How to Exercise With the Elliptical

The elliptical is one of the most complete machines that you can find in gyms, in training rooms or, if you have space in your home, you can also buy an elliptical, since it is a good investment to train in your own home. In this way, the elliptical allows you to do aerobic exercises  of all kinds, increasing the intensity of your fitness training progressively and personally. And it is that the elliptical is a machine that will allow you to exercise practically your entire body and all your muscles: gluts, arms, ass, abdomen, etc. In this way, you will be able to lose weight and fat, while gradually allowing you to tone upend define your body. Thus, it is an ideal tool to complete your exercise routine, since if you warm up and stretch beforehand, the elliptical will be the one gear you should put into your fitness activity to achieve visible results. In this aspect, there are different exercises and routines that you can do with this machine. For all these reasons, today we explain in detail how to exercise with the elliptical so that you make the most of the time you spend on this machine.

Instructions for exercising with the elliptical

  1. To start your training with the elliptical machine, the first thing you should do is dress in comfortable sports clothing for exercise. So, initially get on top of the elliptical and place one foot on each platform but without moving. Take a good look at the bars you have to hold on to, as there are usually 4: 2 stationary and 2 more to use at a more advanced level, as they move at the opposite rate to the platform. The idea is that initially you use the stationary ones so that you maintain total balance.
  2. Before walking, take a good look at the programs that the elliptical has, since there are machines that have automatic training programs and, on the other hand, there are others that you must increase the intensity yourself. Thus, make sure that you understand the control panel before you start walking, as well as the different intensities of its programs.
  3. Once you are familiar with the elliptical machine, you will need to get on it and place both feet squarely and centered on the two bottom platforms. First, you must do a gentle warm-up at level 1 or basic level; this warm-up should last about 15 minutes, increasing the pace very gradually as the minutes go by. To start the exercise you only have to start moving with both feet, in the same way as if you were walking, holding on to the handle.
  4. Secondly, you will have to increase the rhythm but this time holding onto the two outer bars, that is, those that also move -at the opposite rhythm of the platforms-. In this case, in addition to working the legs, you will also exercise the muscles of the arms and chest.
  5. Along these lines, you should also take your elliptical program to the next level. Keep in mind that it is much more important to exercise in a slower but more powerful way, that is, with more force. For all this, you must gradually increase the levels in the control panel of your elliptical machine
  6. At this point, it is very important that you keep in mind that not by running more, you will be exercising more. And it is that many people believe that running and increasing the speed on the elliptical machine works more; the truth is that you must adjust the power, the levels and the programs to gain resistance and make complete and correct movements, both with your arms and with your legs.
  7. The idea is that your abdomen is also contracted, since the whole body must work and the posture must be correct and adequate. In this case, as we have said before, you must increase the pace. Thus, keep in mind that you work arms and legs, so we advise you to initially -during the first days of exercise- make an effort equally between legs and arms, that is, balance your exercises.
  8. Once the days go by, you can increase the power of one of the two parts, that is, work your feet more than your arms, or vice versa. To do this, you must move your arms more yourself and use your legs only to push your legs with medium power, or move your legs with force and power and keep your hands on the handles immobile.
  9. Finally, when you are totally familiar with and used to your elliptical machine, you can try training with varied programs that complement powers; many elliptical machines have built -in exercise routines. Try one of these and choose the one that best suits your physical condition and your preferences.

What do you need to exercise with the elliptical?

  •  Elliptical machine.
  •  Suitable and comfortable clothing and footwear for exercising.
  • Weather.
  • Constancy.
  • Dedication.
  • Will

Tips for exercising with the elliptical

  • Keep in mind that with the elliptical machines you will only perform one type of exercise; thus, to notice better and healthier results, it is highly recommended that you complete your training with other types of exercises.
  • Healthy living is not just about exercising; you should also accompany physical exercise with a balanced, variable and healthy diet.

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