Dumbbell Back Exercises

Lumbar training is essential in any type of fitness routine. The spine, and all the muscles that surround it, is essential to have a healthy and balanced day to day and to be able to carry out any type of activity without any problem.

What are dumbbell back exercises?

Back exercises are all those that include dorsal training, both at the upper and lower levels, as well as the entire lower back. The back muscle group is one of the largest in the entire body. Thus, there are multiple training systems to gain muscle mass or define it. In gyms there are multiple machines such as rowing or the pull-up bar to train it.

However, one of the most used training systems for the back is the dumbbell. In fact, back exercises can be performed with any type of system. A deadlift can be trained with a barbell, and at the same time, with a dumbbell.

One of the great advantages of using dumbbells is the possibility of more accurately adapting the desired weight and, at the same time, personalizing the movement and technique to achieve back exercises in the most perfect way possible.

Benefits of using dumbbells for back training

There are some benefits of using dumbbells, to the detriment of barbells or machines, to perform back exercises. The most prominent are the following:

  • Prevents injuries such as muscle contractures. The possibility of using a more accurate technique facilitates a better execution of the exercises.
  • It is the training system that has a greater number of exercises for the back.
  • It allows you to customize a training system more adapted to the needs of each person.
  • The weights are more exact than in the use of the bar and the machines. At the same time, it allows to have lower weights to be able to train with free weights for beginners.

How to perform back exercises with dumbbells

When it comes to putting together a dumbbell back exercise routine, there are numerous options. However, we show you those that should be in any type of routine. All these types of exercises will require a previous correct physical form. The back must be completely straight to avoid suffering any type of contracture. Having a good core and strong abdominal muscles will make the task easier. Rowing is, without a doubt, next to the deadlift, the star exercise to train the back. Although it is better known on a machine, it is also possible to do it with dumbbells... With a dumbbell in each hand and bending the legs in a squat position, we will raise the dumbbells at a right angle with our elbows and return to the starting position without altering the position of the knees and legs.

The great breadth of the back allows rowing in different positions to train each of the muscles in each person’s dorsal. The kneeling row is performed with a single dumbbell. With one knee and one hand holding the bench, we will raise the weight with the same technique as the previous one, placing the body straight. Once finished with one arm, we will repeat the exercise changing arms. The same happens with the stand-up and one-arm rowing. Holding the bench with one hand and leaning the body, we will raise the dumbbell with the other arm until the upper part is parallel to our body and return to the starting position. Once finished, we will change arms.In all rowing exercises we must be very demanding with the back, since it must be completely straight. Squeeze your abdominals to activate it.

The deadlift completes the list of star exercises for the dorsal. The best known is with a bar, although it is also possible to do it with dumbbells. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, we will bend our knees and then push ourselves back to the previous position after a short pause. The other variable of this type of exercise is its performance with absolutely straight legs. The technique is completely similar, and the only difference is the non-flexion of the knees.

Push-ups and back opening put an end to the most outstanding exercises for this muscle group. With a dumbbell on one of our feet, we will push ourselves with the lower back to pick up the weight and recover our initial position. Once we finish with one leg, we will perform the same movement but on the opposite leg. Opposite leg curls, on the other hand, are performed with two dumbbells. With the strength of the back we will catch them but the difference is that we will not return to the initial position. We’ll go to the other foot and start over. Finally, the back openings they are an exercise quite similar to superman. Stretched out on a bench and with two dumbbells on the ground, we will reach the weights and raise them until our arms are parallel to the ground and return to the starting position.

The perfect routine for back exercises

All of these exercises are ideal for improving the entire back, as they are aimed at strengthening the upper and lower dorsal, as well as the entire lower back. The entire spine will be better protected and will prevent possible back pain in the future. 

Before starting any type of back routine, it is necessary to make sure that you do not suffer from any type of back pain or have any medical condition or discomfort. It is especially important to be very demanding in this aspect because the back is one of the most compromised parts of the entire body, and one of the easiest to suffer some type of injury.

At the same time, and once you start the routine, you must be very careful about how you perform the exercises and make sure you use the correct technique to prevent possible injuries. All in all, in the perfect back routine you should divide the week between rowing exercises, deadlifts, push-ups and flies. In rowing exercises without a bench we will perform three series of 10-15 repetitions, and in bench exercises three series of between 5 and 10 repetitions. In deadlift exercises, three sets of 12 repetitions, and in flies and push-ups, three sets of eight repetitions. Vary the number of repetitions throughout the weeks, to avoid falling into stagnation. Also, do not hesitate to change the exercises every one or two months to prevent the muscles from getting used to it and slowing down their growth process.

In every routine you should combine the training of large muscles with small muscles. Plan a couple of days of back training and divide the proposed routine in two. Keep in mind that it is one of the largest muscle groups in the body and numerous back exercises are possible. If the training is satisfactory, you will begin to see the results from the first month. Performing back exercises will give you a better physical shape, better health and, in addition, a much healthier lifestyle. Over the years, actions as simple as making the purchase and carrying the bags, you will notice the results obtained with this training.

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