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The Spaniards can boast of an unparalleled landscape ensemble. In addition, of all kinds of beaches, mountains and valleys not only ideal for tourism and spending exquisite days but also for practicing outdoor sports with exercises to lose weight. Training outdoors provides a feeling of extra motivation and freedom to be able to contemplate all the landscapes we pass through. In addition, it can also be considered a social activity, being able to combine sports practice with other types of activities to enjoy the holidays or weekends that we may have. Undoubtedly, a great way to stay in shape, while enjoying the fantastic heritage that we have.

What are outdoor sports?

Doing sports outdoors is nothing more than performing a type of training, either to achieve previously predefined objectives, and also do it outdoors. We do not lock ourselves in a gym or sports venue, but rather take advantage of the outside conditions, both visual with what we can see while doing sports and the air and the breeze that can run that turns the environment for sports into something unparalleled, increasing the good sensations that we get in sports practice. In fact, more and more municipal governments are betting on placing gym machines near the beach to encourage the practice of sports in a totally free way and taking advantage of the entire heritage that our training in front of the sea offers. That citizens can practice sports outdoors is one of the main concerns of all public bodies in recent years.

The profile that Spain has endows it with almost inexhaustible places to practice sports in the open air, and in addition to exquisite quality. The Pyrenees is, together with the Alps, one of the best places in Europe to do some winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, among others. You can also enjoy the snow just by playing with a sled. On the other hand, the south of Spain, especially in the Tariff area, next to the north in the San Sebastian area and with a direct view of the Cantabrian Sea, is an ideal place for water sports that require a huge amount of wind such as surfing or kite surfing, among others. The rivers that we find along the Spanish coast are also ideal for rowing or kayaking. There is also enough cabal to go rafting and take advantage of the rough waters to add a little more risk to adrenaline when going down the river together with a monitor and specialized equipment that provides sufficient security. The Canary Islands also hide one of the best excursions for trekking. Mount Tide, one of the volcanoes that is currently inactive, offers incomparable landscapes and, therefore, invites you to take this excursion and sweat enough on the way up to later be compensated with views of the crater and get the ideal photograph of the trip. Different options with which to enjoy the Spanish landscape either individually or accompanied by family, friends or partner, and perform strength exercises.

The climate is another of the points in favor of outdoor sports along with gastronomy. With the exception of the Spanish interior, which has a continental climate translated into great cold in winter and great heat in summer, temperatures are usually mild, allowing you to go running or cycling at different times of the day. Except in the summer months where the heat is strong during the hours of sun. In addition, the Mediterranean diet and the Spanish tradition of having breakfast or a snack outdoors are also factors that lead Spaniards to practice sports outdoors. They see compensation after burning calories and that makes it easier to motivate them to carry it out. Meetings to play football or basketball are also common, and even on Facebook we can find groups that are organized to get players with whom to play matches on the different courts found in Spain… Sports centers are becoming more and more common in offering paddle tennis, tennis or racquetball fields, since the Spanish also carry out this group activity. In addition, they see the business opportunity of offering training classes in this sport.

Benefits of practicing sports outdoors

All in all, playing sports in the open air provides numerous benefits for all those people who decide to use this option for their sporting benefit. The most prominent are the following:

  • Totally free. Performing sports outdoors does not usually cost a penny. We save ourselves that annoying gym fee that makes us pay so much damage, and that on numerous occasions, we pay and do not end up enjoying it due to lack of motivation.
  • Breathe pure air. Another benefit of not locking ourselves in a gym is the possibility of breathing fresh air, especially if we are in the mountains or in a natural habitat far from big cities. Obviously, it is much healthier than breathing air conditioning or ventilation in a sports center.
  • Multiple options available. The sports that we can practice outdoors are many and really varied. Therefore, we have a choice and, furthermore, in different habitats, are it from the beach to the mountains, a valley or an open-air city.
  • Alone or accompanied. We can do it in company or totally alone. That already depends on us and how we feel more comfortable. Therefore, it is another of the great varieties that allows outdoor sports.

Types of sports that can be practiced outdoors

Outdoors we can find multiple sports with which to get fit or have a good time with family or friends, or even meet people. One of the most common is running. It is becoming more and more popular to go jogging in big cities when night falls, or first thing in the morning. Even when we go out at night, it is not uncommon to find someone who takes advantage of the late hours to play sports. Its enormous flexibility, allowing you to run almost anywhere outside, makes it one of the most popular outdoor sports. However, if we do not have the necessary physical shape to endure an hour of continuous running, we can also simply go for a walk. We can combine it with different activities such as going out to buy bread in the morning or catching up with a friend while burning calories with a good morning walk.

Going on excursions also offers multiple sports that we can take advantage of outdoors. To begin with, a group bike ride. The route is planned and the motivation is maximum when leaving accompanied and with the desire to meet the predesigned kilometer target. Once you arrive at the destination, you usually enjoy a good lunch or an outside meal to recharge your batteries before returning. In fact, whether on foot, by bike or on horseback, the Camino de Santiago is one of the most popular outdoor outings that usually take place in Spain thanks to the large number of routes and different landscapes that we can find along our route. The mountain, in addition, also gives rise to different alternatives to practice sports. Trekking along the trails, or if we want something more crazy we can also go climbing, although in this case, it requires not only a good physical shape but also skill to climb the rocks. Beyond these, seasonal sports are common in the mountains because when winter falls, both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing take center stage to offer multiple alternatives to all those who opt for skiing. Downhill skiing as an option to release adrenaline.

On the other hand, in summer, the beach is the queen of outdoor sports. Swimming in open water as well as in outdoor pools is a great toning option while we enjoy a good dip. However, other sports that requires a boat such as kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, surfing, paddle-surfing, water skiing or snorkeling take center stage. Undoubtedly, an option both to do them individually, as a couple or in a group. Finally, outdoor sports are completed with the so-called popular team sports. Meet up with friends to have a Pechanga of both soccer and basketball it’s a really popular thing. Likewise, paddle tennis, racquetball or tennis also gain prominence to play outdoors followed by a good meal to regain strength and have some social life with people that we normally have not seen for a while. Others, on the other hand, choose to do something regularly during the week to get out of the routine. Undoubtedly, the Spanish geography that we can find makes our country an ideal place to practice outdoor sports of all kinds, sea, mountain and inland.

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