The Best Sports for Children

Physical exercise in childhood is fundamental, it improves their physical training and their self-esteem enhances their social relations and their value with the environment. It improves your cardiovascular functions and contributes to an improvement of the musculoskeletal system, and your psychomotor skills.

Produces benefits in your cognitive abilities and well-being.

They learn to create habits, their television time and video games are reduced and they sleep better.

They should be motivated from children from 3 or 4 years old, to practice something, playing with them, introducing them to some sport or physical activity, and they will decide which one they want to practice or what physical activity they want or would like. Do.

The important thing is that the child feels good about the sport or activity that they have chosen, and if the child is young and the parents observe that the sport to which the child is taken does not like to take him to another, since fortunately there are many sports and physical activities.

Among the smallest, sports and exercises where they develop their coordination, balance, elasticity may be more appropriate, such as some type of martial art, bicycle, dance, swimming. From the age of 9 or 10, some team sports can give them a good stimulus and companionship when playing as a team.

Encouraging discipline and effort in some sport or physical exercise from childhood will make them form and create a good habit from a young age, since many of the habits are learned in childhood and are consolidated in adolescence when practicing sport or exercise. Physical.

Swimming in children

It is one of the most complete and good exercises that there is, and the children love it.

Swimming can be practiced from the early age of 2 years and gradually increase learning and practice.

It is an exercise that activates motor coordination, as well as the circulatory and respiratory systems, as well as developing independence and self-confidence.

Swimming can prevent respiratory diseases and as it helps to breathe properly, it activates lung capacity.

Exercising swimming, in addition to improving your physical resistance, improves the circulatory system, because it lowers blood glucose levels, and prevents childhood obesity.

We can find several stages in learning to swim: at an early age we work on how to float, confidence in water and how to breathe. In a second stage, mobility, jumps, turns are worked on, and breathing is continued, and in the last and more advanced stage of learning, the different techniques and types of swimming forms are taught: front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. In addition to teaching some notion to dive.

Within this sport, there are others that are somehow related, such as synchronized swimming, trampoline jumping, water polo, which somewhat older children may really like to practice.

Yoga for kids

It is another very good option. It will allow them to get to know their body, and it will give them flexibility and agility, balance and strength. Yoga classes for children are very fun, they really like to do animal postures, even the youngest, and you can tell them to make the sound of the animal.

For the most restless children, it will give them more peace of mind and they will relax.

They also learn to breathe better, which makes them calmer. Sometimes yoga is done in pairs or in groups and in this way companionship and trust are fostered.

At 4 or 5 years old you can take them to yoga classes, which they will surely like. And they begin to tell their parents that they have learned to make the dog or the cat, that they have made the mountain or that they have been a tree.

The sun salutation is a series of very beautiful and simple postures that you can learn and little by little combine it with breathing by inhaling and exhaling.

Hiking with the kids,

It is very good, since walking is one of the best exercises that can be done, especially walking in nature. They will have a lot of fun; they will begin to know the different types of trees, plants, flowers. They will hear beautiful sounds of birds; they will see some kind of bird.
There are many easy, simple and beautiful routes that children can do. They can also sign up for an association or scout group or similar that does hiking and activities in nature with children.
In addition, they are taught respect for nature and the environment.

Martial art, karate, judo, self defense

It is a practice or sport that begins at 4 or 5 years of age and is very good for coordination, discipline, self-esteem and respect. They will develop psychomotricity and it will provide them with concentration, and they will learn a positive competence.

There are many other sports that they can practice and that they may like, such as basketball, tennis, skiing, athletics, dance.

You have to observe the child and see which one he likes, in which one he feels better.

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