How to Watch Televised Games Today

Soccer is without a doubt the best sport in the world and for this reason, we all want to watch the televised matches today, since we love soccer and we always want to be attentive to everything.

Televised matches are the order of the day right now, as football is so popular that it has become international with millions of people watching a match. The bad thing is that we can’t always watch the game we want on time, since we don’t have a way to watch it.

Although it does not reach the level of realism that watching a game live and direct has, watching televised games also has its point, since we are seeing what is happening live and it is one of the most exciting things we can do some days.

In addition, football has a large number of competitions, one being more exciting than the previous one. We can see from the league, the king’s cup, the champions… to foreign leagues, local leagues or even grassroots football tournament leagues, that is, of lower football categories.

As I said before, it is difficult to find out exactly where we can watch televised games today, since many television channels do not announce it on time, others do not broadcast it.

That’s why in the end we were left without seeing that great game that we really wanted to see, which makes us frustrated and in a bad mood, since we won’t be able to comment on it the next day at work or at the bar.

If you want to know how you can watch televised matches today, you are in the right article,I am going to teach you in detail and step by step how to carry out this task, sometimes complex, but very simple in the background.

What do you need to watch televised games today?

  • Get to know a bar where football is broadcast live.
  • Money to go have a drink at the bar that broadcasts it.
  • Internet connection.
  • Smartphone.
  • To TV.
  • Account in a bookmaker and money to bet.

Instructions for watching televised matches today

  1. Open football:
    The best option and the one I agree with the most is to watch open football. We define open football as all football that is broadcast on free channels that everyone can see without paying money for it. The amount of free soccer that is broadcast on free television is quite low compared to what is being broadcast on pay television, but there are good offers. Normally one league match is broadcast a week openly, which changes the television channel depending on the year in which we are. Matches such as the King’s Cup final, the Champions League and even some foreign league matches (sometimes delayed) are also broadcast. Also on local television, they broadcast matches of the local team, if it does not have a very competitive level.
  2. Go to the bar:
    Something classic and above all very Spanish is to go to the bar to watch televised football matches. The owner of the bar is only going to ask for a drink in return, but in return we can stay there all afternoon watching football sitting in their seats and enjoying it with the people. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money, try to order cheap drinks such as short beer, small glasses of wine or small glasses of must, since whatever you order, you will still be able to watch the match. Before entering the bar, make sure that the bar has the stickers that it broadcasts canal plus league or some derivative, since the bars that pay for it usually have the stickers visible to attract customers.
  3. Canal + and derivatives:
    If you don’t like going to the bar very much, you have the option of subscribing to the different live football options that exist. For example, it seems to me that Canal plus Lira is only worth 10 euros per month and offers you a large number of matches each day and always one of Real Madrid or Barcelona. There is also the classic Sunday night plus match and I don’t know if there are any PPV matches like before. The only thing I know is that the offer is now much more attractive than before, due to increased competition and therefore lowers prices to attract customers.
  4. Pirate football:
    Warning, I am not responsible for what you do, I only limit myself to informing you that there are web pages that put streaming links to paid football matches live on the Internet. With searches like Footboy Streaming, Raja Direct or Footboy en vivo, we will be able to watch the football we want on the Internet, albeit in low quality and committing an infraction for which I am not responsible.
  5. Bookmakers:
    A little known and increasingly popular option is the bookmaker option. These bookmakers allow you to bet on a specific football team and win money if you guess right, but they also offer to watch some live events that are usually paid. On pages like Bet365 I have seen Chinese league matches, tennis matches and even top soccer matches, only with the option of betting on the same matches, something that could be cheaper than paying for a channel plus league or even winning money for it.

Tips for watching televised games today

  • In this article we also give very good tips to Watch Free Football Live and Direct
  • Go to the stadium: Televised football is very good; however, we will be able to enjoy the magic of football much more if we go to the stadiums. I know that tickets in this country are very expensive; however, in minor matches like the King’s Cup, we can get a ticket for less than 50 euros and enjoy a great football match in the same way, with the same atmosphere. And with great fun. I tell you from experience that football matches on TV are not half as exciting as real live football.

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