How to Start Inline Skating

Inline skating is a sport that is becoming very popular. A fashionable sport in the 90s, in-line skating consists of a more aggressive skating than normal, since skates with 4 wheels located in single file one behind the other are used.

In- line skating is a fast, fun and spectacular sport. In-line skating properly requires a lot of time and falling to the ground a lot, it is inevitable to fall from time to time due to the position of the wheels and its high speed.

It really is a sport that although when we start practicing it seems impossible, it can be mastered in a short time if you have clear guidelines. That’s why we are going to teach you all the steps to do to skate in line.

What do you need to start inline skating?

  • Some inline skates.
  • Kneepads.
  • Helmet.
  • Elbow pads.
  • Comfortable clothes.

Instructions to start inline skating

  1. The team:
    In addition to buying good inline skates, we must be clear that we must have some security when skating, since it is a sport with many falls and bumps and we need to protect ourselves. Get a good approved helmet in your size, good knee and elbow pads that fit well and effectively protect you from blows. Also, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes such as a tracksuit or shorts that give you a lot of mobility when riding. Skate. Skates should fit your feet well and you should feel comfortable with them on.
  2. First steps:
    You must first learn to maintain your balance, since you have to learn to walk before you can run. Start in areas where there are objects or railings to hold onto, taking small steps with your skates so that you get used to keeping your balance and riding on wheels. Does this until you see that you can balance on the skates and can take at least a few steps without holding on?
  3. Movement:
    Once you learn to keep your balance you must learn to move with the skates. The movement of the skates is done by dragging one foot up, these sets the wheels in motion. The movement is performed by dragging one foot up while the other is on the ground, and then when the dragging foot lands, the supporting foot must drag, and so on, changing from one foot to the other. If you are not sure start skating small distances and have someone there to hold you.
  4. Enjoy:
    Now you can start skating, you have mastered the basics, so don’t be scared and skate around the city at your own pace, little by little. After many hours and many falls you will become an expert and you will be able to do all kinds of activities such as racing, skating in skate parks and even being a roller hockey professional. Do the activity that you want and that is right for you.

Tips to start inline skating

  • Patience: Skating correctly is not learned in a single day, it requires a lot of work and perseverance and above all many falls. Don’t be afraid of falling as your vital parts are protected by your helmet, knees and elbow pads so at most you will have a healable injury. Go little by little; improving a little more every day, step by step and without fear of falling, if you follow our advice sooner or later you will be able to skate correctly.
  • Partners: A partner can help you learn as it can help you hold on better. If possible, get a friend who already knows how to skate, since in addition to giving you good advice, they can give you better advice on how to go step by step. If the friend does not know how to skate, it could also be used to support him and to give him impulse in a controlled way.
  • Dogs: A phenomenon that has caught my attention is seeing people on roller skates walking their dogs, especially large breed dogs. The dog was going at his own pace and the skater who had his dog on a leash was allowed to be dragged by his pet, this can be a great idea since the dog will rarely go too fast, yes, be careful with the changes of pace and do it only if your dog is strong, otherwise it will tire him excessively.

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