How to Motivate Myself to Exercise

Although lately there is more awareness about the importance of doing physical exercise on a regular basis because it brings many benefits to our health, it is also true that in many cases what is lacking is the motivation and willpower to do it for at least one hour to day. Day. For this reason, today, we are going to teach you how you can motivate yourself to do physical exercise and thus have that incentive you need to go for a walk, run, train or do the physical activity you have chosen.

What do you need

  • Be determined to be physically active
  • Find a partner to go out with and play sports


  1. First and foremost it is important that you propose physical activity as a daily routine, that is to say that it becomes part of your life, do not see it as something optional (if the day is nice you can go out, and if the day is bad you can’t you can go out), but you have to see your daily exercise as an obligation in the same way that you have an obligation to work, to cook food or to go shopping.
  2. Organize your daily routine in such a way that there is always a space, at least an hour, for your physical exercise. For example, take an hour to go for a walk in the morning, or after work, or you can take Tuesday and Thursday to go to the gym for a while at sometime of the day. In this way you will be able to see physical exercise as an obligation and incorporate it into your daily life.
  3. If you are not doing physical activity and in your leisure time you share with your friends, that means that they are not doing physical activity either, so it is the ideal time to start doing physical exercise with those people who are not doing it either. Playing sports with friends is one more way to motivate ourselves and encourage them to practice it. Surely when you exercise with a friend, both of you are motivated because you can continue talking while having fun together and something positive will always result from this physical exercise. A sports partner will always be the best ally to feel motivated.
  4. Very few people do physical exercise just for pleasure or just to lead a healthier life. In most cases, people do physical exercise to improve their body.
  5. Many times if the intention is to lose weight, it is usually accompanied by a diet but it is not essential, because we know that physical exercise regulates the metabolism and/or speeds it up, for this reason it is that just by doing physical exercise you will still lose weight. Another important reason to set a specific goal when exercising is the skin issue. The skin will look younger and fresher thanks to the oxygenation that is achieved when we exercise. We will also notice greater elasticity, less volume, harder muscles, etc.
  6. Generally, when we want to start doing physical exercise, what is most difficult for us is to start, it is the exit; it is to stop doing the activity we are doing to play sports. It is important to keep in mind that an exercise routine and being consistent with it is one of the best decisions we can make in life.


The moment you start to doubt, if you want to feel motivated to do physical exercise, the best thing is to stop thinking, get up from the chair and go out and do it. In this way you will be able to notice that at first it will cost you to do it, but after a couple of times you take willpower, the fact of doing some exercise every day will begin to come naturally.

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