Chest Exercises: The 7 Best Exercises

One of the big problems that people who are new to the gym have is that they try too hard to develop or train a part of their body and forget that a good workout must be comprehensive. Therefore, after several months or even years of training, some parts of our body may be more toned than others.

It especially happens in the case of men who try so hard to develop their arms or back and end up forgetting other parts of their body such as their legs or chest, so that the harmony of the body is lost and ends up becoming an unaesthetic body While a lot of men don’t care, it really isn’t always a good sight to see a body that’s messed up due to the wrong way of performing exercises.

As we mentioned from the beginning, a good training must be comprehensive. To understand what I mean, I will give the example of most women who go to the gym. Although many of us do not want to admit it, most women go to the gym to train their buttocks, and they focus so much on this part of their body that they do not give importance to the rest of their body. So they may have a pretty striking butt but the harmony of their body is lost because the rest is not trained or even looks disproportionate.

Many women are even afraid of performing chest exercises; this is due to the hundreds of myths and the occasional partial truth, very common in the world of fitness. You have the idea, for example, that if you do weights you will lose your bust or even are as flat as a man. This is not entirely true; the size of our bust is dictated by our own genetics. In addition, what gives volume to the taste are two things, on the one hand we have the mammary glands and on the other hand we have the fat that is typical of the bust.

Unless we perform exhaustive exercises, it really does not have to affect the aesthetics of our body in an exaggerated way when performing pectoral exercises. In fact, it is quite positive in many aspects since we can tone our bust. But as we said this is a partial truth, obviously if you do strenuous exercise and lose large amounts of fat at a general level, all this will be affected. That is why many women in the fitness industry end up resorting to plastic surgery after a few years to remedy this aesthetic problem.

Finally, we can clarify that for both men and women, training the chest are something important that we must include in this exercise routine if we want to obtain effective and beneficial results when it comes to going to the gym. That is the reason why I will teach you these exercises for the chest, of which I am going to highlight the 7 best exercises for the chest.

What do you need for The 7 Best Exercises?

  • dumbbells
  • go to gym

Instructions for the 7 Best Exercises

  1. Alternate Dumbbell Raise. This exercise is very beneficial for both men and women. In the case of women, it will help us to firm up our bust and lift it by giving it shape. Of course, it should be clarified that any chest exercise we do is going to train and shape our muscle, not directly the mammary glands or fat. Which are what make up our breasts. In the case of men, this exercise will stimulate the formation of pectorals and in turn will help train the arms, more specifically the biceps, triceps and back. The proper way to perform this exercise is by lying down on a platform that allows us to have our feet on the floor and lift the dumbbells by interspersing them. Each dumbbell should weigh enough so that we do not do more than 7 or 8 repetitions, we will only do 3 to 4 series of these exercises.
  2. Push-up this is a basic exercise par excellence and also brings many benefits when it comes to training. When we perform push-ups we are not only stimulating our pecks, but we are also stimulating our back and abdomen. There are several ways to perform push-ups, but the most basic and appropriate way to stimulate our chest is to lie on the floor with our arms outstretched, with our body straight, pressing our abdominal muscles and dropping our weight on the balls of our feet. And in the hands. Separate your arms adequately so that you can bend over and move each arm at a 90° angle or less. This will allow for maximum stimulation of the muscles in your pecks and arms. Performing 8 to 15 repetitions will be more than enough. Remember that if you feel pain in your back, it means that you are not adopting the correct posture. If you have a hard time supporting your own weight, you can support yourself on your knees and not on the balls of your feet.
  3. Raise a single dumbbell with both hands. Assuming the posture of the first exercise but holding a single heavy dumbbell and lowering it from in front of our chest to a 90° angle reaching head level, holding it with both hands, will be an excellent way to stimulate the pectoral muscles. The main risk that exists with this exercise is that if we do not hold the dumbbell well, it could fall on our chest or head and end up causing a fatal injury. If you dare to perform this exercise, make sure you use a weight that you can handle well enough to perform all the necessary reps.
  4. Bar lift. It is an exercise similar to the previous one but it consists of using a bar weight, which we must lift straight from our chest until we fully stretch our arms. It is not really a very complex exercise, but it can be quite tiring due to the weight we have to lift. This exercise greatly stimulates the growth of the pectoral and biceps.
  5. Elastic stretching. Unlike the previous exercises that in one way or another can be done at home, this is an exercise that requires the elastic machine, so it will be better to do it in the gym. It consists of making Christ’s with the arms holding the elastics that lift the weight bars. We must lift the weight that we can support but we must not exceed it.
  6. Raise two dumbbells at 90° with the forearms. This is a similar exercise to the first and third on this list, but it has a very special twist. Basically we are going to keep most of our arms straight towards the ceiling, but we are going to bend from the elbow to the wrist at a 90° angle holding two dumbbells and moving them at the same time.
  7. Christ’s with dumbbells. This exercise consists of performing Christ holding two dumbbells and keeping our back straight and our knees slightly bent. We bend our knees to avoid any weight-bearing injury. Remember to keep your core tight whenever you perform weight-bearing exercises, this can lessen the impact that weight-bearing can have on our core, back, or pelvic floor, which are often the three most affected body parts when carrying large amounts of weight. Don’t forget to always cool down after performing your exercise routine.

Tips for the 7 Best Exercises

  • Also remember that you should only train your chest once a week for two reasons: on the one hand we must allow our muscle to regenerate and, unlike what many believe, muscle is not generated when we are exercising, but when we are at rest. The other reason why we should not exaggerate with this exercise is because instead of making the muscle grow we will end up making it “burn”, that is, our muscle will end up atrophying or losing volume.
  • Remember to use an amount of weight that is bearable for you, but also does not allow you to do more than the repetitions mentioned in the first step. Doing several repetitions with little weight is not going to tone your muscles; all you will do is tire yourself.
  • It is a myth to think that using ½ kilo or 1 kilo weights will help you train, because unless you are a child or an elderly person, this is not enough weight to adequately stimulate the muscle. Many women are afraid of using considerable weight because they think they will develop masculine muscles. Actually this is totally a myth, for a woman to develop half the volume of muscles of a man she has to make at least three or four times more effort than a man when training, this is because the body of the woman A woman is genetically primed to produce less muscle and produce more fat. Therefore, using dumbbells will only pull your arms and will not stimulate muscle generation.

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