How to Fly-fish

If you are one of those people passionate about fishing, this article is special for you. Fly fishing is a type of fishing where a rod and an artificial lure known as a fly are used, which is typical of lakes and rivers but can also be used in the sea. It is an excellent activity to relax and disconnect from daily life, from that routine that often overwhelms us. Today we are going to teach you how to fly fish. Come on, it’s very easy!

What do you need to fly fish?

  • Find a quiet and suitable place, where there are fish to fly fish.
  • Having a light and flexible rod that benefits fly fishing.
  • Have a hook whose function is to imitate nymphs or insects.
  • Practice on land before starting to fish in the water. You must acquire confidence and firmness to fly fish.

Fly fishing instructions

  1. If we want to fly fish, the first thing we must do is take a light and flexible rod to facilitate the movements involved in fly fishing. It is necessary that the rod that we are looking for is of little weight so that we will always achieve the best results.
  2. Next we will carry out the launch, which is carried out through 3 basic steps in an articulated way to achieve good results. We will throw it backwards by pausing and then throwing it forward. That is the movement that must be made to obtain the desired result.
  3. In this type of fishing you try to attract the fish with a hook, which fulfills the function of imitating the nymphs and insects in a more natural way, so the fish is attracted to this hook.
    It is necessary to practice the cast several times with the ease you need before doing it in the water, in this way and through these movements, we will be able to obtain a good quality and also some spectacular results of fly fishing.
  4. Another fundamental thing is to know the types of knots that are needed for this type of fishing. One that ties the tippet to the leader and one that ties the leader to the fly. We must master this art of knotting because it will make fishing much easier.
  5. This is the information that we can provide you, but if you want to develop your career to broaden your knowledge about fly fishing, you can go to some specialized centers where you will receive all the necessary information to achieve the most desired results for you.

Fly Fishing Tips

  • If you need more information about how to fly fish, you can go to a center specialized in this type of fishing.
    There are also quantities of books to clarify doubts regarding fly fishing.
  • Remember that if you are not an expert in fly fishing, you should practice several times until you do it with ease, and then start doing it in the water.

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