10 Team Sports

Team sports are those that require the participation of several players on a field of play, stimulated by the presence of a coach where the sense of participation is union as a unified and unitary force to achieve the goal of winning.

The formation of the team is given by the chemistry that is centered within the unity of individuals with different characters, generating a diversity of opinions, ideas and feelings that generate a climate of affection, friendship and rapport.

The group itself develops what is called a reunion group, made up of each of the members, which react to different feelings that will give rapport and approve the necessary force to achieve that individuals relate to each other.

The final test comes when each of the teams faces other opponents and if they are really well formed, the evidence of the control that the players have inside and outside the team as reinforced members in the union will be put into practice.

What do you need

  •  Training.
  •  Team with good rapport.
  • Favorite sport or discipline.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Job material.
  • Constancy.
  • Responsibility.
  • You win to win.
  • Phase of training.
  • Freedom of movement.


Team sport is one that generates different feelings in children or adults who practice it and more so if they belong to a specific group; the important thing that this type of competition generates is the rapport that generates health, physical and mental development as well as strength.

Team sport helps both in the physical part to keep the body in shape and in the mental and psychological aspect, developing relationships between people of both sexes, in order to achieve a common goal, being healthy competition.

The relationships that are generated within the different disciplines that lead to forming a team generate a diversity of ways to bring a great opportunity to be better people physically and intellectually, which is why it is recommended for extracurricular activities.

Learn about team sports

  1. Basketball. Basketball is a team sport that has a specific number of players of 5 participants, who form a team where plays must be learned together since one alone cannot beat the opposing team. The teams from different sides form the unification of 5 players each, who have their position on the playing field, with rules that set the ball in motion in any direction as long as it bounces when running, walking or jogging.
  2. Volleyball. It is another team sport that has the participation of 6 players, on a court that is divided by a mesh or net where the ball must pass, to the opposing team and in order to make the opposing team lose ball handling or score points. Both one and the other have the possibility of making three touches with the hands of the ball, before passing to the opposing team, which means that if they do more, the ball is lost or it is a point for the opponent, which generates plays of rapport between male or female players.
  3. Handball. Handball is another ball discipline very similar to soccer, but with the difference that the ball is manipulated with the hands, on a playing field where there are two goals guarded by a player, who must not let the opposing team score. The goal. Each team is made up of 7 playersin total, and in addition to that, it is played on a covered court with special measures as well as specific rules to do it, so the players must be attentive to discuss the plays as a team beforehand with the coach.
  4. Soccer is a game of teams of two different sides where each one is made up of 11 players each, and unlike handball in soccer the ball must be handled with the feet, being a serious offense for any player to touch the ball with their hands. The plays can be through the head, chest, knee and feet, but never with the hand, which generates a series of plays thought out and organized by the direction of one person and the coordination of the entire team as a whole, generating the beat the opposing team.
  5. Baseball. Baseball is also a team sport, played on a diamond-shaped field with three bases that consists of batting a ball that is thrown by the pitcher towards home plate and the batting player must run the three bases in order to score a run. The team that manages to make the greatest number of runs wins, what determines team play is the possibility of generating various ways of executing the necessary measures so that the opposing team does not manage to make many or no runs, which is achieved with the cooperation. Each player has his role and place in the team, which entails maintaining a series of signs or pointing with the hands between them that guarantees constant communication between each member to ensure that the team player can hit or the opponent can take him out. .
  6. Water polo. Water polo is an aquatic sport that is practiced inside a pool with precise dimensions and divided by a mesh or net through which the game ball must pass, the objective is to score goals, in a stipulated time of two 30-minute sessions with a break of 10 minutes. The important thing about this sports discipline is that it is played in a pool with water and the players must have advanced knowledge in swimming, and in addition to all this they must have physical resistance to endure during the minutes that the game times last.
  7. Softball. Softball is a game very similar to baseball, but with noticeable differences in the dimensions of the field of play, the separation of the bases in addition to the ball that is lighter than that of baseball, despite this it is a team sport also. This sport began in a closed place and is currently played openly, and has defined rules that make it equally named as a team sport, for the formation of plays that can give victory when women score; there is also a female participation. The latter made this sport emerge to be able to accommodate female players, who are not accepted in teams that lead baseball, definitely made for men, so the fact that it makes participation more open is important.
  8. Tennis. Tennis, despite being a sport for one person individually, also presents a team variant, since doubles usually appear, characterized by two members of one side who are going to compete with two others from the opposite side. Tennis is known to be passing a ball from one side to the other of a field of play separated by a mesh, not letting the ball touch the ground and makes a difference by presenting itself as a team sport with the appearance of two players ready to compete
  9. Rugby. Rugby is a sport characterized by its extreme roughness, where players have the opportunity to show their strength and courage, passing the ball from one side to another with kicks, with their hands or simply passing it through the air at high speed.
  10. It requires great coordination for the plays, making the defenses or allowing the opposing team to score, so it is evident that despite the strength with which it is played, there is also the possibility of cooperation within each one. Of the players.
  11. This sport also has the particularity of being for both sexes, so there are already female rugby players who compete at a professional level, showing that the integration of females is also being absorbed by contact sports.
  12. field hockey
  13. It is a team game with 11 players each where they try to prevent any of them from scoring a point, introducing a small ball into the rival’s goal, this being quite small and with the use of gloves and sticks to move the ball.
  14. It also requires special plays previously worked out between them with a coach who studies each of the movements to be carried out in order to win a game, with the help of each of the players, who are the most striking on the field.
  15. Respect the rules of the game
  16. The most important thing in each of these sports is to ensure that each of the rules are followed within the field of play, therefore it is recommended to have the possibility of achieving the best plays that do not violate any of them.
  17. The highlight of all this is the sense of responsibility, cooperation, camaraderie, leadership and respect for gender diversity that is achieved with these team games integrating all those involved in an efficient and optimal way for good mental health.


  • Playing team sports is a way to build friendship.
  • Through sports children can achieve greater confidence.
  • It is important to take into account the possibility of helping our children to have a sense of companionship.
  • Achieving unified teams can make the competition serious and full of emotion, strength and potential.

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