Baseball Rules – Everything You Need To Know

Baseball is a team sport. This sport can also be known as baseball (although it is not as common) or as baseball.

In order to play you need two teamsThere must be nine players on each team. That is, there must be a total of eighteen players. In order to play baseball, it is necessary to have some minimum requirements. For example, the players, the field, the glove, the ball, and the baseball bat. Without these minimums, it is impossible to play.

It is not a sport that is not practiced in all countries, nor is it as famous and followed and even practiced, as is the case with soccer. Even so, in the countries where it is practiced, it is adored. In Spain and European countries, it is not very famous or practiced, as it would be with football. On the other hand, in American countries like the United States (the king of baseball), in Latin American countries, even in Japan, this sport is king.

Baseball is a game where one of the players is in charge of throwing a ball hit by the baseball bat to another player of the opposing team. The function is to have to run through the interior of the field (intended for this) but with the mission of having to step on the four bases that are placed there. It seems simple, but it is not. Because in all this time, the opposing team is in charge of running and catching the thrown ball. You have to do it before the rival team gets the ball. If when throwing the batted ball, the opposing team catches it on the fly, the batter is immediately eliminated. Of course… you need batting prowess, picking up proficiency and having a background and fitness to run.


  1. To play this sport, you need two teams. Each team will consist of nine players.
  2. Where it is played, the field has to have specific measures and characteristics of baseball fields. The field has to measure thirty meters.
  3. The field where baseball is played must always have a surface made of grass. This can be natural or artificial. Later, within the same field, there will be dirt spaces that are for players to run around the bases.
    The bases are placed in the apex zones in the area and it is called a diamond. The other grounded area is the pitcher’s area.
  4. The game consists of phases. There are nine innings of the match(or parts or phases). Who wins? The team that has won the most parts.
  5. Be careful, grass and dirt should always exist on a baseball field, although some are all dirt. but if you pay attention or have had the opportunity to observe them in person; it will surely catch your attention, because just like in other sports, the field always by regulation must be the same, in baseball, no. It can have any shape you want. So the truth is, it attracts attention and is one more curiosity of this sport.
  6. To play, the rules will always be the same. It is about throwing the ball with a bat, which is called batting. You must hit the opposite zone so that the opposing team picks up the ball. While the other team tries to catch it, the player who has batted must run and the mission is for the entire team to step on and pass all four bases. If when batting, the opposing team picks up the ball or catches it on the fly, the batter will be eliminated. If you are running down the field and the opposing team gets the ball, they are eliminated if they did not reach any base.
  7. If for whatever reason, both teams will end up with a tied score, they will have to break the tie yes or yes. The game will not be over until the tie is broken.
  8. The player who hits the ball (hitter) will always have a maximum number of plays pitched. A maximum of four. If he misses them, that player will have to get on base (first) and the batter on the other team will then have a maximum of three pitches. This has a name that, surely you have heard, is called strike.
  9. The launches that are recounted are called, account. For both the good pitches and the bad.
  10. When it comes to hitting, there are certain rules. One of the possibilities, if the batter hits the ball and the ball hits the ground before any opposing player catches it and it touches base without the opposing players getting the ball, this shot will be called, easy. Another possibility, that when batting the player manages to reach second base and the opposing players have not taken the ball, it will be called a double. If everything happens the same way, but the batter manages to reach third base, the play is called a triple. And last chance, the batter gets past all the bases, so it’s called a home run.
  11. Mojito, because what we told you before. If when batting the opposing team catches the ball on the fly (without having touched the ground) the batter is immediately eliminated.
  12. It is called a foul when the ball is hit, but it has been done out of bounds, on the sidelines. What does the batsman have to do at that moment? He will have in his points from him (remember that the count is called a count) to strike. Now it becomes a bit more complicated if you are not used to this sport…
  13. If the player had less than two strikes, it is added. But if instead, he had two strikes, he will continue to do so without being eliminated. There is another method to eliminate the batter. When he throws, if the throw is out of bounds and another player from the opposing team catches the ball on the fly, he is eliminated.
  14. There are plays that add more points. For example, when throwing the ball there are three players and they are in the first, second and third base zones. In other words, simpler. If all the bases are occupied by the players, then four runs are added and it is called a grand slam.
  15. The plays are very important, yes. Pick up the ball, too. Running for the bases, the same. But throwing the ball correctly is also vital. Moreover, in this game (as in all) there is a referee. This one, he always watches the launches and must control that they are carried out correctly. How do you make the correct launch? A good throw must always be made in a specific movement, above the armpit area passing through the knees. In any case, the referee will always be alert. If he sees that the rules are not being met, he will call him a ball.
  16. The referee is not called that, he is called an umpire.
  17. There will always be an umpire (remember they are called umpires in baseball) behind the hitting zone. In this way, he will always check that it is served correctly and decide if it is good or bad. Because this also has a specific name. A good serve will be called: strike and a bad serve: ball.
  18. It is a tired sport. In fact, so much so that there are no defined times to conclude… if there is a tie, since that possibility does not exist, they must continue until there is only one winner. For not commenting on the physical wear and tear they do. Both when hitting the ball and running, as well as going after the ball down the field and throwing it.
  19. As for baseball bats, surely you have noticed or have seen that there are metal and also wooden. This depends more on the priorities of each hitter. In general and as a tip, the metal bat is usually used by people who do not have much skill with baseball or are novices. And when you already have experience, then they use the wooden bat.
  20. Unlike other sports, where if the referee expels a player, the team is penalized for playing with one less player, in baseball, this is not possible. If a player is expelled, immediately, another must enter his place. There should always be nine players on each team.

What do you need

  • Players.
  • The proper field to play baseball.
  • The shoes to play baseball, they are called Spikes.
  • Glove.
  • The baseball bat can be made of metal or wood.
  • The baseball (not just any ball will do).


Surely, you are wondering how it is known who is in charge of hitting the balls first and who is not. This is always decided before playing the matches. It is important to know the order to throw the ball and therefore, always before starting, the teams meet and communicate the order they have decided.

It will never be possible to play with fewer players (even if one has been expelled). If this is the case, another must enter immediately.

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