6 Strength Sports

You have often heard of strength sports, but without knowing what they are about or what they are, however they are those that have to do with some part of the body and between two opponents using their muscular strength, without problems and trying to win. Through them.

It is a demonstration of the strength that you have in certain parts of the body, depending on the sport or practice that it is, since in all of them you must mix movement, coordination, speed, resistance as well as extreme strength with which to win competitions..

They began to be known thanks to a dancer and are classified depending on the degree of force to be exerted or the speed needed to finish a race, as an example also the coordination and concentration to prevail against the opponent.

Strength sports are divided into groups depending on the member or part of the body that is used, finding the classification differentiating one from the other, so you have the following:

  • Combat: close combat.
  • Weightlifting – lifting heavy objects.
  • Press: through the arms, to know who has more strength.

What do you need

  • Concentration.
  •  Technique.
  •  Force.
  • Energy.
  • Training.
  • Special and balanced diet.
  • Goal.
  • Competition.
  • Report.
  • Movement.
  • Display.


Strength sports are the few that demonstrate a specific technique, whose main source for this is strength, managing to prevail against the opponent through it, with mechanisms and tools that do not contract any type of implement other than Weightlifting.

On the other hand, strength sports have their rules for physical contact in order to avoid any inconvenience or problems between the two participants or athletes when the combat is hand-to-hand, taking into account that it is about measuring who has more strength.

In spite of all this, it can be taken into account that each type of strength sport has its rules and precepts, different from one another to avoid a confrontation between one practice and another, since although they are strength sports, they have defined differences..

This is strength sports

  1. The sport of strength is the application of it throughout the body to dominate the opponent, who is observed from the beginning the opportunity to see his weaknesses in order to succeed, according to the signals of his body or the techniques demonstrated..
  2. A sport of strength can be called combat when the fight that is carried out is hand-to-hand, following precise rules, by which one must abide and taking into account not to jump them to avoid being disqualified.
  3. Combat sports have the use of the hands as an essential element, although in others, such as martial arts, the legs and knees are also used to make the opponent fall and thus prevail.
  4. The rules always stipulate that the contact must be in parts of the body that are considered acceptable, and if you touch others that are not, you run the risk of being disqualified, in the same way being able to leave the field of action of the fight.
  5. Combat-type strength sports can be classified into taekwondo, martial arts in their different categories, fencing, boxing, kickboxing, among others, which have the particularity of demonstrating a fight between one opponent and another.
  6. Another type of strength sport is called Weightlifting, where there is no opponent to beat but rather lift a bar with weights at the ends, which can be increased with the strength capacity of the person who lifts them. You have two ways: Snatch: the weight must be lifted from the ground to above the head without resting; Two times: the participant makes a stop on the shoulders and then rises with force above the head.
  7. In Weightlifting, the power of strength is more than anything in the legs and arms, which must support the weight of the athlete or athlete who is dedicated to doing it, in addition to achieving the perfect balance with which to lift the ideal weight.
  8. Another important type of strength sport refers to arm wrestling, being a way of facing one opponent against another through their arms, consisting of standing on a special table, both arms straight and trying to take the opponent’s arm to one side. In arm wrestling, it is usually the case that the winner has more strength than the loser, since it is quite aggressive, painful and also a combination that generates a need to draw energy from the same point of the legs on the fighting arm. People who fight in this type of strength sport cannot move their elbow from the table or only lift it since they can be disqualified; in addition to this they tend to tie themselves when trying to get rid of the crossing of hands.

Among the strength sports we can highlight 6 well-defined ones, which can be summarized below:

  1. Boxing: It is a sport of strength that involves two opponents, who use mouth guards, gloves and in some cases masks to avoid major head injuries, which is why this team is essential, with defined rules in addition to Olympic character.
  2. Bodybuilding: It is a sport of strength, but not combat, more focused on the strength that athletes must generate to demonstrate defined and sculpted muscles, with different types of exercises that require concentration, perseverance and dedication.
  3. Weightlifting : It is immersed in Weightlifting and consists of lifting different weights from the ground, according to the degree of resistance and endurance of the person who is performing the exercise, it is one of the disciplines that stands out in the Olympic teams and calls a lot of attention
  4. Hammer Throw: It is a discipline within the so-called athletics, which consists of forcefully raising a ball with a chain at high speed towards a numbered field depending on the meters to which it is thrown; whoever throws it the farthest wins and it is not combat, but it enters Weightlifting.
  5. Strength Athletics: This discipline combines the sport of strength with speed, since the participant must have enough strength and grip to catch different types of objects in the shortest possible time, as well as being quite heavy and irregular.
  6. Discus throw: It is also considered a discipline within athletics, which is characterized by throwing a metal disc to a considerable distance, circling for it from the neck for which resistance, speed, strength and energy are needed to see if manages to throw a great distance.

Note that:

  1. Strength sports require great physical effort, so you need a balanced diet, constant training as well as encouraging the body to withstand the possibility of lifting many kilos of weight.
  2. Strength sports must always be evaluated and directed by a personal trainer, who is also in charge of taking the necessary steps to carry out any training, feeding, timing, among many other work tools.
  3. It is considered that strength sports give people power to maintain a healthy mind, balanced with a healthy and healthy body, since they maintain a constant review of the body in each practice they perform.
  4. People who do strength sports generally tend to strengthen the immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, in addition to giving more power and strength to the blood so that it circulates in clean arteries and free of obstacles.
  5. Strength sports keep the person alert, since they usually send more clean oxygen to the brain through the blood, in addition to avoiding diseases such as obesity, hypertension, stroke, Alzheimer’s, among many others.
  6. It offers reinforcement for those people who suffer from stress, anxiety, anger, decay, among many other symptoms that have to do with depression, managing to lift the spirits of those who suffer from this condition.
  7. It strengthens the bones giving it greater flexibility, granting a physical capacity in the bone aspect, giving greater capacity for strength, productivity, energy and the ability to carry out different activities regardless of age.
  8. Strength sports generate the ability of the individual to fend for themselves, since they give strength to their bodies, making them more productive and avoiding the decay of the muscles, which with age lose a large part of this important part of the body.
  9. Strength sports also give the possibility of looking and feeling good, since they provide enough energy for the person to look more active in addition to giving the desired physical appearance, by keeping fit and without a gram of fat in the body.
  10. Strength sports are a great opportunity to give people a better quality of life, since they generate enough energy to favor activities that were previously considered to cause fatigue and immobility.
  11. In addition to all this, strength sports release hormones for the performance of effective work, such as serotonin that strengthens the brain and endorphins that generate pleasure and pleasure in doing different activities, hence the energy boost.


  • Choose the discipline of strength sport that you like the most.
  • Always maintain a balanced diet without leaving carbohydrates that give you more energy.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during workouts.

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