How to See Today’s Soccer Results

Soccer is without a doubt the king of sports in our country and for this reason; we are obsessed with seeing the soccer results as soon as possible, without being able to wait to find out in other ways.

Surely you have ever played football, whether it is 11-a-side football, 7-a-side football or futsal, since both men and women like this sport in our country and in other countries such as South American countries or the United Kingdom. This sport is one of the best and has a lot of competitions.

As examples of these competitions, we have some very famous ones such as the Spanish league, the English Premier League, the World Cup or the UEFA Champions League. We also have other lesser known competitions such as the third division, local futsal leagues or grassroots football (lower categories).

These competitions are either at the local level, at the national level, at the international level or at the world level. As there are so many competitions, sometimes it is a bit complicated to know at all times what results are happening at the moment, therefore, this can create frustration and confusion at the same time.

There is always the possibility of buying the sports press the next day, however, this will not show us the football results of today, but those of previous days, therefore this is not suitable for the most impatient people who want to know it now, so they will have to look for other options.

The good thing is that we always have many options to see today’s soccer results, since with the appearance of the internet and television programs, among others, we will be able to know almost instantly what is happening, whatever the soccer competition that is taking place. We are looking. For this reason we are going to teach you step by step how to see today’s soccer results, so that you can know them instantly before anyone else, so pay close attention.

What do you need to see today’s football results?

  • Internet connection.
  • Mobile.
  • Computer.
  • A radio.
  • An updated Internet browser.
  • Know what results we want to see.
  • A correctly tuned television.

Instructions to see today’s football results

  1. Google search:
    In the most popular soccer teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​we can find out the soccer results of that team only with a Google search, since it will quickly show us the result just by searching the team name. If, for example, we search for Real Madrid on the same day that a match has been played, it will appear in the same Google window, a section where it will put the last matches of the same. In addition, it will also show us the classification of this team in the different competitions that it is playing, such as the Champions League or the BBVA League. If you search for it a lot in Google on your mobile, it will automatically detect it and send you notifications of the matches that this team is playing, without having to look at anything.
  2. Online sports press:
    In places such as the website of the Marci newspaper or the Sport newspaper, we can also consult all the results of today’s football. We will enter the page and we will have the results of the most popular matches on the cover. However, for smaller teams, we must enter the football section and choose the section we want. Marci shows the results of up to the Spanish third division; therefore, almost certainly we will find our team there.
  3. Ask him:
    Sometimes it is as simple as asking another person on the street, since many times they will be very attentive to the subject and will tell you. With a simple question of “hey, how was Barco today?” people will be delighted to tell you how the match went, who scored and if anything important happened. You can use this option if you don’t have internet on your mobile or don’t have a connected computer at hand. As you have already seen, this is something very simple and practical but sometimes we forget to do it. You can also ask a friend directly using an instant messaging program such as What Sapp, Facebook Messenger… The thing is that this does not make much sense, since if we have internet, it is better that we look for the information ourselves through the rest of the methods that we are offering, but you know that it is also an option to ask someone in any way.
  4. See sports programs:
    Some sports programs such as Deports curator or el chiringuito will indicate the results of today’s football matches, especially the most important ones. In the case of Deports Curator, which is the most popular in the world, we should see it at 3 in the afternoon or at 9 at night, which is the time this program is broadcast. In the case of other programs, they are before or after; depending on the time of the general news (they are usually after them). Also the duration will depend on the channel, Deports Curator lasts almost an hour and on the other hand in other channels like Telecinco, they don’t even last 5 minutes, therefore it is important to choose the television channel that best suits your needs.
  5. Grassroots football:
    To search for grassroots football, that is, the lower categories, you must search for the football federation of your autonomous community and review it. For example, if you are from Madrid, you will have to search for the Madrid football federation in Google and on the website, you will be able to see the results of the football divisions in which they have competitions, which are usually the lowest lower categories and the divisions regional. Here we will see the soccer matches of the most basic teams in the country, but that we can also consider as exciting soccer.
  6. Live scoreboards:
    When the game is being played we can see comments about what is happening at that moment and of course, we can make a comment about what we think about the game.
  7. Android Apps:
    There are some Android apps that allow you to view today’s soccer results. With a simple search in the Play Store for something related to the topic, for example “live football”; we can see the results of a number of teams from around the world. The best thing about these applications is that they will allow us to configure a kind of alarm that notifies us of the results of our favorite teams. If we activate this, all the results of our team will appear in a notification at the top of our phone, as long as we have an Internet connection that works correctly, so it is a very interesting option for us.
  8. Teledex:
    An option that is very much in disuse but is still working is Teledex, which is like a precursor to the Internet. Thanks to Teledex, we will be able to see a complete sports scoreboard on our television, without needing to have an Internet connectionand being able to do it even on old televisions. The sports pages are usually on number 200 of the Teledex, but they can also be on page 800 (Antenna 3 group). Look for the page on your favorite television channel and you will be able to see the results of the first division, the second division, European competitions or even some foreign leagues, being able to see both the results and the next day, in addition to the classification and other things such as the top scorer trophy
  9. The radio:
    A classic but effective method is the radio, which will narrate both matches and results. The trick is to know what time the main sports radio programs in the country are, since there they are naming the results of the different soccer teams in the country. If the radio is local, it is likely that it will also name the grassroots football teams in the country, so it is always a very interesting option for us.

Tips to see today’s football results

  • Mix all the methods: The ideal way to know correctly what is happening is to use all the possible methods to know what the soccer results are today. For example, if we have the application installed to find out the results on our mobile and we do not have internet at that time, we can choose to put on television, use the radio on our mobile if we are lucky enough to have the program broadcasting at that time or if all else fails, ask someone. In this way, we will always be able to know what is happening in the world of soccer, which will make our desire to know today’s soccer results at the exact moment come true.

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