How to Start Playing Tennis

Tennis is a very popular sport, being the best racket sport in the world, a sport widely practiced all over the world and that is becoming more and more fashionable.

Professional tennis players are respected all over the world, since we all know that it is a very demanding sport and that it requires good skill and eye-hand coordination to be able to play it in the most correct way possible.

That’s why we all want to start playing tennis, so that we can have a little fun hitting the tennis ball and start having great fun in this world of tennis.

The bad thing about this is that not everyone knows where to start playing tennis, since it takes more than a tennis racket to start playing, which is why this puts many people back when it comes to playing., since not knowing where to start, they get frustrated and start to stop playing, which is not very good, since it is never good to leave our dreams aside.

If you are one of those frustrated people for not knowing where to start, you are in the right place, I am going to teach you step by step, how to start playing tennis, so that you do not have any Doubt about it and have a good advice when playing.

What do you need to start playing tennis?

  • To tennis racket.
  • tennis ball
  • A companion to play.
  • A basic equipment to play that I will say next.

Instructions to start playing tennis

  1. Get the racket:
    The first thing to play tennis is to get a good tennis racket that allows us to correctly execute all the actions of this sport... The first thing we must bear in mind is that we should not pay any expense, since a bad racket does not hold well, breaks easily and is not visually appealing. The first thing we must look at is that the net of the racket is resistant, that is, that it perfectly withstands the blows of the ball, since many rackets fail in this part and end up broken. As for the material of the racket, it should be a material that is resistant and at the same time light, such as aluminum or carbon fiber. You should also choose a racket of a correct size and you should also see that the handle is ergonomic, so that the racket does not slip when we start playing tennis.
  2. Equipment to play tennis:
    Once we have the tennis racket ready, we need good equipment to play tennis in the most correct way possible, for this, we only have to look at professional tennis players to be able to imitate them, since they know better than anyone what they do.

    1. Clothes: The first thing is to get comfortable clothes, such as shorts and a polo shirt. The thing is that it allows us to move freely from one side of the track to the other and that it breathes, therefore, it is something that we must look at with a magnifying glass.
    2. Headband: A headband has the utility of being able to collect sweat from the forehead. Tennis is a very hard sport; therefore, it is good to get one to prevent it from happening to your eyes and from getting irritated because of the unpleasant sweat.
    3. Wristbands: In tennis we are moving our wrists all the time, therefore, we need to use a wristband to be able to have the wrists well supported and avoid injuries.
    4. Footwear: The footwear must be sports; so that it allows us to move comfortably around the tennis court and that it does not hurt our feet.
    5. Balls: Choose quality tennis balls and take several, so you can continue playing if you lose one or if it goes too far and you don’t want to pause too much.
  3. Place and partner:
    We only need the things to start playing tennis, a place to play and a partner. The partner will be our rival, since tennis cannot be played alone and the place will depend on what we like. To find a good place to play, look for the terrain that best suits your needs. Tennis can be played on solid ground, grass or clay, each one being different in terms of ball bounce and movement. Try all three and choose the one you like best. To find a partner, it is best to sign up for a tennis school or club, in which we will always have partners to play against.

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