Types of Dribbling In Football

What is dodge

They are sudden and fast movements that a player makes with his body in order to overcome a player from the opposing team without the latter being able to snatch the ball from him; he reads on to see the Types of Dribbling in Soccer.

So then, dribbles are skills that different athletes take individually where they perform feints and movements with the different parts of the body in possession of the ball, in order to dodge the opponent; Dribbling is also known by the name of dribbling, a word that derives from English: dribble. In some Spanish-speaking countries it has other names, among which we find gam beta, mock in Mexico or dribble in Brazil.

It is a very marked characteristic in South American soccer.

Types of dribbling in soccer


This is the most common and surely we have seen it in matches more than a million times, either by watching them live or through electronic media such as television; this basically consists of a small deflection of the ball towards the side of the player; to be most effective it should be directed to the side of the opposing player’s weakest leg. There is a variant of this dribble, and it involves raising the ball higher to ensure that the defender cannot touch the ball. Mara Dona and Pelé are players who used this type of dribbling a lot; today as an example, we can put Messy.

Auto pass

This dribble is very simple, but at the same time effective, it consists of giving a pass to the side of the player of the opposing team when he is static and then running out the other side, thus pinning the opposing player.


This dribble is when you manage to get the ball through the legs of the opposing player and then get past him on the side.


It is when you have the ball with control and speed, and from one moment to another you stop dead to change direction.


It is a dribble well known to all, it occurs when the ball is raised so that it passes over the defender; a pioneer of this was Pelé.

Marseille or roulette

It is a weapon that is usually taken out at the last minute, when a ball is divided; it is when you use your own speed to be able to make a rotation that goes over the ball and thus overcome the opposing player. This type of dribbling has the name of Zibeline Zane, since many have done it but without the elasticity and elegance with which he did it.

Cow tail

This dribble occurs when the player has the defender on his back and then proceeds to turn 180 degrees with the inside of his foot, which is stuck to the ball and thus breaks the defending player’s waist. Rosario was famous for making this dribble in a Spanish League classic when he broke Rafi Lakota’s waist and thus scored a goal.

Rhythm change

This can have variants, but it mainly consists of being able to get that explosiveness that some players have when controlling the ball.


It is very common to see players from Brazil use it; it consists of passing the legs over the ball and when the attacker effectively goes to one side, it is when the defender is deceived. Denison was famous for applying this type of dribbling.

Zing Sag

This dribble is about speed and basically consists of constantly changing direction until the defending player is misled.

“Hocus Pocus”. Dribbling with abracadabra or ribbon

This dribble is the most difficult to do, so it is not normal to see it in games, it is more common in training. Having the ball behind, the player hooks it with the inside of his foot and then passes it behind the other while performing the abracadabra movement so that the ball goes to the opposite side.

Oriented control

As its name indicates, it is when a control is made that is really oriented towards the direction in which it is intended to go and thus catch the defending player off guard; forwards use this type of dribbling a lot.

Heel and change of direction

It is a widely used and quite effective dribble, but also one of the least renowned; it consists of giving a cross-heel to change direction and thus leaving the defending player pinned.


This dribble is when you have your foot stuck and then you approach the ball towards the center of the defending player’s legs, but at the least expected moment, with the inside edge of his foot, he sends the ball out along with his Body.

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