intended to take advantage of the strength and direction of the wind to direct and make our kite take us as we expect. Combining the short long lines of our kite we will be modifying the position of the comment and with it the movement of the kite on the water.

In a kit set team the lines are fiber ropes, very resistant and elastic at the same time, which allow increasing or decreasing the power and speed on the board. By combining them the kite can get more out of it depending on the wind conditions.

What do you need to combine long or short lines with kite surfing?

  • Kite surf equipment (harness, boom, kite or kite, board)
  • Helmet, vest, wetsuit

Instructions to combine long or short lines with kite surfing

  1. One of the things you should know when you start practicing this sport is that the length of the lines is what determines the wind window that is defined between you and the kite, by varying these distances the wind window will vary and this will be will do as needed. Normally there are 2 or 4 lines.
  2. These lines have different measures that vary between 5 and 10 meters for those who are learning and can reach up to 40 meters for those very experienced pilots. The length of the lines allows you to increase or decrease the power and speed on the board.
  3. It not only depends on how experienced the pilot is to combine short or long lines but it also depends on the wind conditions. For days of strong wind it is advisable to use short lines, less than 20 meters, between 15 and 20m because they will allow better handling of the kite.
  4. If what you want to do is simply a walk with lines between 20 and 25 meters long, they will allow you to react in time to any movement. On the other hand, with longer lines, the kite will have more travel and this will make it take more speed. If you do not have experience in Kite surfing, using very long lines can be very risky. Remember that speed can generate very high jumps and complicate the control of your kite and make this exciting sport dangerous.
  5. There is a standard measure of the bar that is approximately 24 meters of line, then meters of line can be added to gain power or we can remove meters to subtract power.
  6. How much and for what meters are added or removed? If what we want is to gain power, they add 6m, 15m or up to 20m of line, for example for the Kite surf Race, where the participants are interested in maximizing their kite to achieve the highest speed. But if what is intended is to subtract power from our kite, we will use approximately 19 meters of line. By doing this, that is, cutting the lines of the kite, a smaller wind window is achieved and thus the kite loses travel and consequently loses power. This is used for Surf Kite so the kite will be more manageable.

Tips to combine long or short lines with kite surfing

  • To kite surf correctly you must follow the security measures established by the experts.
  • Consult with a professional kite surfing trainer to know in more detail the meters of line that you should use to surf.

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