How to Learn To Skate

Skating is one of the best known and most practiced sports activities in the world. Skating was very fashionable in the 90’s and early 2000’s and luckily it is coming back into fashion these days.

The reasons for the growing popularity of skating is that it is a fun activity, a healthy activity and an activity suitable for all audiences that can be easily learned if you practice enough and have a minimum of psychomotricity and skill using the skates.

Another good thing about this activity is that we can move faster around the city thanks to the skates. Due to the rush of Western society, more and more people choose to start skating not only for fun, but also to get to the desired places more quickly due to the great mobility they offer.

In addition to this, you can skate in different ways, the most popular being in-line skates, but there are also adapted skates, shoes with small wheels and what is known as ice skating, in which you skate on an icy surface using ice skates. In-line skates that instead of wheels have a kind of iron that sticks into the icy surface.

If you want to remember your childhood and have a good time, I advise you to dust off your old skates and start using them, since it is a very entertaining activity and one of the best ways I know to practice sport.

If you do not remember how to use the skates, you should not worry, because by following the steps that I am going to show you next, you will be able to quickly improve your style and move faster around the city, therefore, pay special attention from now to learn to skate.

What do you need to learn to skate?

  • Inline skates in good condition (If you have to buy inline skates, in this article we explain how to choose inline skates )
  • Being able to access an ice rink.
  • Some protections such as elbow pads, knee pads and helmet.
  • Very eager to learn.

Instructions to learn to skate

  1. Get some good skates:
    First of all, dust off your old inline skates and check the condition they are in. Many times, due to disuse, the skates will be tattered and rusty and it will be necessary to get new skates and throw away the old ones. To correctly choose inline skates, you must go to a specialized establishment and look for ones that have good material and some good wheels, since they usually fail at that point. Also make sure that they are your shoe size and that they fit you well, without hurting you and without being too big for you. Do not forget to also buy protections, since it is necessary to have at least a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to be able to skate safely. To get good protections, also visit the specialized store and ask those in charge about the best materials for protections and spare no expense in getting good protection, since this way you will avoid greater evils in the short and long term.
  2. First steps:
    Once you have everything, you should start taking the first steps on the skates, since it is necessary to start skating as soon as possible in order to learn with it as soon as possible. First you must learn to keep your balance on the skates, so you must start skating little by little, using the wall to help you stand up and move little by little. From time to time, try to go from one wall to another without holding on, to gradually take the point of balance to them.
  3. Move:
    To start moving with the skates, we must know several things. The first of all is that we must master the basic balance before starting to take giant steps, the second thing that we have to take into account is that the impulse is given by throwing the feet back towards the heel continuously and each time with one foot., since this way we can move forward and maintain balance. We are going to push ourselves little by little, without rushing to pick up the speed in a natural way, adapting it to our learning. The more balance we have, the faster we can go, but we must follow the natural course of learning.
  4. Ice skating:
    An interesting activity is ice skating, since it is very fun and we can do it without having in-line skates. Although there are variations in skating style and speed, inline skating and ice skating are similar, so you can learn ice skating before inline skating. In addition, there are skating instructors on the ice rinks, so you can take advantage of it to improve faster.

Tips for learning to skate

  • Patience and tenacity: I’m going to be honest with you, in-line skating requires sacrifice, patience and a lot of perseverance, since nobody is born learned and it takes a bit to get your balance. You will fall many times before you learn, but with each fall you will learn a little more about skating and you will get constant improvement. I will also tell you that people who are experts in inline skating sometimes fall, which is why I gave special importance to equipment and protections, since good protection makes the difference between just a silly fall and a serious injury that keeps you away. Months of sports activity.
  • The ground: Practice on different types of ground to gain control of the skates, since each ground behaves differently in terms of terrain, speed and behavior of the skate. For example, skating on grass is much slower than skating on asphalt, since we go much slower on grass due to the characteristics of its surface. That is why it is also good to skate on ice, since we will get used to different surfaces and achieving mastery.
  • Sports: If you are good at skating, you can play roller sports, which are a lot of fun. The most famous is hockey, which can be on inline skates or on ice, in which we have to use sticks to put the ball into the opponent’s goal, having the particularity of using skates to move. Practicing these sports will in turn help you to skate better, although very few manage to reach the elite.

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