How to Learn Self Defense

In these times of crisis we are exposed to threats all the time, whether they are thieves, rapists or people who want to threaten our security, it is important to learn self-defense, and fortunately we can easily learn defense at home.

We know that not everyone wants or can afford to go to a martial arts specialist, so here are some tips to learn defense online.

What do you need to learn self-defense?

  • Internet connection: If you are reading this blog, it is obvious that you already have it.
  • A partner: With a partner you learn better, since we will be able to do the practical application of self-defense with greater effectiveness.
  • Protection material: If self-defense is going to be very realistic, we recommend mouth guards, gloves, shin guards, mats. All this guarantees the absence of injuries.
  • Desire to overcome fear and practice. He must lose the fear of being hit and practice if he wants to achieve something

Instructions to learn self defense

  1. Know your goals.
    Choose the modality to practice according to the objectives that you have, it is not the same simply to learn to defend yourself a little than wanting to be an expert in self-defense arts.
  2. Choose one martial art or a mix of several.
    Karate focuses on unarmed striking, judo on locks, ju-jitsu focuses on throws, and krav-maga is Israeli military defense. Depending on your objectives, you can choose one martial art or another, for example to neutralize a rapist on the street, you will need to know where to hit and know how to defend yourself from attacks from behind, in addition to knowing how to defend yourself from weapons, choose a martial art that teaches you how to do it.
  3. Use the internet to learn.
    On the YouTube platform you have thousands of videos that will teach you step by step any martial art that comes to mind, on other websites you have step-by-step tutorials, with illustrations and instructions on what you should do.
  4. Go step by step
    learning a martial art takes years of dedication, be patient and learn the basics of self-defense first, once you master the basics you can continue learning other concepts and master the martial art, for example it is important to know positions and hitting zones to learn a very advanced key.
  5. Strengthen your physique.
    It is of little use to learn a martial art without a physique to back you up, no matter how much you know, if the attacking person doubles or triples your physical strength, you will lose the fight. We have a lot of articles on tips to stay in shape, if you are in shape and combine that with knowing self-defense, nobody can easily hurt you.
  6. Theory is not much use, you can watch a thousand videos of martial arts but if you do not practice enough you will not be able to improve or overcome the fear of hitting, get a partner and practice, yes, always with protective equipment such as gloves or mouth guard to avoid injury.

Tips for learning self defense

  • Do not be confrontational: Many people who develop great strength take advantage of it to overwhelm others, from here we advise you to only use personal defense to defend yourself in extreme cases, and you must respect the physical integrity of innocent people.
  • Overcome fear: When you are afraid you block yourself, and that makes you lose a large part of your abilities, most people are stronger than they think and if you are afraid you can lose to rivals weaker than you.
  • Caution: Although you should not be afraid, you should not be reckless either, if for example you still do not know very well how to neutralize knives, it may be better to hand over your money or your belongings than to take a knife and die. Therefore, we must be realistic with our defense skills, and always act according to the situation without risking our physical integrity.
  • Pepper spray: There are certain sprays that are legal and can be used in case of danger, if it is thrown in the attacker’s eyes it will blind him for a few seconds, enough to flee. Of course, do not go around throwing it at anyone, since you can get into trouble with the law.
  • Evolve: We may have a martial arts genius hidden within us, if you have potential; it is highly recommended that you go to a specialized gym and learn the martial art thoroughly, to get belts and compete. Having a high belt can give you many advantages such as points in competitions for police and civil guard. I work as an instructor; it is easier to work as a security guard or a nightclub doorman. Or it can allow you to develop a career in martial arts combat.

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