How To Eat For Sports

If you want to play sports properly, nutrition is essential when it comes to being able to do it correctly, since both before and after playing sports it is necessary to add food to improve muscle and sports performance.

The body needs food to survive and of course to perform sports correctly. The muscles spend a lot more energy when they do sports than when they are at rest or do light exercise, therefore their energy reserves could be empty sooner and not give the desired performance in sports.

Although we all agree that you have to eat well to do sports, few people really know the kinds of foods that are best for us when doing it, since there are some foods that will only limit our sports capacity and others that they will be of absolutely no use. In addition, there are foods unknown to all, but they are essential foods to perform sports correctly and improve performance.

For all this, we are going to teach step by step how we should eat to play sports, since I consider this something fundamental but that people make too many mistakes in this regard when trying to explain it correctly.

What do you need to eat to play sports?

  • Water.
  • Creative powder.
  • Protein powder.
  • Banana.
  • Caffeine.
  • Rice.
  • Isotonic drinks.

Instructions to feed yourself for sports

  1. Strength pre-training:
    If the training is strength, it is advisable to consume certain things so that the body has a greater amount of strength when training. We define strength training as lifting weights or performing strength-related sports such as rugby or shot put. Foods like rice give energy and are easy to digest. Caffeine will give you a slight state of alertness that will make you improve loads and performance in general. But without a doubt the best in the long term is creating, which will make you gain muscle mass in a few days.
  2. Aerobic pre-workout:
    Now we are going to talk about what to eat before doing aerobic workouts related to running, cycling or skiing. In aerobic training, I recommend training practically on an empty stomach, having passed 2 hours since the last meal, since training on a full stomach could make you vomit and feel heavy to run, and recommending only drinking water before running since that is not the way to go to dehydrate us.
  3. Post-strength training:
    Now we are going to talk about what to eat after strength training, since it is essential to control this topic well if you want to achieve greater muscle recovery and an improvement in strength. After training, you should take a measure of whey protein powder within 45 minutes of the last training (the anabolic window), since if more time passes, the proteins will not go to the muscle. You can also have a banana to recharge the muscle glycogen stores, as this is also very important in achieving good levels of strength. You should also drink water, since the muscle is 70% water and therefore you need to be hydrated to have a good muscle mass.
  4. Aerobic post-training:
    Now we are going to see what we have to eat after aerobic training, since it is totally different from strength training. If it has been a long distance (more than 5 km), we can have the luxury of drinking an isotonic drink since only in this way is the sugar in the drink used correctly (otherwise it would all turn into fat). Also eating a banana is a good idea in this case, but the most important thing is to keep hydrating yourself to recover the large amount of water that has been lost.

Tips to eat for sports

  • Foods that should not be eaten: There are some foods that many people say are good for training, but nevertheless, they are the opposite.
    • Very sugary bars: Proposals as a miraculous muscle recovery, but nevertheless, the reality is that the vast majority of sugar will not be used by the muscle and will be converted into saturated fat that will go directly to our belly.
    • Soft drinks: Some soft drinks are recommended to recover after a lot of exercise, but they really do not add more than sugar to our diet.
    • Mass Gainers: These products are designed for people who find it difficult to gain weight and the truth works, however, it is only a mixture of whey protein and cloacae, and therefore, you can save a lot of money by preparing the product at home.
      In this article we tell you how to do sports without spending money
    • Glutamine, precursor of nitric oxide, testosterone stimulator And so I could continue with a lot of supplementation that really doesn’t help much, since normally with proteins and creating it is enough for us to obtain benefits.

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