How to Increase the Muscles of the Forearm

Sometimes it happens that when we are training our body to generate muscles, we do not always get the results we want, sometimes some parts of our body end up developing more than others and the harmony of the body is lost. This especially happens in the case of the forearm muscles, sometimes it is a very difficult area to train when our goal is to thicken it and we don’t know how.

It is normal for the forearms to be thin, at least more than the upper arm, so it is natural that it is a bit laborious to be able to thicken the forearms and generate muscles. However, although it is quite difficult, this does not mean that it is something impossible to do. We can increase the muscles of the forearm if we perform certain exercises that will help us to have results in specific areas.

If you want to know what kind of exercises I am talking about and how to increase the muscles of the forearm, then you should carefully read each of the instructions and tips that I am going to show you throughout the article. Remember that only with perseverance and discipline can you achieve the results you are looking for, so be very careful when doing this or any other exercise, only then can you progress and continue sculpting your body.

Instructions to increase the muscles of the forearm

  1. Before starting any exercise routine, it is always advisable to consult a doctor or an expert so that he can advise us and prevent us from any type of injury. Once this point has been clarified, it is very important to understand that not all people have the same type of physical complexion and do not predispose to the same type of development in terms of the musculature of their body. Your own genetic makeup may make it a little more difficult (or depending on easier) for you to generate enough hypertrophy to make your forearm thicker.
  2. Once the previous point has been clarified, there are other issues that we must take into account if what we want is to increase the muscles of the forearm, and that is to have a good diet. It is necessary to have a balanced diet and consume enough protein and carbohydrates if we want to have enough energy to be able to perform the exercises and to be able to generate the muscles that our body requires to be able to thicken our forearms. It is always good that you ask a nutritionist what type of diet or eating regimen is best for you to be able to perform your exercises and obtain good results.
  3. It is also very important that you maintain a good level of hydration. The body requires the caloric energy provided by the carbohydrates in our food to be able to use it as fuel when exercising, however we also require a considerable amount of protein and what we want is to develop muscles. But when we consume a lot of protein, we are putting our kidneys to work hard. Therefore, if we want to avoid any kind of problem derived from high protein consumption, it is necessary to keep our body hydrated to purge toxins and prevent risks of kidney damage due to such consumption.
  4. Now it is time to talk about the exercises we require. The first exercise we are going to consider is the wrist curl. This exercise consists of sitting on a chair and holding our arm while keeping the elbow immobilized resting on our leg, then we will hold a weight with our hand and we will make an up and down movement only by flexing the wrist. This exercise will help us develop the muscles of the inner part of the forearm; we will also acquire strength in the wrists and greater resistance when supporting weight.
  5. The second exercise that we will do is similar to the previous one, but it will require a barbell with weights. We will sit on a chair keeping our back straight and moving forward a little until we place our elbows on our legs, leaving our hands outside. We will hold the bar with both hands and move our wrists up and down following a specific number of repetitions. To give you some examples, we will do 15 repetitions and then rest for a minute or a minute and a half before repeating the process. If you endure more repetitions than those or you can slightly increase the weight as you get used to the exercise and gain strength.
  6. Disc raise with the wrists. When we go to the gym there are different types of disc weights. Choose a disc that is a little heavy but that you know it can support, lift it without raising any other part of your body other than your wrists, hold the disc with your wrists as long as possible, only as far as your body resists. Rest for a minute or twoand repeat the exercise again. This exercise is really effective for building forearm muscles and strengthening your wrists, but you have to keep your wrists from twisting and lowering. Try to keep them up as long as possible.
  7. Pull-ups with the hands up. It is undoubtedly one of the best exercises to strengthen the forearms and wrists; it consists of doing normal pull-ups but making sure that we hold the bar with our hands in front of the bar and not under it as usual. When we try to hold the bar with our hands in front of us, it is much more effective to generate the arm muscles. It would also be great if you could perform finger pull-ups. The process is the same, only you have to support yourself with two or three fingers for each hand.

What do you need to increase the muscles of the forearm?

  • dumbbells
  • weighted disk
  • Bar to be able to do pull-ups
  • balanced diet
  • good hydration

Tips to increase the muscles of the forearm

  • Remember that perseverance is the most important thing when doing any exercise if what we want is to obtain good results.
  • Perform this routine at least 4 times a week following all the tips explained throughout the article and taking care to maintain a good diet if you want to obtain benefits.

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