Basketball Drills – How To Do Basketball Drills

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It requires acquiring a regular mechanic that requires constant training. Therefore, basketball exercises are crucial to improve in all facets of the game. The previous step is to choose a basketball that suits our needs.

What are basketball drills?

Basketball exercises are all those designed to improve the quality of the game in this sport. Basketball is a very dynamic sport, which requires all players to know how to attack but also defend. For this reason, in any basketball training we practice passing, bouncing the ball, shooting and also tactical and strategic positions to get more points than the rival and win the game.

However, defensive facets must also be worked on, such as covering the opponent, anticipating a pass, stealing the ball and blocking a rival’s shot. All these facets of the game vary depending on the type of team we are facing.

The shot, without going any further, depends on numerous factors such as the distance and the type of shot (with an opponent on top or released) that we have to make. Other facets such as the pass also have multiple possibilities such as the chopped, direct or high pass. The greater the preparation, the better we can face any type of basketball confrontation.

The basic rules of basketball

Before learning how to perform basketball exercises, it is necessary to explain the basic rules of this sport. Two teams of five players face each other with the objective of scoring in the opposing basket. The start of the match is determined by a jump between two players, and from here the match begins. It has duration of four quarters of 10 minutes. In attack, the team has 24 seconds to organize the attack. Each basket counts two points, except shots, known as triples and that count 3 points, beyond the 6.75 meter line, or free throws that only count one point. They are achieved after a personal or technical foul.

Each player can move the ball by means of a bounce or pass it to the opponent. You have the option to perform two steps without bouncing. In case of making more steps will be counted and you will lose possession. If he jumps him must release the ball as jumping and returning to the ground with the ball is known as doubles and will also mean losing the ball? The field has band and baseline lines that cannot be crossed. If the ball crosses the line or a player with the ball in his hands he touches the line with his feet, he will lose the ball. Once you go to the field of attack, you cannot return to your own field, or you will be penalized with a back field.

All personal fouls will be restarted with the ball from the sideline, except those that are made to a player who is shooting, or those defensive from the fifth team foul. If a player shoots, is fouled and the ball goes in they will be awarded two or three points, and will have an additional free throw. Otherwise, he will have two or three free throws, depending on the shooting position.

Benefits of doing basketball training

The benefits of performing basketball training are total, as in any type of sport. The most prominent are the following:

  • Better understand the game and be prepared for any situation that may arise during the match.
  • Improve shooting, dribbling and passing techniques to become a very complete player.
  • Improve fitness in terms of cardiovascular endurance and jumping. You must know how to run.
  • It allows you to acquire teamwork skills as it is not an individual sport.
  • He also works on the whole mental issue by having to read the game on both offense and defense.

How to do basketball drills

Basketball drills are divided into the different skills needed to play the sport. We will find the boat, the pass and the shot fundamentally. Inside the boat we can find very basic activities such as learning to bounce a ball and also movement exercises by placing obstacles and moving with the ball. In the pass, the basic exercises are making passes with teammates. You can practice the chopped pass (dribbling on the ground), the pass to the chest or the long movement of the ball. You must know all the facets to be able to make good assists.

Finally, regarding the shot, the different distances must be trained. The triple, the medium distance shot and the penetration. When we drive to the basket, also known as making a tackle, we bounce the ball, perform the two regulatory steps and shoot the basket either to the board, to the net or ending with a mate. When we have already acquired these basic skills, different basketball exercises can be performed that encompass different sport skills. One of the most used exercises is the one on one to the basket. The attacker catches the ball on the three-point line, feints to the side and has the objective of overcoming the defender to penetrate to the basket. The defender, on the other hand, must prevent the play from ending in a score. This same exercise can also be done with more players as two against two or three against three. At the same time you can combine the pass to defend, return and finish in penetration or shot, such as passing and cutting.

In general, once the basic skills have been acquired, the basketball exercises will be aimed at recreating real situations that may occur during the game and at practicing strategy plays to try to surprise the rival. In attack, static attack types will be practiced, that is, with the entire defense positioned and also the counterattack. A bad shot or a bad attack can lead to a fast-break situation that the team must take advantage of to make easy baskets and gain an advantage. On the other side, you also have to be prepared to avoid a counterattack. This is what is known as defensive balance. Passing, dribbling, shooting, and blocking will come into play in most of these drills. In basketball it is legal to block an opponent with the chest to hinder his progress and allow a teammate to benefit from the open corridor.

The final part of the training can be used for a real match where the coach will take note of the performance of each player. There are also shooting games such as the box (where points are accumulated if the player who misses their shots is scored and takes them) or a KO, where it starts from the free throw and the objective is to eliminate players until there is only one left. The general structure of a training session is warming up (physical exercise), managing the different basketball skills and ending with one of these activities.

However, performing basketball exercises is a world apart where there are thousands of possibilities to improve on the court. Constant training and regularity are the main secrets to improve in one of the most popular and well-known sports in the world, second only to soccer.

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