How to Do Exercise At Home

In this hot season, we know that exercising at home is a good option to gain some muscle mass.

Now many of you will go on vacation, therefore, you may not be able to go to a gym on a regular basis, since you still go somewhere that does not have a gym or the monthly fee is too expensive.

In addition, you are not going to pay a gym fee for only one week, since it is usually much more expensive in proportion per day than in a current monthly fee.

Exercising at home is not as effective as a good weight training, but it is useful to achieve a little muscle mass and maintain muscle mass during a vacation period as we have already explained.

This item may also be ideal for people between the ages of 12 and 16, who are still too young to start weight training, but may already be starting to gain some muscle.

This routine does not stunt growth and can help build strength in tweens, so it’s a good place to start early anaerobic exercises. Then when they join the gym, they’re going to start out with a little more strength than other people who have never worked out.

The routine to do exercises at home that I have prepared for you has a low difficulty, suitable for all ages, without any kind of extraordinary cost and for all types of training levels, whether they are beginners or experts.

I offer you all this from the exercise section of, a section that offers you all kinds of exercises and sports suitable for the whole family. Pay close attention from now on, as this routine is going to make you fitter.

What do you need to exercise at home?

  • A couple of plastic bottles (jugs if you have strength).

Instructions for exercising at home

  1. Push-ups: Push
    -ups are a basic type of exercise that can be done anywhere. This type of exercise is suitable for all levels, in addition to the fact that all people with average strength can do it without problems... The push-ups are performed as follows: First, we must turn face down and hold on with our arms stretched out shoulder-width apart. Secondly, we will go down to the bottom bending our arms until we touch the ground with our chin, to go back up. You must bear in mind that you must keep your back completely straight and go down only with your arms, without doing strange things. If you can’t do push-ups due to strength, start by resting your knees on the ground so that it costs less. Push-ups are always done to muscle failure, that is, doing until you can’t do it anymore, trying to beat your own record each time.
  2. Abdominals: Abdominal
    exercises are very good to have the strength in the core of the body, which makes us have a stable body to be able to exercise, in addition to helping us to mark the chocolate bar (as long as we have a low percentage of body fat ). The way of doing sit-ups that we are going to do is the traditional one, that is, first of all, we are going to lie on our back, with our knees bent and our hands on our heads. Second, we’re going to come up with the abs halfway, keeping the neck straight and letting the tension go through the abs, not the lower back. Do 20 repetitions until you can do more without pain.
  3. Shoulder with bottles:
    Now we are going to add a little imagination, making some homemade dumbbells. For this we will only need a couple of bottles full of two liters of water to start, since it is light. When we start to have some strength, we are going to move to larger and larger bottles, with a maximum of 8 liters per bottle (each liter weighs 1 kilo). The way to do this shoulder exercise is to do the lateral raise exercise, that is, we will start by putting the arms together at the width of the abdominals, and then go up making a wing shape (birds), to go back down. Feel the tension in your shoulders, not in your back or arms.
  4. Biceps with bottles:
    We are going to take our bottles/dumbbells and we are going to do the exercise that you like the most, that is, the biceps. We are going to do the classic dumbbell biceps curl exercise that you probably already know how to do, but I am going to explain a little how it works. First of all, we are going to take the bottles with our arms stretched downwards. Secondly, we are going to contract the arms upwards, doing it in a smooth way, without arching the back or contracting the shoulders. It is done by going up explosively, but without sacrificing technique, noticing how it pulls the biceps.

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