Exercises to Grow: The 7 Best Exercises

Have you ever heard of exercises to grow? How effective do you think the seven best exercises to grow are? Many tell us that human beings stop growing at the age of 21. However, nature is surprising and each person is a world. So if you want to gain a few inches in height, you have nothing to lose by trying. The exercises that we will show you next will help you to stimulate your growth as well as to rest your vertebrae allowing a quite comfortable relaxation in your body.

Who wouldn’t like to have the structure they’ve always wanted since childhood? Many people are quite tall or at least average height. However, there are people who are shorter than this and wish to grow a few centimeters more. There are also those people who, although they can be considered tall, want to continue growing.

There are really many reasons why a person wants to be tall. On the one hand, there is the television, artistic and cinematographic influence, which generally shows us that tall people are striking and successful people. Height is also considered an attractive trait. A 2014 survey in the United States suggests that most women prefer a taller man than themselves to an aesthetically attractive man of average height or shorter.

In the modeling industry, for example, women who are less than 1.70 meters tall are hardly accepted, and that is because height is something that allows you to stand out and make clothes look more striking according to some people who work in the modeling industry. Of course, all this has its respective exceptions as well as its counterparts. Just as in the vast majority of modeling industries tall and thin women are required, there are others where there is no preference for a certain body, or who prefer models of short stature and with slightly more plump bodies.

There are also people who are the opposite of people who want to grow. We are talking about people who are either satisfied with their natural height or who consider themselves too tall and would like to be a few inches shorter. It even happens that some people feel self-conscious about being tall. But well there is something that is quite clear: sometimes what some people want other people repel.

In the end, the only thing that matters is the perception that we have about ourselves and that must transcend beyond the opinion of other human beings regarding our physique. One must love oneself as one is, but if there is any change that we want to make, the important thing is that we do it by our own decision and not because of the influence that other people have on us.

If you want to grow a few inches, then in this article you will find some important facts and exercises that will help you increase your height as well as several tips that will help you look taller than you are and that we suggest you read so that you can get the most out of it. Get the most out of this article. It is time to know what the best 7 exercises to grow are.

What do you need for The 7 Best Exercises?

  • work out
  • Be consistent and disciplined

Instructions for the 7 Best Exercises

  1. Swimming. Swimming is an exercise that provides multiple benefits to our body and our organism. There are so many beneficial things that we can obtain from this sport, that it is worth highlighting a few. On the one hand, swimming allows us a comprehensive training in most of the muscles of our body. Another pretty good thing about swimming is that it helps us to have more cardiopulmonary resistance. It also helps us decompress the vertebrae of our spine, which will help us gain some height, especially if we are people who adopt tired or stooped postures. We can end by clarifying that it is a fairly complete exercise, not to mention that it is very relaxing and fun.
  2. Volleyball. This exercise is extremely fun and has many variants; we can choose the one we like the most or the one that suits our possibilities or needs. There is beach volleyball, water volleyball and track volleyball. Volleyball helps us stimulate our spine, legs and arms. In addition to being a very fun exercise, it will help us add one or two centimeters approximately to our height. Remember that this type of exercise can cause tears in your back or arms if you do not warm up well before playing, so we suggest you warm up for at least 10 minutes before playing volleyball.
  3. Basketball. I think it’s the most obvious exercise that was going to be on this list. Most of us have easily noticed that most basketball players are quite tall. This height is not always because that person has been genetically determined to be tall, but because this type of exercise stimulates the growth of people when practiced on a regular basis and the proper training is followed. Practice this sport whenever possible, because not only will you have a few centimeters more height, but you will also train your legs, arms and your reflexes. This is undoubtedly one of the most fun and complete exercises that we are going to be able to do to increase our height.
  4. Jump on a trampoline. It may sound a bit absurd to some people, but constantly jumping can help us decompress our back and therefore grow a little. Remember that the height of people is not constant throughout the day. That’s right, it may sound a little weird and even unbelievable to many, but in reality our height varies quite a bit by something as simple as gravity. When we are sleeping and when we wake up, our spine is generally decompressed, that is, each vertebra is in its place and the body is rested. Therefore, you may be a much taller person in the morning than at night. Since when we finish our day the body is felt and we are shorter than our true height. Jumping on a trampoline can help us improve our posture and decompress our spine. It is also an excellent exercise for the calves and buttocks.
  5. Yoga. Yoga or yoga as it is known in various countries is a discipline of Asian origin that unites several things in itself. On the one hand we have the philosophical aspect that seeks the harmony of spiritual development. On the other hand we have the physical aspect; yoga is an extremely beneficial activity for the health of our body both at an organic level and at a muscular and vertebral level. These types of exercises help massage our organs as well as stretch, decompress and relax various parts of our body, including our spine. This will help us gain a few inches and improve our posture in the long run. One of the problems that many people face is the so-called kyphosis, which is the result of a bad posture that has been maintained for a long time. Well, yoga precisely helps us correct and avoid many of these ailments.
  6. Stretches. Similar to what happens with yoga, morning and night stretching every day will help us improve our posture, improve the quality of our muscles, preventing unnecessary fatigue and, in turn, improve our posture and prevent back problems, neck and spine. The most recommended stretching exercises to grow is to stand with our legs straight, as straight as possible and bend our back trying to bring our hands to the floor or to the tips of our feet.. Even if you are flexible enough to touch the balls of your feet, try going down a bit more. This will totally decompress your spine and add flexibility to your body. It is also convenient that you lie on your bed or face down on the floor and bend your back backwards keeping your legs straight, forming the position known as the Egyptian effigy. These two exercises are excellent when it comes to seeking height. It’s also nice if you can perform the famous Brooklyn Bridge, which will stretch all the vertebrae in your back backwards.
  7. Finally we can recommend hanging from a bar. Both the bars in the parks where children play and the bars in the gym are good options if what we want is to increase a few centimeters in height. You can do your normal exercise routine and finish with a few barbells, or just take advantage of opportunities to hang from a barbell and just drop your weight by holding on to your hands. You will notice how your body begins to feel a very pleasant relaxation and this is also beneficial for your back.

Tips for the 7 Best Exercises

  • There are several tricks that can help us see ourselves taller than we are. If you are a man you can wear pants close to the height of your navel and preferably tight at the calf. Try to make them a solid color and not with patterns or drawings. This will help give you the appearance of a taller body and longer legs.
  • Avoid wearing t-shirts or shirts that reach below your butt as this will make your legs look shorter and therefore you will look shorter than you are.
  • Fringe hairstyles for both men and women detract from people’s height and make them appear to have a more childlike face. If what you want is to look taller, avoid hairstyles that have fringes or that cover your forehead a lot. Instead you can opt for hairstyles with volume and the crown and the top of the head.
  • If you are a woman you can use the accessories in your favor. Avoid chokers around the neck and round necklaces. Give preference to long necklaces that go from your neck to the neckline. This will give the appearance that your neck is longer and therefore that you are taller.
  • You can also wear skirts above the navel just like pants. When we wear garments above our waist we give the appearance of having longer legs, a more voluptuous butt and gaining more height.
  • Combine your pants with your heels, making sure they are of similar colors. If your shoes are the same color as your socks, leggings or pants, they will give the optical illusion that your legs are longer. Avoid wearing light shoes with dark clothes and vice versa.

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