10 Tips Every Runner Needs To Know

Running is one of those activities that people say gets them hooked, since it is an activity that perfectly mixes exercise with fun, which makes it the vice of every runner.

Running was born a few years ago, but it is more popular than ever. It consists of running a longer or shorter distance at a low-medium intensity, which will depend on the distance the runner wants to cover.

The grace of running is not to go very fast or endure a lot, but to be able to do all this without getting too tired and enjoying a good line and a good physical shape when we do it, since we do not forget that we go running to have a better fitness and be the best runner.

The good thing about running is that it is a physical activity that does not wear out much, it is a free activity, it is an activity that can be done anywhere in the world and it is an activity with great benefits for the runner’s health.

Thanks to all these benefits, there are more and more people who decide to go running in order to improve their health, their physical shape and also do everything with fun and with good room.

Of course, it is not worth doing like Forrest Gump and going to run with the first clothes we catch. In order to run some races as they should be done, we must do it with a bit of head, taking into account several tips that can save our lives and that will help us have a better experience when it comes to running.

I have compiled about 10 tips that will help you in your task of running long distances safely. Follow these tips if you want to be physically fit, if you want to enjoy running, and if you want to do all of this without accidents or injuries in the process.

Correct clothing and footwear

The first thing we should know when going for a run is that we should wear the right clothes for this task. Many people go running with the first tracksuit and the first shoes they get, which is a huge mistake. The first thing you should look at is the pants, because if they are too tight, you will get chafing. The best option is good tight running tights. As for footwear, they must be resistant shoes, with a good sole that allows running without wearing out and with good perspiration. Also wear a shirt that lets you run without getting in the way and if necessary, put a bandana on your hair to prevent sweat from falling into your eyes.

Do a good warm up

Now we go with the second step, which is to do a good warm-up. Warming up helps us to power the muscle in a situation of effort, that is, so that when we make an effort, the muscle has already taken temperature and can do better. If we do not heat up well, you could injure yourself due to the sudden change in temperature, so you should always do it. Start by doing some joint mobility exercises in the lower part of your body and then in the upper part. Then walk for 500 meters very fast, so that the muscle enters a little more heat.

Start small

If you’re just starting out in this world, don’t expect to be a marathon runner the first day you went running. Start little by little, that is, with a low intensity, with a distance that you can do and then go up. In this way, you will avoid overloading yourself, you will avoid all kinds of injuries and you will be able to have a better time running, since you will not be drowned and you will not get a great deal of frustration for having an overly ambitious goal at the beginning.

Running with good technique

Running has its technique even if it seems simple. If we run with the wrong technique, we are multiplying the risk of injury, which is something we never want to happen. To run with a good technique, try to synchronize your arms and your hips with your feet, try not to step flat, but to step first with the tip and then with the heel, so that you can absorb the weight and not injure yourself. Also always look straight ahead, never arching your back, and move your arms a bit to give yourself a greater aerodynamic boost when running.

Control breathing

Now we have to control our breathing, a complicated task, because if we breathe involuntarily, we will soon run out of air. It is about taking in a lot of air and releasing it slowly while running. Try to always be with enough oxygen, to breathe slowly and let the air penetrate into the lung. Once you have done all this, you will be able to control your breathing much better when running, thus achieving better technique and greater stamina.

Correct hydration

Now we come to the issue of hydration, which must be very correct when doing sports, whether it is low intensity or high intensity. Post-race hydration is essential, since we must drink a lot of water when we finish running, to replace all the liquids that we have lost and thus not alter the PH of the skin. I advise you not to drink while running, as you will lose your rhythm and fill your stomach with water, which could cause you to vomit.

Fight to achieve your goals

You must set progressive goals when running, because if you don’t do this, you’re going to stagnate. If, for example, you spend a year running three kilometers in a time of 18 minutes, your physical form will have stagnated, as well as your body weight and your resistance. So set goals to meet, which must be done little by little. They should also motivate you, because if you set yourself very high goals at the beginning, you will not get the motivation you need to achieve your goals both in the short and long term. Nor should they be very easy goals, because otherwise you will stagnate.

Have persistence and patience

Consistency is key, that is, you must not only have a goal in mind, but you must also fight to continue fulfilling it, no matter how tired you get and no matter how hard it is. You must be a real fighter if you want to be good at this, as this is pure effort.

Stretch at the end of the run

When you have finished running, do not stop completely, but walk for a while to completely cool down your muscles. Once your heart has returned to normal, stretch your muscles to continue cooling down, since this way you will be able to avoid runner injuries due to sudden changes in temperature in the muscle and joints.


Rest is essential for the runner if you want your muscles to develop. The human body has a limit, which should not be exceeded. Although it is important to be a fighter and beat yourself, you should also give yourself a well-deserved rest, so that the body is more efficient when exercising. The rest is done in several ways, firstly, sleeping enough hours and secondly, leaving several rest sessions between running session and running session, only then will you achieve results.

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