How Do I Put The Saddle On My Bike?

Cycling or riding a bike is a sport that is gaining more and more followers, and it is not surprising, since it is a low-impact sport, that is, the body does not suffer as much as it would with other types of sports such as running.

And if you also practice it outside a gym with a conventional bicycle, you can enjoy walks and pleasant views while you exercise.

And it is curious that since we were little we want a bicycle, we play and run with it without stopping until later there comes a time when we forget about it, until, with greater age, we consider taking up this entertainment again.

To practice cycling, of course, a bicycle, a helmet and comfortable clothing are essential, as well as other protections if you want.

Of course, before leaving home with your bike, you should check that certain parts of the bike are in good condition and others are well placed, such as the saddle. This is also important in the case of children, since a badly placed saddle is harmful and the child could give up this sport and the fun of it.

Keep reading this article to learn how to position your bike seat correctly to avoid hurting yourself while doing this physical activity.


We will start by placing the saddle at the correct height. There is a formula you can use for the first placement attempt. It involves measuring the height from the ground to your crotch, and then multiplying this distance by 0.885. With this measurement in mind we will go to the bicycle and measure from the crank (the point where the pedal is screwed) to the top of the saddle, ensuring it at the height of the formula.

To check that we have done it correctly and we have not missed a few centimeters, you must get on the bike and put the pedal in low mode. Then extend your leg so that it is straight and your heel is resting on the pedal. The second check is, in the same low position, place the leg again but supporting the middle part of the foot. If the leg is almost straight with a slight bend in the knee, then the saddle is positioned correctly, if not, you should raise or lower the saddle as needed.

You must bear in mind that it is possible that sitting on the saddle you do not reach the ground with your feet, do not worry, as long as you have placed the saddle at the appropriate height, whether you reach the ground or not does not matter, you will get used to it. Getting on the bike with momentum is the best way to protect your body and especially your knees from getting hurt.

You should also think that if your saddle is very soft, when you sit down it will tend to go down, so you should add a few more millimeters to the height of your saddle. Remember that a soft saddle is not very advisable.


Now let’s proceed to adjust the tilt. In this case there is no exact formula, and everyone can adjust the saddle as they feel most comfortable, but keep in mind that you should never tilt the saddle so that the widest part is lower than the narrow one. The normal thing is to place the saddle completely straight, and in case you feel any discomfort or you are uncomfortable then tilt the saddle a little forward, towards the handlebars.

To adjust it, you just have to loosen and tighten the two screws on the supports that hold the saddle.

To avoid hurting your genitals, it is best to get a saddle adapted to your gender, since they come for men and women, and it is clear that with the correct one you will be more comfortable.

You should also bear in mind that the width of the saddle is not an inescapable clue that it is more or less uncomfortable, to check it you should sit down and check that it does not bother you or hurt you and that it fits well with you. When you have more experience, you will be able to recognize an uncomfortable saddle just by touching it.


Finally we are going to adjust the advance. This part is important because we will set the pedaling position. If we place this in a way that you are uncomfortable or that it does not adjust to the way you pedal, it could give you cramps, pulls, or cause a more serious injury.

The pedaling position is also subjective, in general you must take into account the size of your bicycle, the modality you practice and the distance you have from the handlebars.

If you have chosen your bike in the right size for you, then setting the pedaling position to the middle position is sure to fit.

If you are one of those who pedal fast, it may be better for you to move forward a little, and if you pedal slowly, move it back a little.

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