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Teamwork is one of the main values ​​that companies evaluate when deciding whether to hire a person. The departments of the companies are totally interconnected and individual work has been reduced in an abysmal way. For this reason, the quality of knowing how to interact with other people, listening and exchanging ideas and opinions with respect are absolutely necessary if you want to be efficient, meet the delivery deadlines of the different projects and maintain a healthy environment. For this reason, as a great shock therapy to see if someone is able to adapt to relating to other people and meeting people.

What are team sports?

Team sports are those in which the presence of more than one player forming the so-called teams is necessary for the correct development of the game. There are clearly individual sports where there is only one protagonist and where sports performance depends exclusively on him. On the other hand, in team sports there is more than one actor who participates in the game and the result is the collective performance against the rival. The skills required to succeed in team sports are very different from those needed in individual sports because more than one human being is sharing the playing field. And, therefore, there are factors beyond the game that we must manage to control to achieve the necessary success in the modality in which we participate.

From the outside, it is very easy to see if a team sport is well put together or not. It may be a team that wins because the level of quality of its players is much higher than that of its rivals and, therefore, with some individuality from the good players it is enough to win the game. However, this is usually not enough, fortune smiles, unless we face a team of our same level. In this sense, a well-coordinated team wins a lot and this is achieved if the coach’s work in preparing for matches is good. Two different qualities are usually required: on the one hand, good psychological preparation and, on the other hand, strategy. In fact, the two are often interrelated. And when we get one, the other usually comes alone. Previously, you can do exercises to lose weight at home.

When we prepare strategic plays that can surprise the opponent and the players realize that they are effective, the respect for the coach will rise. Motivation will also be increased because they will see themselves in a winning project that can do something great. On the other hand, in losing projects, the players tend to disconnect and lead a much more marked life of excesses and not that exemplary routine they need to be in the best possible shape. However, the challenge of recovering a sunken team is also enormous and the coaches who manage it usually end up being one of the best. They need to be motivators and psychologists and that part is one of the most complicated to achieve successfully. The negative thoughts of the players are usually constant and it takes time to achieve it. Sometimes, however, the match schedule doesn’t play in our favor. Therefore, in team sports, there are values ​​of camaraderie, sacrifice, empathy and, above all, leadership that must come to light. When playing in individual sports, all these motivational thoughts must be carried out by the same player with himself and, sometimes, not having a motivating figure beyond the coach can be insufficient.

Benefits of playing team sports

All in all, carrying out team sports has multiple benefits for all those who decide to carry out this type of sports practice. The most prominent are the following:

  • Develop social skills. We all fight for the same goal, which is victory against the opposing team. To do this, it is necessary to understand each other, predict the opponent’s movements and know how to adapt to others. If we are able to develop these skills, we will be able to do so in a different context.
  • Fellowship. Knowing how to be a good teammate and being sporty is another of the skills that we can develop. You have to know how to empathize with others when things don’t work out, in addition to knowing how to lose and behave like a gentleman both in victory and in defeat.
  • More victory options. In individual sports, it’s you against the opponent. If you have a bad day, the most normal thing is to end up losing. However, in team sports more than one team plays and you can have a bad day, but the good performance of a teammate can be enough to tip the scales.
  • Establish social relationships. Obviously, team sports, beyond the sports field, are an excellent platform to meet new people who also share a love for this sport with you and can be a topic of conversation.

Types of team sports

There are many different types of team sports, although above all, soccer stands out, the king of sports worldwide. Within football there are different types. The best known and followed is the one played by two teams of eleven players on a field of natural or artificial grass. Of these eleven, there is a goalkeeper who is in charge of preventing them from scoring goals and that within his area, except in exceptional circumstances, he can catch the ball with his hands. In the big cities, there are some sports centers that have large soccer fields and that allow them to be rented for all those who want to play a game pretending to be a real team playing on a big field. Obviously, the little ones and teenagers can also join a soccer team and compete in a more professional way on weekends. However, until reaching football 11 it is necessary to go through football 7, which, as its name suggests, is made up of two teams of seven players who play on a smaller field and with a line that marks offside. In addition, we can also find futsal where it is played with two teams of five players and on a parquet or synthetic-type field of much smaller dimensions. Precisely, soccer is the favorite sport of the kids as an extracurricular activity after their classes.

Behind football, we find basketball. It is another of the most demanded activities to do sports after school. It is played on a hardwood or clay field with two teams of five players who must score more points than the rival by scoring baskets. Among girls it is also a really popular sport. It is played with usual dimensions throughout Europe, and when they grow up there are times when they are small that the shot of 3 does not exist and that all shots without exception are worth two points. The only novelty is for those players who, due to their talent, are going to play in the best basketball league in the world. It is located in the United States and, in the NBA; the triple line is somewhat further away than in European therefore they must grade their long shot so that it remains as effective as possible. Basketball courts in big cities, especially when we talk about North American ones like New York, are usually overflowing with players eager to show off their skills. Not surprisingly, sports are a philosophy in the United States, especially team sports. It stands out in addition to basketball, baseball, ice hockey or American football with huge television audiences. Another of the modalities found in Europe is rugby, which requires strength exercises to be competitive.

Behind these team sports, which are the main and most practiced, we can also find handball, which, like basketball, is played on a futsal field with five players but with the hand. More minority, there are also sports that can be considered seasonal and are usually practiced in summer. Although there is a form of volleyball that is played in a sports center, beach volleyball is more popular along with beach soccer. Sailing can also be considered a team sport, along with swimming in the team relay mode. Likewise, athletics also has a relay modality like tennis, which despite being less popular; there are also numerous doubles tournaments with renowned specialists. Although it stands out as an individual sport, motorsport is a team sport. L to Formula 1 and MotoGP They have a championship for drivers but also for teams and brands, and synchronization with the technical team is crucial for setting up the single-sweater or motorcycle. If we want them more specific, some modalities such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans are total team sports since they are based on relays. All in all, knowing how to play as a team will help in many spheres of life, especially in professional life, where teamwork is a fundamental asset.

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