How to Do Aerobics At Home

Practicing aerobics is one of the best ideas if you want to lose weight in an entertaining, effective and fun way. Aerobics will make you lose those extra pounds and help you tone your body quickly and effectively while losing weight effectively.

That is why in gyms it is one of the busiest activities, especially by girls, because between the music, the supervision of the monitor and the incentive of exercise, it will make you have a great time while exercising your body, being also one of the best activities for fast and effective fat loss.

Contrary to what you think, practicing aerobics at home is very easy and simple, and if you say otherwise, you are probably making excuses for yourself not to exercise, since you do not need to make a very high investment to practice this activity.

Now, we are going to give you all the steps to follow to practice aerobics at home.

What do you need to practice aerobics at home?

  • Sportswear to practice aerobics, we recommend tights, sneakers, a breathable and comfortable shirt. You could also use wrist bands and hair ties if you like.
  • Space in your home to exercise well.
  • Mat, optional but advisable.
  • A television or a computer monitor to watch the videos.
  • Some physical resistance.

Instructions for practicing aerobics at home

  1. Preparation:
    To carry out the exercise you must have space in your home, so move the furniture in such a way that there is a space large enough to practice the activity, at least 5 square meters per person and far enough away from the television or monitor to avoid accidents. to do this, keep fragile objects away from you and make sure that there is nothing and no one in those 5 square meters. You should also choose the appropriate sports-type clothing, lace up your sneakers well, and place your wristbands and headband in a way that is not obtrusive. Also, put on your pants well so they don’t fall down or squeeze you.
  2. Videos:
    A video can perfectly replace a specialized monitor, it may not be as effective but it does its job well. You can download countless videos on YouTube of aerobics classes. Once you download them you must play them on your monitor or television, in the case of the television you must have the possibility of playing videos or have a DVD player to play them on it, in case you have a PC monitor or Smart TV you can even play streaming videos without downloading them.
  3. Warm-up:
    As with any physical activity, warming up is important. Perform joint mobility exercises for the ankles, knees, hips, neck, arms, shoulders, chest and back, do it gently to avoid injuries, turning the joint in all directions and also up and down. Also, if you want, you can do exercises such as light jumps, push-ups, and sit-ups to have a better preparation.
  4. To exercise:
    Now press play on your TV and monitor, get in a position where you can see the TV but there is no risk to your eyesight or your TV. Once you have warmed up, follow the instructions to the letter of the instructor, perform the exercises properly and at the pace indicated and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music, we always encourage you to complete the class until the end.

Tips for practicing aerobics at home

  • Stretch: It is important to stretch at the end of the exercise, as it prevents injuries, muscle contractures and increases your flexibility. Stretch in a smooth and controlled manner, always trying to avoid injuring yourself or forcing the muscle too much, also make sure you perform the appropriate stretch to each muscle group, since otherwise you could injure yourself or not achieve the expected results. In addition to stretching after you exercise, we also advise you to stretch at other times to increase your flexibility.
  • At your own pace: Perhaps if you are beginners some classes could be too advanced for you, so you should use Google properly and search for classes according to your level, for example “beginner level aerobics classes” or “advanced level aerobics classes”. Of course, this is no excuse for not trying your hardest or trying to get to the end, fat burns with effort so good luck.

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